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Typical Greggy

I try to be a serious blogger, devoting this site to the Christian problem (‘Christian love is murdering the white race’). I wish to stay away from infighting. But sometimes some notable white nationalists say things that I consider a duty to respond.
Last Friday, for example, Greg Johnson, editor-in-chief of Counter-Currents, defended one of his commenters: an Orthodox Jew whose father is an Orthodox rabbi. In his article ‘Dov Bechhofer Did Nothing Wrong’ Johnson wrote:

I thought Dov’s views on many issues that divide White Nationalists were quite sound: He saw Hailgate and Unite the Right for the disasters they were; he opposed Nazi LARPing and the more juvenile and vulgar reaches of the Alt-Right; he disdained crude misogyny and attacks on women who tried to help the cause; and so on. He also made it clear that he rejected race-war fantasies and sympathized with my desire to find paths to racial separation that are maximally peaceful and humane, respecting the basic human rights of all involved.

So the good guy in Johnson’s book is an orthodox Jew and the bad guys are people like Unite the Right whom the System ambushed a year ago at Charlottesville (‘disasters’ here means blaming the victim); the late Covington and Mason (‘Nazi LARPing’), Devlin and Anglin (‘misogyny’) and the best mind that America has ever produced, Pierce (‘race-war fantasies’)?
Johnson sides the kike who insists that we must behave in ways that are considered ‘humane, respecting the basic human rights’ (remember: love is murdering the white race)?
Really? With such brave white nationalists, who needs the rabbi’s son?
Some of you may think that my laser-focusing on Christianity is an excess. Others may even raise doubts about my ‘true motivations’. But think about it: Johnson used to deliver very pious Christian homilies at his Swedenborg Church in San Francisco as recently as 2010. Do you think that the Neo-Christian ethics he presently subscribes, so similar to those of the rabbi’s son, have nothing to do with his Xtian upbringing?

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I think it would be more relevant to point to Johnson’s prime deficiency- he’s a queer.
I am not surprised that Johnson feels kinship with a Jew who may want to achieve white racial salvation in a completely impossible manner, as he does. Of course he does. Victory will not happen without a Day of the Rope, and fags WILL be hanging from trees on it.

This is an all to common mistake that so many “white advocates” seem to make over and over again. As soon as some Jew somewhere says something that seems to agree with “our” cause they can’t help but start quoting them, allow them to comment on “our” sites, or, even worse, invite them to lecture at one of “our” events. How can they be so stupid?

From the Edict of Milan to Luther’s nailing of the 95 theses, Christianity has – without the slightest question – rammed the Bible and its twisted morality down the throats of white Europeans. In preconciliar Catholicism, from Constantine to Luther is considered ‘the millenial reign’ of Christ.
Tomorrow, in the preconciliar Catholic Church, is Catholic Channukah, the feast of the holy maccabees. ‘Seleucid’ etymologically means ‘very white. ‘Judas’ – Yehuda – etymologically means Jew. So, tomorrow, all of these fine Deus-Vult we-wuz-crusaders will celebrate the victory of a Jewish King, Judas Maccabeus, over Antiochus Epiphanes. This really is spiritual treason.
In my view, it will take at least a thousand years of counter-apologetics to put this right. We are not obsessing at all.

“Some of you may think that my laser-focusing on Christianity is an excess. Others may even raise doubts about my ‘true motivations’.”
I do not. Your attack on the jewish psychological warefare weapon of Christianity is one of the reasons I keep coming back to this website. Please, never stop the attack, it is extremely important. Christianity must be overcome, or the White race will not survive. Only Nietzschean power morality can save us.

I come to your site to read the anti-Christian content as well. Please don’t stop. Any sources you can find that make compelling arguments against Christianity should be published. Axe of Perun and Evropa Soberana in particular are outstanding reads. That 20 part essay on the history of Christianity during the Medieval Era – it should just be called the “Evil Era” – was so enlightening.
If I may suggest a source: Marcus Eli Ravage wrote an essay in 1928 called “A Real Case Against the Jews.” It basically echoes everything Nietzsche said 40 years prior and what these contemporary writers said 90 years later. It is beyond obvious that Christianity was invented by the Jews with the specific intention of turning Aryan instincts inside out, which would make us fatally vulnerable and allow the Jews to destroy us without resistance, which is exactly what we are seeing today.
As dark as it sounds, I personally agree with Joseph Walsh that the White Race basically deserves its fate. If one religion invented by a parasitic desert tribe was enough to shut down our instincts, then clearly we arent fit to surive. We SHOULD be immune to this virus of a religion, but we aren’t, which means we are too weak. Oh well. It is what it is. At this point, I’ve moved on from it all and just like to feed my heart with hatred for the source of our demise: Christianity and everything it stands for.

As long as I receive donations that allow me to put some bread on my table, I won’t stop.
As to Marcus Eli Ravage, it seems that we have quoted that essay (here).

That 20 part essay on the history of Christianity during the Medieval Era – it should just be called the “Evil Era” – was so enlightening.

Just curious: Which series of essays are you referring to?

