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One of the most offensive things that I find in the Alt Lite (for example, in some videos by Jean-François Gariépy) is that they hold the American flag behind their backs. In a recent colloquium on YouTube with Richard Spencer (here), Spencer said that his country started badly from the first hour; mentioning both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

White nationalism is an impossible chimera between Americanism and Nazism, in which the American animal predominates over the European. This is why it is refreshing that some central figures of the Alt-Right, like Spencer, begin to question the double helix that fertilised the American egg.

One of the axes of the helical structure that formed the United States is the monstrous lie of equality. The quotation ‘All men are created equal’ has been called ‘immortal declaration’, and ‘perhaps the single phrase’ of the American Revolutionary period with the greatest ‘continued importance’. Thomas Jefferson first used the psychotic phrase in the US Declaration of Independence, which he penned in 1776.

But there’s another equally monstrous and psychotic lie, the other helical axis, Christianity. As long as both molecules of nucleic acids or DNA are not shattered in the minds of white nationalists, their movement will not cease to be a chimera that, precisely because it is a fantasy, cannot engage the real world.

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Maybe this from Bob Whitaker might be of interest.


I recall I was taught in school, not all that long ago, that “equality” was really meant to mean “equality before the law” not that we are actually all equal. I was told that this was “understood” by everyone at the time and that is why they didn’t include it explicidely. That is most unfortunate for us because between the idiot Christians and those who want all Whites dead it’s become quite the weapon.

Would you mind elaborate a bit on your comment?

Most of us consider “equality before the law” to encompass ideas given by the fact that ‘Lady Justice’ is blindfolded when carrying a balance and a sword.

I am not foreign to other interpretations of the concept, so what do you mean by ‘garbage’?

First came the demented Xtians claiming that everyone is ‘equal’ in the eyes of God. Then came the demented Americans claiming that everyone is ‘equal’ under the law. Then came the demented anti-Nazis claiming every race is ‘equal’.

The whole egalitarian phenomenon should be considered a downward amplification spiral in psycho-pathology. Now the trannies are ‘equal’ to us. Tomorrow the pedos will be considered ‘equal’.

All this started with (((Xtianity))) and therefore it’s Xtianity the target of this site.

I though he (Aldo) might have been trying to say that rich people bribing their way out of justice was the antithesis of degeneracy, or something.

You cannot place a child in the same level as an adult. You cannot treat a woman (an overgrown child) like a man in capability. You cannot hold a foreigner in the same hand as a tribesman.

We cannot have “equality before the law” since there is no equality. Plenty of the greatest societies man has to offer had seperate laws and seperate applications for laws. Even in the lands of the Mudslimes a woman’s testimony for a rape was useless without at least one man’s support of it.

As long as a single wayside cross remains in Europe, the Aryan race is not to survive.


The following passage is of the kind that is worth being included in the books that may come!

“An estimated number of 218 medieval churches and 4,500 cross-stones were destroyed, with the final act of the destruction campaign taking place in December 2005 at Djulfa. Azerbaijan’s government denies that Christian monuments ever existed in Nakhichevan.”


Neither Bach nor Schubert nor Michał Lorenc ever composed Ave Maria…

I cannot listen to Ave Maria without insane hatred. If the worm of Christianity has infested the European culture so inseparably and irreversibly, I would rather erase the entire last two millennia of Aryan history.

But how to explain this to WNsts and Southern nationalists? Do you think any of them will take notice to Deschner’s book once it’s published? They did not even took notice of Pierce’s only non-fiction book (precisely because he was also conscious of the CQ)…

There is as if an iron curtain between the WNs and this blog’s perspective. Two wholly different cultures, they may as well speak incomprehensible languages.

Just the other day in Ukraine I saw a giant poster saying “Woman! You are _prettier_ when you don’t smoke!” Slavic countries are still firmly entrenched in the II wave feminism, they can’t even imagine the III wave (where such cuckish compliments are rightfully forbidden), and that’s in 2018…

It’s surrealistically hilarious that right before a gender studies advertisement, a female professor could announce that girls should use _feminine_ make-up! And WNs think that Slavs will awaken when Sweden falls! Everybody in this world is hopelessly ignorant…

Islam is still closer to the real solution than WN thanks to its stance on women. Sharia is far better in this regard than even NS who seem to have been mortified at the possibility of some hysterical revolt of German housewives in case they had ever tried to tackle feminism head-on. But of course, Islam also prays to a Jewish god and chops off boys’ penises.

It is no coincidence that among our forums the only ones who have said the whole truth about the USA are Sebastian Ronin in Canada and yours truly in Neanderthalesque Mexico. Most Americans won’t dare to look at the mirror.

I’ve looked in the mirror for years, Cesar, and long-realized from the time my neo-pagan – if still comfortably middle-American – parents put me in parochial pre-school on up through middle and high school that without first breaking the bonds of Christianity that Aryans in the entity calling itself the United States can never achieve true greatness. You ARE correct however in deducing that most Americans can’t get beyond at least being residual “cultural Christians.” The irony there is, of course, that many of the values and even some of the rites – even within a post-classical American context – that these same American Aryans revere were naturally pre-Christian.

The European settler history of the US and to some extent Canada was largely predicated on various dissident Christian groups in Europe fleeing for “freedom of worship” in terra incognito and ever since then Christianity has, rightly or wrongly, been central to Euro-American identity on some level – whether it is the more courageous if still Judaic-imprisoned, cynical-toward-overweening-government, gun-owning, Christinianity of “fly-over-country” or the open-borders, self-hating, radical egalitarianism (which, in my own view, is actually more consistent with what Christianity really is – the Christianity of Middle America reminds me of a Judaic-overlaid simulacra of what the Aryan WOULD BE if it ever eventually refuses the Judaic yoke) Christianity of the coasts and cities.

Another ‘wrinkle’ to consider from someone on the inside looking out if you will is that there WAS – prior to 1945 – far more of a connection to Europe even within the “Americanist” assimilationist movement which sought to homogenize the various European emigre peoples to this country and, by design or not, at first implicitly and later more explicitly cut off Euro-Americans from thinking of themselves as an Aryan civilization or diaspora connected to the Aryan heartland.

Where I live in a small un-incorporated community out west in Oregon I have done accessioning work in my local historical society and was stunned to find images of local school-children in the 1930’s dancing around the May-pole and my volkisch heart swelled with joy that, at least at one time, all was not lost. American Aryans might, at one time, have still had the ability to overcome the Judaic but now I also fear that the “best” that can be hoped for is some piece of idiocy like an even more “Aryanized” “Christian Identity” movement.

What we NEED to do as a people, as do our brothers and sisters in our European natal homelands also have to do, and that is throw off the Semitic taint. In North America it may just be untenable now if it might have been possible at one time.

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