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Black Pigeon Speaks…

has been purged from YouTube. ‘It was fully monetized, was in good standing, had no strikes and 95-99% like ratio and with almost 500k subscribers’, he said. ‘I follow the rules carefully and have not broken any of them’.

Black Pigeon Speaks is the author of the content linked in the sticky post’s first line: content about how contemporary Westerners internalised their extremely toxic foundation myth or story—something we have been discussing recently on this site.

Black Pigeon Speaks used to make a living in Japan through the YouTube monetization. He also rescued pigeons in an environment where non-whites give a shit about these cute birds.

Update of 10 pm

It looks like his channel is back thanks to the protests! YouTube did to BPS something similar to what they had done to the guy with the funny penname of Styxhexenhammer666 some time ago, another Alt Lite Youtube vlogger.

4 replies on “Black Pigeon Speaks…”

This is where ultra-pacifist Greg Johnson gets it terribly wrong. He seems to be saying that, as long as one respects the System’s rules, alt-lite / alt-righters will be left alone.

Of course they won’t.

This is why I absolutely despise the Greg Johnsons and Hunter Wallaces of the alt-lite.

They have this naive boomer mentality that our predicament is based on some horrible misunderstanding, and if we all just follow the rules and stay out of trouble, everything will be fine while these benevolent nice guys explain the situation to the people who want to annihilate us.

Further fueling my hatred is that they presume leadership and authority when they are clearly not fit for it. An obvious giveaway is their characteristically petty feminine jealously of their intellectual superiors such as Andrew Anglin, and /pol/. They like to ignore these seemingly low brow and populist places; pretending they are irrelevant. But the fact is Daily Stormer and 4chan have been banned in my country, while their innocuous, navel-gazing blog posts and hellishly boring (movie reviews masquerading as right-wing radicalism) are permitted to exist precisely because of how ineffective and insipid they are. These people really are a bunch of clowns.

Furthermore, Greg Johnson and Hunter Wallace will absolutely censor you if your arguments hurt their feelings. They are really no better than liberals.

I’ve had to read them ever since I’ve been denied access to DS and 4chan. Reading Counter Currents and Occidental Dissent has really made me hate White Nationalists and the alt-lite. They have no idea what they are doing and have a very immature and child-like conception of power and realpolitik.

I couldn’t have said it better.

Most ironically, this site, WDH, may benefit from the censorship in your country and in New Zealand, etc., as the traffic of some radical visitors may be re-directed here.

But I am even more radical than Anglin, which is why I’m starting to back up this site thru full-page screenshots (here) in case WordPress suspends my site again.

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