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Ignorance at Counter-Currents

Today’s piece on Counter-Currents webzine, authored by someone who uses a penname, starts with this ignorant sentence: ‘In the debate about Christianity and ethnonationalism it is too often forgotten that Christianity is a religion and not a political or cultural doctrine’.

Apparently, the Christian apologists that Greg Johnson publishes on his webzine continue to be utterly ignorant of the masthead of this site, which demonstrates that Christianity started as a political or cultural doctrine to destroy the soul, art, architecture, libraries and even quite a few lives of Whites right after Constantine handed over the Roman Empire to his Semitic bishops.

Apparently, the Judeo-Christian apologists that Greg Johnson publishes are also ignorant of eye-opener books such as those by Karlheinz Deschner (pic above) and Catherine Nixey, also reviewed on this site.

Of course: they will continue to ignore the data collected in The West’s Darkest Hour. The writers and most commenters of that webzine are extremely dishonest nationalists.

These nationalists ignore that, as Evropa Soberana wrote, at the Jewish city of Scythopolis, (province of Syria, today corresponds to Beit She’an, in Israel), Christian leaders organised nothing more and nothing less than a concentration camp for Whites detained throughout the empire. In this field those who professed classical beliefs, or who simply opposed the Church, were imprisoned, tortured and executed.

Soberana also wrote that, over time, Scythopolis became a whole infrastructure of camps, dungeons, torture cells and execution rooms, where thousands of Whites would go. The most intense horrors of the time take place here. It was the gulag that the communism of the time used to suppress the dissidents.