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Kalki Lightning and the Sun (book) Savitri Devi

‘The Lightning and the Sun’, final pages

‘Kalki’ will act with unprecedented ruthlessness. Contrarily to Adolf Hitler, He will spare not a single one of the enemies of the divine Cause: not a single one of its outspoken opponents but also not a single one of the luke-warm, of the opportunists, of the ideologically heretical, of the racially bastardised, of the unhealthy, of the hesitating, of the all-too-human; not a single one of those who, in body or in character or mind, bear the stamp of the fallen Ages.

As I said before, His companions at arms will be the last National Socialists; the men of iron who will have victoriously stood the test of persecution and, what is more, the test of complete isolation in the midst of a dreary, indifferent world, in which they have no place; who are facing that world and defying it through every gesture, every hint,—every silence—of theirs and, more and more (in the case of the younger ones,) without even the personal memory of Adolf Hitler’s great days to sustain them; those I have called ‘gods on earth’ and parents of such ones.

They are the ones who will, one day, make good for all that which men ‘against Time’ have suffered in the course of history, like they themselves, for the sake of eternal truth: the avenging Comrades whom the Five Thousand of Verden (*) called in vain within their hearts at the minute of death, upon the bank of the Aller River, red with blood; those whom the millions of 1945—the dying; the tortured; and the desperate survivors—called in vain; those whom all the vanquished fighters ‘against Time’ called in vain, in every phase of the great cosmic Struggle without beginning, against the Forces of disintegration, co-eternal with the Forces of Life.

They are the bridge to supermanhood, of which Nietzsche has spoken; the ‘last Battalion’ in which Adolf Hitler has put his confidence. Kalki will lead them, through the flames of the great End, into the sunshine of the new Golden Age…

We like to hope that the memory of the One-before-the-last and most heroic of all our Men ‘against Time’—Adolf Hitler—will survive, at least in songs and symbols, in that long Age of earthly Perfection which ‘Kalki,’ the last One, is to open. We like to hope that the Lords of the new Time-cycle, men of his own blood and faith, will render him divine honours, through rites full of meaning and full of potency, in the cool shade of the endless re-grown forests, on the beaches, or upon inviolate mountain-peaks, facing the rising Sun.

But even if it be not so, still he will, like all his divine predecessors, live, throughout the ages in the faithful consciousness of the Universe, the life-rhythm of which he symbolises. Still the long and more and more intense and finally almost desperate aspiration ‘against Time,’ which characterises every recurring Time-cycle as soon as decay has set in obviously enough to be felt, will be, every time, a new expression of that self-same yearning after manifested Perfection for the sake of which he fought and lost; a new, long-drawn cosmic outcry, proclaiming that he was right in spite of all.

And still every further Golden Age to come—every successive Dawn of Creation—will be the living materialisation of his highest dream; a further hymn of glory, proclaiming, every time for myriads of years, that he—He—has once more won.


(*) The five thousand German Chiefs, beheaded on the same day in 787 A.D. by order and in the presence of Charlemagne (and of a number of dignitaries of the Christian Church).

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I can only wish for Savitri Devi’s belief in the psychotic mass-murdering Saviour figure that the Aryan race will have the honour of bearing to come true.

With the death of Adolf Hitler on the 30th April 1945 humanity entered the end period of a very long cycle of human history. The climax is upon us. Since 1945 an incredible amount of historical change has occured in a very short space of time (for example the disappearance of ALL European colonial empires as well as the indigenous whites of Europe about to become a minority on the contient of Europe for the first time EVER). Events are occuring exponentially, like we are being sucked into a vortex (or circling the drain), heading toward the centre (the climax).

