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Editor’s note: Below, a passage from an article by Kevin Alfred Strom, ‘Stop Being Insane’, published on National Vanguard in 2017. Strom’s entire article hits the nail as to why the Christian problem is larger than the Jewish problem. Not only the traitors are more wicked than Jews (as betraying your own race is morally worse than an external foe who wants to exterminate you), but there are more demented Christians than external foes.

Of Strom’s piece, pay special attention to the sentences: ‘They [American Christians] may not know where their own people were 2,000 years ago, what they lived and died for, what they believed, how their ancestors struggled…’ And also: ‘they [evangelicals] view Jewish history as their own’. On the other hand, ‘They see images of our Germanic or Classical ancestors and there is not the slightest sign of recognition in their dull eyes’.

Do you see now why stories or foundation myths are so important? Do you see why every single white nationalist must read William Pierce’s story about their race?, why Christian-friendly white nationalism is so ridiculously blind?

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And the “Christian Embassy” behind all these projects is just a small-time operation, a tiny fraction of the overall Christian support for the Jews and their murderous state given by the likes of Pat Robertson, Liberty University, John Hagee, and their ilk!

These deranged White men have been programmed by a 2,000-year-old psyop to work against their own best interests and use their money and energy to help Jews, when there are poor White children in this country who will never reach their potential for lack of money, and honorable White grandmothers who eat out of dumpsters or go hungry.

Why do these fools care so much about Israel? According to the magazine Christianity Today,

Many evangelicals have vivid memories of sitting in Sunday school rooms, staring at maps of Bible Lands and listening to Bible stories week after week. Through such experiences, evangelicals came to view the Bible’s story as their own and the land of the Bible as a kind of home away from home.

They may not know where their own people were 2,000 years ago, what they lived and died for, what they believed, how their ancestors struggled so that they might live and have the blessings of civilization—but they sure know, or think they know, all about the Jews; they view Jewish history as their own and call the Middle East the “Holy Land”; and identify with the Jews as a kind of superior and more godly version of themselves. They see images of our Germanic or Classical ancestors and there is not the slightest sign of recognition in their dull eyes. But show them a picture of a Jew in the desert near a burning bush and they identify with it instantly. How bizarre this is—and how infinitely tragic.

No doubt these “Christian Zionists,” as they sometimes call themselves, sincerely believe the Jewish verse they constantly quote again and again: “To the Jew first!” To the Jew first, indeed!

Can’t you see how insane this is? The Jews support their own institutions, their own state, their own people, as any rational nation would do. But millions of the men and women of our European civilization, White men and women, heirs of the greatest culture the world has ever known, do not support their own people. With the words written by an alien race—“to the Jew first!”—upon their lips, they ignore the basic needs for the survival of their own race, their own nation, and ignore even the cries and suffering of their own poor and destitute, and give their all for the Jews. They justify and support genocide and brutal occupation (if done by Jews), and gladly tax themselves and sacrifice the lives of their children to make it possible. All based on a preposterous hoax that Jews are somehow holy and sacred and intimately connected to God.

What fantastic power to control the minds of their hosts the Jews attained when they hit upon the brilliant idea of taking over monotheism and remaking it in the image of their tribal, ethnocentric god Yahweh.

Not only will this misplaced loyalty and religious perversion be fatal to us and lead to our extinction in the long run if it is allowed to continue, but it is extremely dangerous in the short term as well.

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There are no white people anymore, all of them have become Jews.It’s not schizophrenia ,white man always wanted to be a Jew, He loved the idea of monotheism which can be used to subvert and enslave black and brown nations.

He loved the wealth and degeneracy ,he loved to wallow in his own filth for far too long, White man is a Jew and in many ways he is much decadent and filthier than a Jew.

But knowing all this, why do you continue to live and not kill yourself? If there are no whites left and everybody is Judaised, how come you are still here? Suicide would be the only honourable thing left for you. Or are you a white who loves being a Jew? Or a non-white? What is your ethnicity? Who are you Devan?

like many here i am helpless,but at the same time i reconcile with my helplessness knowing fully well my limitation.

One problem I have with classical myths or germanic myths is the stuff is very grandiose, I prefer humble peasant type folklore because it helps me relax. The Roman concept of Lares, venerating personal ancestors I like. Ancestor veneration would help Aryans move away from the desert religion.

I recommend people check out The History Of The Franks by Gregory of Tours. It just documents folklore and history about the Frankish people, it is written by a christian monk but it is not a christian work, its just history.

The religion of the pagan peasants was more simple than the religion of the elite. Many of the idols represented ancestors, so when the jews were smashing idols they were smashing images of peoples ancestors.

While there are some quotable quotes here, it appears Strom has his own psychosis in regards to the exploitation of children.. I don’t know the details of the case and what it entails but it appears beyond reprehensible.

Hopefully somebody else can espouse the same diagnosis in different wording in that case. Nobody would want to be associated with such.

No true priest of the 14 words should ever rely on ZOG’s court system. This applies to Strom as well as to the poor kid who was sentenced to life in prison during the Charlottesville ambush perpetrated by the System.

Those two cases aren’t even analogous. One involves evidence suggesting sexual attraction to a 10 year old child and the latter involved Twitter accounts being suspended when evidence that could have acquitted the accused came about. Exploitation of children should be an excruciating death penalty. Dead Communist whales should be a medal.

It still stands that White Americans are dogs who think History began 6,000 years ago with Adam and Steve and a talking snake; and that the Nordic-Germanic gods are a Judaeo-Hollywood Marvel concoction.

So you believe that the American judicial case was fair with Strom (or Edgar Steele)?

Exploitation of children should be an excruciating death penalty.

My 12 books deal with child abuse. But it has always surprised me how white nationalists become almost insane with pederasty and paedophilia with statements such as the above (in the case of Strom, he even never molested anyone).

This is my reply to those self-righteous nationalists:

First, there are forms of abuse far more serious than sexual molestation. The behaviour that gets labelled as schizophrenia, when researched properly, means that parents destroyed the mind of their child.

Second, if nationalists were consistent, they would demand ‘an excruciating death penalty’ to, say, St Augustine who unlike Strom took a 10-year old concubine.

Third, even more serious than the abuse that drives children mad (‘schizophrenic’) was the ritual sacrifice of children. Throughout history, infanticide actually was performed by the billions.

Even today nobody seems to demand ‘an excruciating death penalty’ for those who still practice ritual sacrifice (e.g., savages in the Amazon). But when ZOG accuses one of William Pierce’s heirs of watching child porn, then we are supposed to (1) believe in ZOG’s judicial system and (2) render our garments, right?

Anyone who believes in the outcomes of the judicial system in the US when it targets racists like Strom, Steele or James Alex Fields Jr is either an enemy or a fool.

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