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Sparta (Lacedaemon)

Spartan break

Note of September 5:

I have used most of the text that used to be on this post for an introductory article about Evropa Soberana’s essays on Sparta and the Vikings in the forthcoming PDF of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.

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If I recall correctly, Pierce did say in who we are that while Sparta was ideal the peasantry, mercantile class and rulers ought to all be Nordic. I don’t really see what he said as a mistake at all.

I am not talking about Who We Are, but of a question that IIRC someone asked him.

If the anecdote is genuine, he should have stated ‘NS Germany’, not Sparta (or even Republican Rome).

Personally, I believe that Sparta was superior to both because of their sexual relations. I went and read _the eternal feminine_ after seeing the link in this article and while I do understand what was being conveyed there, I believe such thought is dangerous. Really, I believe that it is what led us into these dark times. Romanticized notions of women need to be crushed. Men have to be aware of what they are truly capable of. It is a horrible thing to expose the unflattering nature of woman to an uninitiated man, but necessary, because otherwise she will use her nature to either enslave or destroy him as they have already done to virtually all Aryan men today.

I have no pity for them whatsoever. My lack of empathy for them has allowed me to pass infinitely clearer judgement on the women question than my peers. Most of them need to be killed, that is a given, but I would go further and say that some of then-be they of good breeding stock or not-must be made an example of. They need to be tortured and shown that they won’t be saved at the last minute by the winning soldiers embrace. Some crimes are truly, totally unforgivable.

My point about what Jungians call ‘the eternal masculine’ is that—say the Spartans or the Vikings—really needed to balance their cultures with a few philosophers. Otherwise their cultures will necessarily fall for one-sidedness ‘Yang’.

Where had I subscribed on this blog or elsewhere an iota of the feminist agenda? I don’t even endorse 1st-wave feminism of the 19th century. My goal for the ethnostate is similar to the Jane Austen world, where women could not even inherit property or money in order to force them into marriage.

But that’s a side issue. The point that I am trying to make is that even the toughest Spartans needed a wife. Once you have a healthy wife you’ll see my point. Most unhinged racists we met in the forums have had no real experience with women. And I don’t mean sex: but the balancing mental health you experience once the toughest warrior makes contact with the eternal feminine.

Are you familiar with Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung? Siegfried feared no one until he discovers the sleeping Brünnhilde.

My books in Spanish, once translated, will explain clearly what do I mean with this concept beyond my mere blog post ‘The eternal feminine’.

I think you misunderstand what I’m saying.
I am aware that this blog doesn’t endorse anything quite like feminism: on the contrary. I am saying that I am personally totally incapable of balancing my nature in any capacity.
I have only had limited experience with the opposite sex, but in those brief moments where I shared my life with them I found my rage insatiable. There is not a woman alive in the white western hemisphere who has not already been defiled in some capacity. I do not like to get too anecdotal, but I think it is necessary in a discussion of this nature.

My first relationship was with a second generation immigrant of Polish and Irish origin. She attended a prestigious private Catholic school that costed more than most American universities and was absolutely stunning at the age of fifteen. She was 5’8, broad hipped, pale, green eyed and sported large breasts as well. In terms of appearance and temperament I have not found a match, but, she suffered from the same problems which all the rest of her kind do. Scarcely a male at her school hadn’t seen some part of her body, and that shattered any illusions I held about her purity. As time went on, my feelings towards the fairer sex only deteriorated as I saw what they were incapable of. I locked myself in a cycle of seeking them out only to viciously abuse them for their past behavior until the relationship dissolved.
I would not be surprised if there are many other men who have found themselves in similar circumstances. While I am aware that most men who are involved in pro-white thought have most likely never been within inches of a woman, I feel compelled to recount my own experiences because I sympathize with their opinions on the matter moreso than those presented here simply because I have found myself totally unable to love women I am not related to any longer.

Nowadays, most white women are damaged goods.

After the Revolution it will be easy to re-educate them.

The keynote is: Revolution.

No Revolution, no regeneration.

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