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Zero-budget movies about the Gulag

From minute 40 to 43 Michael Kingsbury explains exactly what we have been saying this month: Whites need a very specific story, and Kingsbury wisely states which story should it be: a tragic story, like the Gulag that killed dozens of millions of whites.


Decades ago I was very naïve. I could not figure out why, in the middle of the Cold War, Kissinger and Nixon did not ask Hollywood to make films about the Gulag in order to win the cultural war that was already taking place in the West. I knew nothing about the Jewish question, let alone that whites were behaving like accomplices of the Jews. (Recall the phone call between Nixon and Billy Graham in which they worried that the media was controlled by Jewry but, from the presidential chair and the pulpit, they did nothing to solve the problem.)

Now I know that both Christians and secular whites are involved not only in the empowerment of Jewry, but in the internalisation of a foundation myth that diabolises the white race. What I did not understand in the past, times when I told people that the media feeds us with ‘a hundred films and documentaries about the Holocaust and zero about the Gulag’, I understand now.

Kingsbury is right in what he says, as I pointed out above, from the 40th to the 43rd minutes. That is why I place so much emphasis on Hellstorm, a true holocaust of Germans that even the so-called white nationalists in North America don’t want to see, apparently because those facts put their dear nation at the level of the USSR of Stalin.

The white man, compassionate by nature, must radically change the story he tells himself. And what better way that, instead of Game of Thrones fantasies, tell stories about real events of the 20th century: events that the System has been hiding for a century (according to Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, the Gulag system started in 1918 and ended a couple of years before the year I was born).

No one wanted to sponsor Kingsbury for his Gulag films. The three films he made were practically zero-budget movies. It reminds me the conditions in which I am also forced to work.

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Vig is right.

The fact that I went thru pretty hellish experiences in my adolescence has metamorphosed me into an entity capable of feeling the tragedy of others. If most folks in the alt-right are not focusing on gigantic tragedies such as the Gulag, it’s because their biographical past and ego development are far more frivolous than mine—and those who suffered under Lenin and Stalin’s exterminationist program.

It’ll be a long time before Americans can make movies about the Gulag, and even longer before they make movies, or even write or read books, about the Holodomor. Americans were complicit in both crimes. Read “Taboo Genocide volumes I & II” by Kris Dietrich.

The Holodomor was an even better subject than the Gulag for books or movies that help to unify the white race, because it contrasts the idyllic life of the white Ukrainian peasant (kulak) with the crime of the Jews who deliberately starved to death between 5 and 15 million Ukrainian women, children and men. The Holodomor was a genocide committed by Stalin so that he could build up his war machine with which he intended to conquer all of Europe for Judeo-Communism, read “Icebreaker” by Viktor Suvorov.

It was Hitler who sought, too late, to defend all of Europe, the white race, and Western Civilization against the Judeo-Communist enemy, when he launched operation Barbarossa. And it was the American army that sided with the Communists to defeat Hitler and install the current EU ZOG government of Europe.

So you agree with me that those Puritan pilgrims who reached the American shores as surrogate Jews (from which later Americans were molded) were scum?

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