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The perfect antidote to Jesus

by Joseph Walsh

Editors’ note: White nationalists have misdiagnosed the causes of white decline. It’s not only the power of the Jews in the media and the academy, but the fact that whites candidly accept their anti-white narrative. The recent statements of Hunter Wallace in Occidental Dissent shed light on the ultimate cause of Aryan decline: the complete internalization of the suicidal ‘ethics’ that the New Testament writers sold us.

Recently Joseph Walsh said the following in the context of the narratives that have seized the white soul:


______ 卐 ______


Christianity + the false, lying WWII narrative from the Jews’ perspective = a lethal cocktail for the Aryan mind.

Removal of Christianity + the truth about Adolf Hitler, National Socialist Germany and WWII = liberation for the Aryan psyche.

But most Aryans, even WN, don’t appear to have the strength to face the truth and remove the lies from their worldview. And if most Aryans are too cowardly to face the truth, even though it means their own extinction as a consequence of not facing the truth (indeed many Aryans seem to prefer extinction to facing the truth) then aren’t Aryans but the very goyim Jews have assessed them as?

As of note, National Vanguard have an incomplete series on their website called A New Religion for Us and in part 5 Kevin Alfred Strom said that in future parts of the series they will “consider the martyrdom of Adolf Hitler—the martyrdom of Germany, and the near-extinction event that the entire White race is now undergoing—as elements of a new faith for our people.” I’m still waiting for that next part of the series.

You’re right [the admin of this site] that Aryans need a new story, really a new religion, a new mythos to enable us to revive and survive into the further future. Jews have a foundation myth in the Torah and a holy book with their ideology in the Talmud as well as a long memory of their history. Aryans need the same things—a new foundation myth, a new holy book and a reclaimed knowledge of their history as well as knowledge of who they are, of the essence of the Aryan race.

Hitlerism should play a big role in any future Aryan religion. After we lost our old pagan blood religion and indigenous culture to Judeo-Christianity, Hitler appeared as the perfect antidote to Jesus. Hitler was the earthly incarnation of the collective psychic power of the Aryan, repressed for a millennium by Judeo-Christianity and a veneer of domestication that it imposed.

As Carl Jung said, Hitler embodied the collective unconscious of the Aryan race. Aryans need to understand who they are again, who Nature made them to be. They need to have a strong sense of their own racial identity like the Jews do. Then our racial immune system will be healthy once again, as it used to be before the HIV virus of Christianity was introduced into it.

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I disagree with GRRM, César and Walsh that stories are important. Alexander needed no stories to conquer Persia. Julius Caesar needed no stories to royally dominate Gaul. Chinghis Khan had a bunch of brave men, so he wrecked Eurasia.

Stories are needed by weak men like Arab pastoralists and merchants (see Mohamed and Mohamedanism) and Russian Jews (see Lenin and Bolshevism). Strong men don’t need stories. Strong men need sharp swords. Too bad we are neither strong nor sharp.

You completely and absolutely missed the point: we need a story to replace the old one. (And those ‘strong’ guys you mention only harmed the white race.)

We already have it then. But it can only take place as the main narrative by force.

First might, then a story. But WNs think we should wake up the normies. Hasn’t worked out.

No: first a good story, then whites will have right of being mighty again. Americans were mighty in WW2 and look how they used it because they believed a very, very bad (((story))), as Sunic said in Homo Americanus.

No, the Americans were not mighty. I think in centuries and millennia, and the sign of the cross in every American town is a death sentence to their race. All too clear, all too predictable. Already dead and without future!

Had they been mighty, the Jews and priests would have feared them. That’s a litmus test!

Obviously, I meant economically and militarily mighty.

By the way, after what you said recently in the other thread (comment deleted by the way), that it is good that parents burn their children alive, I no longer take you seriously. Good bye.

@AdunaiLeVierte, stories or “myths” are absolutely necessary for the cornerstone foundation of a civilization with precedent. Just look at the USA, which has no myths nor fables, no storytelling or “sayings” that have been passed down. And anyone who would want to try to scramble to find any classic phrases or sayings would find that anything told has no cultural value, and is usually rooted in either making money or satirical irony of the defeatism of Americans.