The Jews are leading the coloured hordes of the planet in for the kill against the most advanced species ever produced by Nature-the Aryan. Since 1945 it is the Age of Treason for the white race. Far left extremism has manifested in the form of mass support for LGBT and ultimately legalized pedophilia. Is the climax universal human degeneracy including legalized pedophilia in the dying West, 5 billion niggers in Africa alone by 2100, and the holy bloodline of God’s chosen people, the fair haired race of the North, the children of the Sun with their holy Sign of the Sun the Swastika-the White Aryan race-genocided into oblivion?

As Revilo Oliver and James Mason have said, it is possible that our race was decisively and permanently defeated in 1945. That the struggle was lost right there in the Fuhrerbunker in 1945.

There is either going to be a coloured, third world Earth devoid of white people or some form of collective fight back on the part of the white masses will occur.

Either way, the climax is upon us. I expect this conflict to be decided by 2100 at the very latest.

‘I can only wish for Savitri Devi’s belief in the psychotic mass-murdering Saviour figure that the Aryan race will have the honour of bearing to come true’.

This sounds pretty much like my philosophy of the 4 words (they may sound pretty, but if you think about it they’re actually a call for exterminationism).

Problem is, the fused crow has no power beyond clairvoyance and retrocognition. But he’s prescient enough to transfer his wisdom to the boy beneath him, who, in Martin’s story, will be king of the six (or seven?) kingdoms.

And a king with the powers of the 3-eyed raven could certainly bring as many destructive lightening as Genghis Kan himself (cf. my last words of my last book).

What Savitri Devi essentially says is that the Aryan Man who puts an end to the Age of Lies and opens the Age of Truth (the mirror opposite of the present), the last Saviour of humanity is, paradoxically, the destroyer of humankind. That at the end of the Time-cycle things come full circle.

For the present world to flip into its polar opposite (as is inevitable if one belives in the cyclic Law that governs all manifestations of existence in Time and Space, including humans (and thus human history), as Devi did), a world with much fewer people, something akin to what Earth was like millenniums ago, it is necessary to have a Man who who carries the paradoxical and contradictory nature of the Universe in his own mind. The Destroyer and the Creator. The End and the Beginning.

At the beginning of human history there were very few humans but all of a much higher quality than the present as they were tempered by natural selection. Now that we are at the end of the Time-cycle there are billions of humans and the ones who are breeding the fastest, the niggers, are of the lowest quality while the highest quality race, the Aryan, is facing extinction. This is all made possible by the Jews’ Christianity and the misuse of modern advanced industrial technological civilization that the White Man has been responsible for developing. But according to Devi all this is inevitable at the end of the Time-cycle (i.e. the very end of the Age of Lies: 1945-the climax/Kalki). At the end millions of trees are cut down, countless species go extinct and even the Aryan is threatened etc. Nature is destroyed to give way to the billions of coloured untermensch.

Hopefully the charismatic mass-murdering genius who takes inspiration from Hitler will appear and rectify the situation, thus avegning Hitler and making his dream (and your dream Cesar) a tangible, living reality.

“According to the laws of development in Time and Space which are the laws of the logic of human history, “Kalki”, the Avenger, the final Redeemer, can only belong to the youngest race of our Time-cycle: the Aryan. For it is the youngest and most dynamic race of any Time-cycle which provides “the bridge” into the following one: the chosen Vanguard who will have the enviable privilege of living in both Time-cycles; who will fight the last battle of the Forces of Life in the doomed world and experience, amidst the perfection of the new-born (or, rather, regenerated) world, that glorious Golden Age state of existence—Godhead in flesh and blood,—which we fail to conceive even in our loftiest dreams, to-day, in the Age of Gloom.”-Savitri Devi, 1956

What Savitri Devi essentially says is that the Aryan Man who puts an end to the Age of Lies and opens the Age of Truth (the mirror opposite of the present), the last Saviour of humanity is, paradoxically, the destroyer of humankind…

Just today I read the final chapter of Devi’s book. What you say seems to be a decal of what I say in my mentioned non-fiction book: The saviour is a mix between Bran the Broken and the night king. The latter wanted to dispatch all of humanity; but with the Bran mixture with him only the vast majority of humans perish.

a world with much fewer people, something akin to what Earth was like millenniums ago…

And this is similar to what I say at the end of the tenth of my series: a few Elysian islands where only the crème de la crème of the race flourishes (the rest is gone), like the city of Lys.

