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Defective backup

This day I will try to screenshoot the 306 pages (with ten posts per page) of this site to download up them as PDFs, little by little, to the backup of The West’s Darkest Hour.

The fact is that the software of the theme provided by DreamHost for the backup is unable to respect the format of many original entries. For example, in the entry ‘On the Mental Health of Racists’ the software did not even respect the indentation when quoting Solzhenitsyn, or the size of the image.

I have never liked the new WordPress themes. I consider them horrendous and of bad taste. The theme of this site, Quentin, is very traditional and because of the size of the letters that can be enlarged, very comfortable to read as well as its aesthetics on the sidebar. It is a pity that WordPress has discontinued it.

So this day I will be working on screenshooting the entire 306 pages of this site in PDF format, although that means that it will be impossible, in the future of the WDH backup, to see the comments section or click on the links in brown letters.

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Since I will screen-shoot all pages, in order to avoid the repetition of the 15 latest comments at the bottom of the sidebar, I’ll remove the “recent comments” widget while I’m screenshotting the pages.

Perhaps you can save time by using appropriate software and upload the whole offline site as ZIP or RAR archive?

Then you extract the archive, open offline HTML file and every content on your blog, including theme, indentation and comments will be available offline. The only thing that does not get saved are your PDF file uploads.

If you are interested I can upload my snapshot archive so you can see for yourself.

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