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The empty tomb

For Christians, the empty tomb is the great proof that the Jew they worship had risen. In this detail from The Polyptych of the Misericordia that a disciple of Piero della Francesca painted in the 15th century, the women ‘prove the truth’ of the central miracle in Christendom.

Today’s Christians do not seem bothered by the fact that the oldest texts of the New Testament, seven Pauline epistles, do not mention the empty tomb at all. Obviously, the story was invented after Paul by the gospel authors.

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I think that these days nominal Christians are barely aware of most of the tenets which are the foundations of their religion. Those who partake of the rituals do so in a desultory way. Their is no real spirituality left in the activity. Most Christians are simply going through the motions. However, the worst aspects of the cult have infected the body politic and rotted the soul of the people. If Christianity actually promoted some real spiritual evolution in its practitioners then there would be something to admire, but it actually promotes spiritual degeneracy which seems to be most blatant among the church leaders.

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