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Death in Venice (movie) Film Pandemics

Quarantine boredom?

I can’t be bored while translating my book. But if you are bored in quarantine by the coronavirus it’s time to start getting acquainted with European films instead of (((Hollywood))) movies, that for inexplicable reasons white nationalists Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer like to watch. I would suggest starting with two films whose plot unfolds in times of deadly plagues: one in Northern Europe and the other in Southern Europe.

In The Seventh Seal Death and a knight without a drop of mud blood* choose sides for a chess game; Death gets the black pieces while the knight is given the white. The film starts when the knight and his squire return from the Crusades to find Denmark ravaged by the plague.

In Death in Venice a composer of classical music attempts to find peace, but the rest of the city is gripped by a cholera epidemic. The city authorities don’t inform the holiday-makers of the problem for fear that they will leave. Failure to leave Italy due to the stunning beauty of an adolescent (another Scandinavian actor with zero mud blood) has deadly consequences for the German composer.


(*) Incidentally, the actor Max von Sydow who also played the three-eyed raven in Game of Thrones died this very month.

3 replies on “Quarantine boredom?”

All this panic and hysteria will be used as leverage to lock everyone down. Once that happens the 2nd Amendment will be useless as effective armed resistance requires social organization and coordination. Something “social distancing” and lockdowns are designed to prevent.

You will be sitting ducks.



They can terrorize and mass starve us all. The economic shutdown guarantee it. This is the end goal.

Be afraid. But not of coronavirus. Be afraid of giving up your selves to these genocidal maniacs. They want to depopulate you.

The government will not be able to lock us all up after the dollar loses its value. Even marines from military bases overseas will have to return to the United States. I even suspect that since ports will not accept dollars for oil, some ships will be stranded abroad after the accident. You have to understand what hyperinflation is to speculate about the future. This is the beginning of the end for the System.

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