According to the laws of development in Time and Space which are the laws of the logic of human history, “Kalki”, the Avenger, the final Redeemer, can only belong to the youngest race of our Time-cycle: the Aryan.

In the very first novel of the Martin saga we learn that (unlike the TV adaptation) Bran the Broken has the auburn hair and deep blue eyes of the Tullys.

It appears a paradox that the last Saviour is the greatest Destroyer, but to those who understand the contradictory nature of the Universe it’s logical that it has to be this way. The basis of the Universe is polar opposites. 1+1=2. Therefore the Universe is sort of bi-polar or schizophrenic (as of note, the German man who coined the term schizophrenia (as well as the word autism) was a believer in eugenics. One of his assistants, Ernst Rudin, played a part in formulating the Nuremberg Laws). “Kalki” is able to capture this paradoxical nature of the Universe in his own mind and embody It in his personality thus manifesting it externally on Earth in a World-Order. Symbols like the Swastika (Occidental/Western) and the Yin Yang (Oriental/Eastern) encapsulate the nature of the Universe. Time and Space unfold through cyclic evolution eg. birth-youth-old age-death, spring-summer-autumn-winter, galaxies revolve in cycles etc. Kalki is a misanthrope but also has a yearning for an earthly utopia which he manages to utilize the Aryan race to create.

In Devi’s cyclic theory there is an iron logic behind the unfolding of the Universe. An example would be: ‘humans’ are the apex predators of Earth that prey on other apex predators. But among ‘humans’ the White race is (or was, until very recently) the apex predator of humans. Now of all White Men the one who has come the closest to conquering Earth is Adolf Hitler. Therefore logically Hitler was the Apex Predator of Earth, hence the Aryan Man Hitler said he was doing the preparatory work for, “Kalki”, takes his inspiration from Hitler to become the first Apex Predator to ever conquer Earth (unlike Hitler, who failed in the end).

At the end period of the Age of Lies the former Apex Predator and greatest human who ever lived, Adolf Hitler, is regarded as the worst and most evil human who ever lived by the masses of ‘human’ scum. The billions of coloured parasites and their traitorous, LGBT loving white enablers move in to achieve their final victory over the White Man who they hate (Adolf Hitler, symbolically speaking). The Jews prepare for easy domination of billions of coloureds from Jerusalem, Israel. But then just as they’re about to triumph the mass-murdering Superman emerges to brutally punish the billions of untermensch and open the long Age of earthly peace that the Aryan will have the privilege to found in which Hitler will be remembered in loving memory along with his symbol the Swastika. The 14 Words will be realized. It is logical that this superman can only emerge from the youngest branch of humanity, the Nordic-Aryan branch.

> ‘But then just as they’re about to triumph the mass-murdering Superman emerges to brutally punish the billions of untermensch…’

We are here dealing with myths, of course. As mythical as George R.R. Martin’s winter, which lasted for years.

In real life, the apocalypse will come with the convergence of catastrophes that have just begun: covid-19 => monetary collapse => social chaos around the world => oil problems => massive starvation => death of the anti-white system. And then, and only then, can a white leader take over and exterminate the remaining human scum. I have many ideas of how this subsequent extermination should unfold. It is important, as otherwise the surviving Neanderthals would start to reproduce again and repeat the cycle.

Unlike Devi, my goal is that the cycle does not repeat itself, at least not on planet Earth. If this main objective is achieved, then the religion of the 4 words can be carried to the stars.

