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McSpencer and conspiracies

The Eye of Providence, or the all-seeing eye of God,
seen here on the US$1 bill, has been taken by some
to be evidence of a conspiracy involving the founders
of the United States and the Illuminati.

It is generally boring to listen to the McSpencer Group. But in their podcast yesterday, starting here, they talked about the mental illness that has been plaguing the dissident right. What Richard Spencer says about Rush Limbaugh we could apply to Ramzpaul as well.

Speaking about the covid-19 conspiracy theories, after the 21st minute Morgoth and Spencer observed how the most obvious contradictions among theorists don’t seem to cause in them any doubt. For example, they are not bothered by the discrepancy of some of them saying that no one is infected with the coronavirus with the other theory, that twenty million Chinese have already died. What they cannot tolerate is what is said in the media (see this quote from Hunter Wallace).

This reminds me of the controlled demolition theorists on 9/11. They are not at all bothered by the other theory that competes with theirs: that the twin towers were toppled by lightning bolts fired from the stratosphere from machines. Likewise, those who promote this nutty theory are not bothered by the competitive theory of controlled demolition. Laser beams from space that look like a science-fiction tale are acceptable. Osama bin Laden as the most parsimonious explanation? God forbid!

After the 24th minute Spencer observed something typical of conspiracy theories: the belief that the elites are omnipotent and almighty (this is common in what we call paleologic thinking). The message from the McSpencer Group podcast appears to be that the libertarians’ allergy to the state clouds their view of the facts. But then they started answering the superchat and the discussion got boring.

There was an exception. After the 55th minute Spencer once again talked about conspiracy theories and said that people like Alex Jones overestimate the elites, as if they were perfect chess players who have everything under control. After the 57th minute Keith mentioned the conspiracy theories about 9/11 and Morgoth also mentioned theories about the JFK assassination. They, along with Spencer, also scoffed at the conspiracy theories about the aliens controlling us.

But after 1:19 Spencer is ignorant about the coming economic crisis. He is right that what happens in his country will affect the rest of the West. He is also right, as he said after 1:25, that the power of the American hegemony lies in NATO, the interventions in the Middle East, and having the dollar as the reserve currency. But he ignores that, after the recent events, the days of his reserve currency are numbered.

Ten years ago Spencer used to listen to Austrian economists. He no longer does.

5 replies on “McSpencer and conspiracies”

Are you aware that there are other (more plausible) explanations for the cell-phone cancellations in China? Than death?

Apologies for forgetting the rule. I wasn’t presenting you with irrational monologues either, but asking important questions that deserve a fair hearing. Perhaps I should have tried to fit all my comments into a single post… Are you able to refute the Skeptic Sam Vaknin? “COVID-19: The PANICdemic and What’s to Come” On Youtube. 28 minutes long, He’s never been a conspiracy theorist.

Also, Do you remember my claim that this situation would be used as a pretext for vaccine mandates? My prediction is utterly unsurprisingly coming true. Which you’d know by say, keeping abreast of the reporting at the Dailystormer. Here in Australia for example our PM is saying that we won’t go back to normal before a vaccine becomes available, and so are other world leaders

You told me you’d research the vaccine issue-not that I asked you to-but you stipulated that you would if I could adduce a debate wherein the antivax side displayed the more scientific approach. I presented you with several examples meeting that requirement. So are there any updates on that? And importantly, if a vaccine is developed and upon mandatory mass-vaccination Covid is declared to be “defeated” by the government and media because of this (exactly what I predict), will you accept this narrative?

Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder at work…anyone skeptical of George W. Bush’s Jews & that of the entire Jewish owned media’s explanation of the 9/11 attacks is a “conspiracy theorist ‘ignoring’ the prosecution/leaving the courtroom ” (name calling, not an argument & then he goes on to spew general insults smearing us as “stupid/ineffective white nationalists,” even after i asserted i am Not a W.N.).

Speaking of which, Cesar, what’s your explanation as to why the FBI refused to charge/indict Bin Laden for 9/11?? Hmmm?

You are an impossible person to deal with.

You have every commenter walking on eggshells terrified of upsetting you wherein you start spewing childish insults at the few people giving your work any recognition; and *that* is a sure sign (along with utter morally bankrupt hypocrisy, not following or honoring your own supposed virtues like lecturing & scolding in a highly personal way your readers about “listening to the prosecution”…yet in your next post you sincerely act as though 20 million or so gooks might have died yet somehow now only the Jewish media+US govt who you implicitly laud as totally trustworthy mysteriously fail to report all these millions of gooks dead WITH NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE, you miserable old KOOK! By your own infantile “logic” herein, you yourself are blatantly violating your supposed “staying in the courtroom” virtue gibberish. And that in itself is an infantile smear of a tactic. Skeptics of your “trustworthy” Jews on TV like Wolf Blitzer who insist Bin Laden did 9/11 LIKE MYSELF straight up tell you directly they once believed the Jewish media’s story of 9/11 and you straight up call us liars to gaslight our reality. You’re the one believing insanity like a moronic infant. Having the nerve to insult the intelligence of people who say the Jewish owner of the WTC Twin Towers Larry Silverstein “miraculously” took out massively higher amounts of terrorist attack coverage insurance mere months before the attack is suspicious (What a cohencidence which you think is totally kosher, you childish kook).

You have grown up to be just like your damn parents! NPD is indeed contagious, and you aint cured of shit. You are a total hypocrite and an asshole who is nowhere as “virtuous” nor noble as you boast. You’re yet another charlatan who busily seeks any minute “mistake” or “flaw” of your own would be comrades trying to accomplish something on behalf of Aryans – besides endless histrionic bitching.

You seem more dedicated to demoralizing and spreading misery to dissident Aryans than anything else. Enjoy your Martenson videos (the guy with the Down’s Syndrome face hysterically demanding all citizens surrender their remaining liberties to the hyper-christianised US govt). I am done, ban me you damn dickhead.

And are you so mad at Hunter Wallace, Greg Johnson and the McSpencer group for saying the same thing I said? Would you also call them all those names? Why don’t you go to their forums and say the same thing to see if they ban you?

Now I turn to other visitors:

Remember, remember what one of the angry believers in ‘It’s just the flu brother’ said to Wallace because Wallace dared to believe in the ‘official story’ abut the coronavirus: ‘I bet niggers fuck your wife and you probably jack off while watching’.

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