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Morgan vs. Ryckaert et al

Art: …the idealistic mindset “that all men are created equal” is Christian.

Robert Morgan: It surely is, and the racial egalitarianism it spawned is proving the death of the white race. John Locke, the father of liberalism and a man quite influential among the Founding Fathers, was a Christian theologian who derived his arguments from the Bible.

Ababush: The fact that Jewish managed to infiltrate and corrupt Christianity with their OT among other things doesn’t mean that it is not by essence an efficient tool against them.

Robert Morgan: This infiltration gambit always struck me as a particularly lame excuse. The fact is Jesus was a Jew and all of the apostles were Jews. So any “infiltration” was at the very beginning.

Ababush: It was during at least 15 centuries, which is quite a strong result. The article is about if and how it could be enhanced, as it finally was beaten by Judaism.

Robert Morgan: Dr. Kevin MacDonald has a warped perspective on history which is very similar to yours. However, the American Civil War showed that even in the absence of Jews, white Christians still act in a racially self-destructive manner. This demonstrates that the problem is with Christianity itself, not “infiltration”.

Ploni almoni: To think that a break with Judaism is an infiltration of Judaism you have to be standing on your head.

Robert Morgan: To think that an organization initially founded and run by Jews isn’t already “infiltrated” by them is insane.

Franklin Ryckaert: The laws of the material world only pertain to the material world and don’t prove anything beyond it. Whether it is “infantile” to believe in the existence of a super-material world, is a matter of attitude, not of final judgment.

Robert Morgan: Which is more likely? To think that an imaginary friend is really there, or to realize that it’s only the manifestation of an infantile fear of being alone? Or put another way, a Jew walks around proclaiming himself to be God. Which is more likely? That he really is God, or that he’s just trying to gain power over you using the bogus concept of God, an imaginary friend for adults?

The laws of the material world in the form of human psychology indicate that the latter is far more likely. Religious belief of the Christian sort is entirely understandable in terms of human narcissism and wish fulfillment.

Art: There is no question, but that Jesus was religious person…

Robert Morgan: Jesus’ existence as an historical person is poorly attested, at best. Some scholars think he is most likely a fictional character; a composite of archetypes common to the era.

Try to keep in mind that all of the attributes you ascribe to this probably fictional character are equally fictional; it’s like talking about the personality of Santa Claus, or elves.

Art: Honest people must agree that Jesus unleashed something that was beneficial to humanity.

Robert Morgan: Thanks to Christianity, non-whites can regard the extinction of the white race with eager anticipation. That is what your crucified rabbi unleashed.

Art: Dr. Robert—You are becoming an ungrateful troll. Bye.

Robert Morgan: I accept your concession of defeat.