>>>>>> Unlike Devi, my goal is that the cycle does not repeat itself, at least not on planet Earth. If this main objective is achieved, then the religion of the 4 words can be carried to the stars. <<<<<<<<

Caesar, the thought about a final and definitive discontinuance of the malign endlessness of these time-cicles seems to me the most important point in your message. And that thought – if we dare to reflect on it in all seriousness – is antagonistic to Nietzsche's eternal return and yet paradoxically similar to the latter as "the most oppressive thing" and "the means of enduring it: the transvaluation of all values" (a reference to aphorism 1059 in "The will to power").

Sub specie aeternitatis the coming thousand years Reich of Kalki (within the framework of the Devi's interpretation) is equal phenomenologically to the twelve years of the unique regime in 1930-40s Germany. It's equal because in concordance with existential laws any Reich will inevitably fall one day, and another cicle takes shape – another pain, suffering, betrayal, degeneration and obnubilation will last during eons again and again, alternating with short or long periods of clear consciousness.

Your maxim – eliminating of all unnecessary suffering – leads to a different perspective, a kind of Buddhism's extreme re-comprehension – if Buddhist soterial practice could be applied to survival of the only fairy race along with radical compassion for other beautiful living beings, and if paradise of "Pure Land" could be established – in this world and forevermore – on that basis.

To make all Being "Against Time" means to crystallize the Lebenswelt in a state of Eternal Midday and to spread the luminous rays of the Ideal's Sol Invictus upon the whole Universum.

Utopia, impossible, indispensable, indisputable and the only one which has a sense – if there is any sense at all in a conscious life form's existence through the grand time-cicles…a sense is to interrupt them for perpetuation of the corporeal and spiritual climax in realizable Cosmos.

You seem to have a good grasp of my religion of the 4 words. See my post today which is a sort of long comment about this thread.

The difference between the 4 words and Buddhism is that I don’t believe in reincarnation. And I doubt that Buddhists are ardent exterminationists even of some animal species. (Since reincarnation doesn’t exist you have to be the avenging karmic figure.)

Also, I am not a Nietzschean. Even Nietzsche was not a Nietzschean as he modified his worldview many times. Even within the Zarathustra, the Nietzsche who wrote the first part of it (Overman) is altogether different from the Nietzsche who wrote the fourth part (eternal recurrence of the identical). This was an idiotic defence mechanism of ‘poor Nietzsche’ (Wagner’s words about him). See my autobiographical sixth book to grasp the concept of an ‘idiotic defence mechanism’.

As to perpetuating Utopia on Earth instead of another cycle of decay, see the novel The City and the Stars, mentioned in my tenth book. It’s fiction, but Clarke describes how to prevent another mess. By the way, I refer to Lys. I dislike the other city in the novel.

Your last paragraph reminds me that instead of the title ¿Me Ayudarás? I thought for a while to title my book The Errors of God, and the idea is that the 4 words were just that, fixing God’s mistakes.

I know what your views of Buddhism and Nitzscheanism are. I’m very critical of them too, although I respect them as preparatory stages to some extent – two challenges to thousand-year traditions of sophisticated lies. And they were here a sort of allusions for better explanation of my attitude.

Of course, the superficial and popular understanding of reincarnation is a nonsense, moreover it contradicts the Buddhism – Self doesn’t exist as a whole and it disintegrates to component parts after death. My intuition suggests me that reincarnation is a sort of un-individual certain color pattern upon surface of the cosmogonic Rubik’s cube with billiard polychromatic facets – and these patterns can be reproduced in similar combinations during one time-cicle or in the eternal recurrence of the identical.

The four noble truths of Buddha’s teaching in their abstract form irrespective of the actual Asian religion are quite suitable for description of your exterminationist doctrine:

there are suffering, source of suffering, ending of suffering and path towards ending of suffering.

A disciple of your point of view could concretize every item easily.

