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Chris Martenson Deranged altruism Pandemics

Covid-19 attacks our immune system!

Recent findings say that, like HIV, covid-19 also attacks the T-cells: the cells that protect us against viral invasions. Definitively, this is not just the flu. This is what Chris Martenson says today about this new research:

The covid-19 virus, while incredibly tiny, continues to confound researchers with the myriad ways in which it can wreak havoc in the human body. Today’s surprise is that the virus may have a completely second pathway, separate from targeting ACE2 receptors, for attack. New research indicates that, similar to HIV, covid-19 compromises the immune system’s T-cells and “turns off” their protective function, allowing the virus to replicate without interference.

What I find most intriguing is the open question if the virus was deliberately synthesised in a Chinese lab. What I fear is the coming winter, as the coronavirus seems to like cold weather and sooner or later people will have to break the quarantine looking for jobs and food. Those who the McSpencer group criticised yesterday are saying that people are overreacting to a non-doomsday event. But a convergence of catastrophes—this HIV-like virus and the possibility that the economic crash also occurs in winter—could be a game changer.

Whatever happens to the economy, if covid-19 attacks the T cells as HIV does, this sounds like an engineered bio-weapon. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck… As a commenter of Martenson’s video said: ‘Wuhan Institute of Virology: “Lets take SARS, hybridize it with a bat-only SARS-like corona virus which is more durable, add in some HIV receptors and we’ll call it “vaccine research”, yeah, that’s what we’ll do’.

Now comes to my mind the first days when this exploded in China and the virus had not reached the West. A news item that I didn’t understand then is that the Chinese were treating the virus (not yet called covid-19) with AIDS medication.

I blame Christianity for the pandemic. Those who have seen the videos that I have been linking will remember one that I put in ‘A Chinese Dr. Peters?’ The report openly spoke of the tremendous help the Chinese received from Western laboratories for a mysterious investigation they were doing in Wuhan. As Mark Brown said on the Martenson Channel, ‘Here are millions of taxpayer dollars to help your research, China’.

A few months ago the subtitle of this blog read: ‘Christian love is murdering the white race’, and I think it would still be a valid subtitle for the POV of The West’s Darkest Hour. Compared to the JQ, out-group altruism is the real killer: it directly targets whites’ immune system leaving them helpless against malicious non-whites, be they Jews or Gooks.

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But a James, commenting on Occidental Dissent right after Wallace embedded the Martenson video quoted above, responded: ‘I don’t care about your fake Jewflu, Brad’. I really wonder if these guys have taken the trouble to watch even a single of Martenson’s videos?

Surely you’ve heard of the genetic fallacy, or the mistake of arguing that because something (say Liberalism) has origins in something else (say Christianity) then they must be the same now?

@The Penultimate Man

There is no such thing as a “genetic fallacy”. Analyzing something based on its lineage leads the supreme understanding of that thing. Only the final evaluation of something can be done by breaking it down into the smallest of atoms then observing what becomes of their combinations. The idea that the profound level of knowledge gained from this study is a logical fallacy reminds of the so-called “slippery slope” that pro-degeneracy individuals claim is also a logical fallacy. It seems almost poetic that both xtian types and their supposed opposites are in reality thinking along the same lines.

As for Xtianity proper, well, look at the Catholic countries of Central and South America. What can be found dwelling amid their walking refuse but exactly that? How did they become so low, so meek in hygiene and integrity? Was it not that the Pope and his Church told the Conquistadors to convert the infidels if they found any? Were they not sent by the Christian king and Queen to get gold for Spain? When wealth and faith are one’s primary values then what was the role of race but a mere divider in the Capitalist nightmare that was New Spain? If Xtianity and its minions were such outstanding supporters of civilization then why the current state of Mestizo Central?

> Genetic accounts of an issue may be true, and they may help illuminate the reasons why the issue has assumed its present form, but they are not conclusive in determining its merits.

> According to the Oxford Companion to Philosophy (1995), the term originated in ✡︎Morris Raphael Cohen and ✡︎Ernest Nagel’s book Logic and Scientific Method  (1934).

I guess, a great use of the genetic fallacy may lie with logic itself, as the discipline of logic was developed by many Jews.

Fairly good statistics from countries like South Korea, Germany and Iceland indicates that from 50% to 80% of those contaminated goes through the disease without symptoms.
The main aim for our medics should have been to find out what these people have in common, and introduce a regime that ensure that we all reach this level of natural immunity.

But there is not enough money to be made from a healthy, strong and fearless population. So they stick to keeping you half sick, rather weak and in a perpetual state of fear. You can sell more vaccines that way. Social power requires the same dynamic.

Now if, and only if, this virus has a strain of something unnatural produced in a lab, we have a different ballgame. But the necessity of always building up your natural immunity will stand no matter what. But as we know: Christianity and socialism hates the concepts of health, strength and fearlessness.

Since cycle 21, solar activity has been decreasing and everything indicates that we will have a Grand Solar Minimum.
The reports on the coming Grand Solar Minimum are shocking, if you want to believe them. Apparently as the sun cools in its usual cyclic nature, it is on track to cool more than usual in coming years and the repercussions on earth will be devastating. This has happened before so is nothing unusual. In recent years from 1914 to 2008, we have come through a warming period, called the Modern Maximum. That was “global warming”, but apparently its over. Before that we had a “Dalton Minimum” from 1790 to 1820. Another well-reported event was the “Maunder Minimum” from 1645 to 1715. And there have been others which you can see listed in Wikipedia.

Basically the sunspot activity stops and thus the sun cools and sends less solar radiation our way. As a result the earth also cools and severe winters set in, which can last all year sometimes. As a result of that farming is hit hard and food production drops significantly. That leads to famine, starvation, revolt and revolution.

Added to the lower temperatures is the forecast of increased volcano and earthquake activity. This is due to the solar radiation slowing, which affects earth’s magnetic field, which also drops in response to the sun’s decreased output. It was a massive volcano in 1816, during the Dalton Minimum that caused the “year without a summer” when ash clouds covered the entire planet. If such a thing were to occur again, the planet will be thrown into chaos possibly worse than the last time simply because there are so many more people now and also because flights will cease. Remember the Iceland volcano a few years ago that stopped flight in the EU region for a while? That could happen on a global scale.

I am no expert, but experts are saying that this is possible, so I’m curious about the subject.

That sounds almost ideal. A genuine convergence of catastrophes. The “it’s just a flu, bro”-ers are whining about the economy being hit, people losing their jobs et cetera; isn’t that the point. The Alt-White seems desperate for a return to ‘normality’. Surely, flu truthers really should do all they can to push people’s panic buttons at every opportunity; go all in on a doomsday event, whether or not they believe it. Most prophecies are self-fulfilling.

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