It seems I got my authors confused: I was referring to “Why Europeans Must Reject Christianity” by Ferdinand Bardamu. This quote here from Part 1 is burned into my head
“Unfortunately for us, the West has once again succumbed to this spiritual plague. The heavenly city of God now sits in judgment of the West. The crucified Jew has spoken: the West has been judged and found wanting!”
There was nothing we ever could have done to appease this Jewish god of wrath. He is not our god. He is a demon volcano god from the kike imagination. The whole concept that he is a god of “grace” and “mercy” is the biggest swindle in the history of human existence.

Alright: that #20 installment of Bardamu’s essay is indeed great: his criticism of MacDonald is still unanswered in the WN community.
IMO our approach to racial preservation will be resisted as a typical paradigm shift: first ignored then opposed and finally accepted.
WNsts are now in the first stage: ignoring that behind the Jew bacteria there’s an Immunodeficiency disorder (the religion of our parents): a virus that allowed the bacterial infection in the first place.

I hope this comment is not banned.
The Alt-Right, Far-Right, White Nationlists or whatever continue with their use of the stolen Indian Sanscrit-Avestan word “Aryan”, and the non-stop reference to Nietzsche.
I can’t think of any writer more anti-German and philosemitic than Nietzsche, he’s hateful and virulente in his many attacks against Germans.
“The Germans have not the faintest idea of how vulgar they are – but this in itself is the acme of vulgarity, – they are not even ashamed of being merely Germans.”
-Ecce Homo
“When I try to think of the kind of man who is opposed to me in all my instincts the picture that springs to mind is always that of a German.”
-Ecce Homo
“Oh what good deed is a Jew under German cattle! underestimate the gentlemen..the anti-semites.”
-Writings from the Late Notebooks
Count Richard Kalergi wrote that Nietzsche’s will to power is pure Jewish thought. The Jews would emerge as an aristocracy in the mongrelized new Europe.
Europeans are not Nietzscheans, we always aim for something transcendent, not a rooteless amoral cosmopolitan that Nietzsche was thinking about.

I have read Ecce homo and two thick biographies about Nietzsche: Werner Ross’s and KP Janz’s. Yes: he did say that but in other writings, he said the opposite. Since you know Spanish, have you studied the translations of N’s books by Andrés Sánchez Pascual, with his many endnotes? I started to read Sánchez Pascual’s translations in 1976. So I know the guy.
How many books by N have you read?
BTW, ‘banned’ is not the right word. Your off-topic comments sometimes do not pass, which is something different.

@DP84 In the past I used to think if whites do go extinct it would be unfair or unjust. I would ask “Why would Destiny choose the Jews for final victory?” But now I understand it is not unfair or unjust if whites go extinct, but richly deserved. There’s no way a species can continue to flaunt the laws of Nature so deliberately as whites have done and not expect annihilation. A species who’s males don’t kill their natural enemies is simply unfit to survive. If so many of our people have fallen prey to the corruption of the Jews then we have very serious flaws innate to us. White genocide is a good thing as it is Nature at work. Nature is always testing every species for its suitability for survival, and in the past we were proven fit to survive. But now we are having problems in adapting. Now everything is in disarray.
I’ve become less passionate about the survival of the white race. This is because the thought of white extinction doesn’t bother me like it used to. If there’s going to be a coloured, third world shithole planet then so be it. There’s little I can do to prevent it and I’ll be long dead by the time the last white dies out. Like I said, I now understand white extinction is the deserved fate for a species that doesn’t kill or breed. Evolution and life will roll on without whites, as they have continued on without so many other species of life. The significance of our extinction is that we are (or will have been) the most advanced form of life on Earth produced by the blind forces of evolution.
Now I watch daily developments with whites reguarly murdered, raped, and outright persecuted and I lack sympathy with my own kind. They are just getting the enitrely predictable consequences of their behaviour. If they won’t fight Nature will use the Jews and coloured races to wipe them off the face of the Earth. I feel like a helpless bystander watching the forces of Nature at work. I have even come to take a sick pleasure in white annihilation and admire the brutality of Nature as it utilizes savage third world peoples to destroy the harmless whites and their civilization. Ultimately Nature and it’s laws existed long before the white race and will continue to exist long after we are gone. Nature is the ultimate arbiter and I respect its judgements. As the book Might Is Right says “Nature makes no false judgements.”

C.T. I read twice Ecce Homo because it’s really funny, I read Twilight of Idols and tried and gave up Zaratustra. I’ve read in Portuguese, so I don’t know the correct title names in English.
Ecce Homo is very important because it’s like an explanation about his previous books. He was clearly angry that his writings were being used by German nationalists and anti-semites.
He broke up the relationship with his sister Elisabeth exactly because she married an anti-semite, Förster, who ended up committing suicide in Paraguai.
Another quote:
“Are there any German philosophers? Are there German poets? Are there German books? They ask me abroad. I blush, but with the courage with wich I maintain even in desperate situations I reply: Well, Bismarck.
Would it be permissible for me to confess what books are read today? Accursed instinct of mediocrity!”
-Twilight of Idols
He liked Jews, French, some Italians, ancient Rome, ancient Greece.

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