Also we can take the fresh air of some of the Nietzschean ideas, with all their inconsistency even within the same work as you mentioned. By the way, due to reading your blog I’ve decided to open the books written by Stephan Zweig. His works, especially on Holderlin and Nietzsche, are excellent, the feast for brain and soul.

I am not one to entertain hopes for a Great White Saviour to come and bail out the race of cowards that the white race has become but what gives Savitri Devi’s “Kalki” theory credence is that Adolf Hitler himself believed that an even greater leader than Him would appear after his death and that he was a stepping stone paving the way for THE Leader.

There are a number of quotes by Hitler supporting this.

To Hans Grimm in 1928 Hitler said
“I know that some Man capable of giving our problems a final solution must appear. I have sought such a man. I could nowhere discover him. And that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory work (die Vorarbeit); only the most urgent preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not, the one. And I know also what is missing in me (to be the one). But the other One still remains aloof, and nobody comes forward, and there is no more time to be lost.”

From Wagener, Memoirs of a Confidant
“But I am not the Messiah. He will come after me. I only have the will to create for the German Volk the foundations of a true Volk community.”

Perhaps most importantly, Adolf Hitler last recorded words EVER were to his SS valet Heinz Linge. Linge asked Hitler as Hitler was about to enter the room where he was to commit suicide “Mein Fuhrer, for whom shall we fight for now?” Hitler replied “For the Coming Man” (Fur den kommenden Mann). Maybe the fact that those were Hitler’s last words to the ‘outside world’ (so to speak) has some cosmic meaning.

I know we are clutching at straws by waiting for the Second Coming of Hitler but I have somewhat of a belief in Destiny and maybe human history is fated to play out this way. I don’t know.

Last long comment by me, sorry Cesar.

Some choice quotes of mine from certain people about “Kalki”.

“Considered in the light of truth, the hatred of this lying, degenerate, bastardised humanity for Heinrich Himmler is but an unconscious expression of its fear of the invincible divine Destroyer,—Kalki—Who is to come. The East and West—Marxists and Anti-Marxists or so-called such—vaguely felt (and feel) that, had it been but for a little more “Lightning” power—a little more “cold-blooded inhumanity” such as Himmler possessed—Adolf Hitler would have been He.”-Savitri Devi, 1955

“There is, in the downfall of the Third German Reich, in the horror of the last days of the Führer and his final faithful followers in the Chancellery Bunker, under the blazing inferno which Berlin had become, a grandeur worthy of the tragedies of Aeschylus or the Wagnerian Tetralogy. The combat without hope and weakness of the superhuman hero against inflexible Destiny—his destiny, and the world’s—replayed itself there, undoubtedly for the last time. The next time, it will be neither giants nor demigods, but wretched dwarves who will undergo the inevitable destruction: billions of dwarves, banal in their ugliness, without character, who will disappear before the Avenger like an anthill destroyed by a lava flow.”-Savitri Devi,1970

“When the person finally comes along to restore the balance in this world, it’ll make Nazi Germany look like Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. There will be more blood, more death, more destruction and more suffering than has been seen in the whole history of life on earth. And I don’t say that just because it’s what all those worthless fuckers out there deserve – and they do – but because that is what will be necessary. It’ll take a whole hell of a lot of evil to set the world straight; not peace, not love. Because you know what, Rice? Good holds no power over evil. None. Good holds no power at all over evil.” – Charles Manson, written by Boyd Rice (Standing In Two Circles, Pg.99)

This is all fascinating, especially the contribution by Walsh, yet I have got a question. Would you advocate the extermination of such nations as the Syrians and the Iranians? Those who are older than even the Jews by millennia? Who have never posed a threat to Europe? And who in modern time are far healthier than Europeans?

I’ll leave Walsh respond. But I have been thinking in exterminationism before Walsh was even born. From my point of view, that has now decades in my mind, even most whites—white scum actually—must be destroyed. Only females resembling the sidebar nymphs, and males resembling Hitler’s soul, would be the ultimate objective.

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