For example, among the Americans, we’ll hear generic or mundane sayings such as:

“Money talks and bullshit walks.”

“It’s nice to tell the truth, but the truth ain’t always nice.”

But in order for a culture to have richness and a legacy that carries on, such is to be found in the legends and myths that are carried down the ages which people are psychologically bound too. This is what guarantees their eternity, aside from not racially polluting their blood.

Unfortunately, I’m still insure about A.H. Why did he allow jews to buy their way out, only to infest other white countries? Why Dunkirk? Why prosecute the Russian campaign in a way that favours the Russians?

Unsure about what!?

It is true than not the Allies won WW2, Hitler lost it. But what does that change?

@SS Division Poltergeist,

I was wondering if he meant in the beginning also (1933). Although the Jews which *did* get to escape were financed and organized Internationally by wealthy Jews they had connections to who guaranteed safe passage and refuge for them before Hitler and Goring’s real work begin.

My understanding is that the “Final Solution” was never actually carried out but became more discussed from 1941 onward, but can you show me anywhere that it was carried out?

Generally speaking, the only executions that took place were of Communists, Jews and Political Parties / dissidents that were an outright danger, but they were in the numbers of thousands.

Most of the deaths and starvation photographed was carried out when the Allies invaded and blew up the supply lines and labor camps which broke the logistics systems and many more Jews perished that way.

To be honest with you, I wish Hitler did finish the job…

If the Nazis really had enacted the final solution, I doubt the Jews would have become the empowered wolves like they did after the war was over.

But if you believe otherwise, feel free to tell me your understanding.


There were 3 million jews only in Poland. None at the end of the war.

It’s also written in his 29th April testament. Heinz Linge, Fritz Darges and Albert Speer talk about it being true in their memoirs.

@MadJack, where did you hear about Hitler allowing jews to buy their way out!?

The final solution was never enacted, but was an ongoing discussion particularly towards the later years of the Third Reich, but early on and especially during the buildup for the war, NS Germany did not have the material resources to be able to carry out the final solution.


I think he was refering to the great number of jews who emigrated as early as 1933 up before the start of the war.

I don’t agree with you, the Final Solution was implemented (I would be extraordinarily disappointed to find out that it was not so). More than 15 million Germans died between 1939 and 1950, plus complete destruction of millennia old cultural, ethnic and civilization-building greatness and achievements. Amd you think a few million weak kikes did not get it? What is interesting is that a lot of kikes whose relatives got through it are now in positions of power all over the world.

Also probably off-topic but this may put an end to Adunai’s Spanish obsession.

Hitler’s Table Talk, Night of 19th-20th February 1942

If there hadn’t been the danger of the Red peril’s overwhelming Europe, I’d not have intervened in the revolution in Spain. The clergy would have been exterminated. If these people regained power in Germany, Europe would founder again in the darkness of the Middle Ages.

The crux of Walsh’s words are the opening sentences, which I’ve used on Twitter:

Christianity + the false, lying WWII narrative from the Jews perspective = a lethal cocktail for the Aryan mind.

Removal of Christianity + the truth about Adolf Hitler, National Socialist Germany and WWII = liberation for the Aryan psyche.

Apparently, this is too much for white nationalists. They don’t even want to discuss it. I’ll post something this morning that clarifies it further in the context of The Gula Archipelago that I doubt Adunai has read.

Hunter Wallace is a narcissistic idiot, and we must never forget that he is a proud Lutheran​ and Confederate nationalist. That part is very important, ok. Don’t forget that part.

The only reason I go to his boring irrelevant rag of a website is because my country banned the really cool stuff like Daily Stormer, 4chan, Kiwifarms, and Liveleak. And let me tell you, Occidental Dissent doesn’t hold a candle up to that other stuff. Not even in the same galaxy. Hunter Wallace is lukewarm virgin-tier mediocrity. The epiphanies it takes him 12 articles on the South to realize are elementary stuff taken for granted on DS. What a god damned clown that guy is.

I guess that ban on DS et al started since Brenton Tarrant did his prank in New Zealand?

At least this site can still be read in your country​…

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