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Civil war

A post without comments

Iron March, Rope Culture, National Action, Atomwaffen Division, Siege Culture, System Resistance Network, Sonnenkrieg etc. Who are these guys? Many of their sites are down. Metapedia, which does not promote violence (but which articles might be sympathetic to them), still is down. Conversely, RationalWiki and VICE are biased against them. They probably lie, but if this story is true—:

In early 2017, four members of Atomwaffen were living together in a shared property in Tampa, Florida. One of them, Devon Arthurs (known as TheWeissewolfe on Ironmarch), converted to Islam and killed two of the other members, later telling police they had insulted his religion.

—it vindicates what I said in the other thread: that those groups attract men of unsound mind to the point that someone among them may even kill one of their comrades in arms.

Although a racial revolution á la Turner Diaries is commendable, I believe that would-be revolutionaries should have a fairly sound mind. Even what Covington called a ‘trouble trio’ needs a strategic and tactical guide on how to do it.

The limit of free speech on this issue is fiction, not only as Covington’s novels but as the novel I’ll never write. This site was taken down last September as a result of something said on the comments section, so I won’t allow comments on this article.