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Currency crash

How will the dollar crash

‘Back in 2008 Mike Maloney published a scenario that seems to be unfolding right now. Checks from the government. Taxes refunded. Helicopter currency drops. Central banks trying to kick-start economies. It’s all here, in what he refers to as “The Day of Reckoning”’ (a text from Maloney’s latest video).

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Probably has nothing to do with an economic crash but it seems that people in Britain have started to burn down cellphone towers. It’s mostly due to a theory of coronavirus being linked to 5G. Whatever it is, I’m more than welcoming of the idea of burning towers…

This is absolutely hilarious! I have just watched a Twitter video where an English woman harasses an unfortunate foreign (?) worker telling him his mom will die when that 5G tower goes operational!

The consequences of the dissolution of the education system is the West sure are funny as hell. I for one hold nothing but praise for our schizophrenic friends.

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