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Harold Covington (1953-2018)

Like every Westerner, I used to be a eunuch, but the reading of Covington’s The Brigade made me grow my balls again.
Now that, last week, Uncle Harold left this world, the duty of every Aryan male is to obtain a copy of his best novel and grow a pair.
Goodbye Uncle Harold! We didn’t agree on everything but I’ll miss our correspondence. I wish you had seen our promised land…

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Hunter Wallace also has an article about Harold Covington’s death at Hunter’s website, which is how I learned about it this morning:
Judging from Covington’s recent photo, obesity was a likely factor in his early death at age 64.
I’ve been a recent listener of Covington’s weekly radio show. He has a pleasant sounding voice and is easy to listen too. According to his website, the first show after his death is this Thursday July 26, and I’ll be sure to listen to it.
Regarding Covington’s idea of a white ethnostate in the USA’s Northwest, my opinion is the same as stated by many: there is no chance of it happening until the USA’s Federal government breaks up as the governing body for the land currently known as the USA. And who knows how far in the future that’s going to be, possibly centuries.

Yes: I had already read Wallace’s piece but he’s completely wrong that Covington ‘wrote an entire novel about me, Freedom’s Sons’, his words, for the simple reason that the ‘Hunter Wallace’ in the novel is the president of the US, and his profile has nothing to do with Brad Griffin (a.k.a. ‘Hunter Wallace’, a pen name). I doubt that Griffin/Wallace has actually read one of Covington’s novels.
Anyway, Andy Donner eulogizes Uncle Harold in a special episode, but the date is erroneous, as we are still on July 24th:

>”Anyway, Andy Donner eulogizes Uncle Harold in a special episode, but the date is erroneous, as we are still on July 24th”
The date of July 26 on that page fooled me. Already, the replacement(s) for Covington are fouling up.
Also, a respectful but critical comment I initially saw at [link] has since been removed (I was going to quote it in my original post here but when I checked to copy some of its reasoned criticism of the Northwest-Homeland idea, that post was already gone).
Already, the Northwest Front is going downhill. I predict that in less than a year their tiny organization will have effectively disappeared, unless it generates enough donation money to make it worthwhile to the new head guy to keep it alive, which is unlikely considering how Covington himself was recently begging for money and was only living in an apartment. Donations, as paltry as they likely were, are probably quickly going to fall off a cliff to at, or near, zero.

For my part, in this thread I won’t say anything critical about Covington or the Northwest Front. As I say below, in obituaries the etiquette commands me to mention only the good; and I’d include also what I say in the comments section.

No error. It’s dated for Thursday which is its official release date. RFN broadcasts are usually posted on Mondays.

“Judging from Covington’s recent photo, obesity was a likely factor in his early death at age 64.”
Actuarial tables would have given him another 20 years or so. I had read that he was a fat fuck but had never seen a picture of him. Looks like he committed suicide, either by eating himself to death, as do so many white people these days (almost all I see around me are obese, particularly those who reach their seventh decade as he did), or perhaps using another method that has yet to be disclosed. I wonder, did Will Williams ever collect his judgment against him?

I listened to his last recorded show last week, and he sounded the same, good and stable, as in all his other shows in the previous two or three months that I’ve been listening to him. On that basis, I think it very unlikely that he consciously committed suicide. Much more likely, I think, is that he died of a heart attack or stroke or some such.
I was downloading his weekly shows from Radio Aryan at: link
Although he’s Christian in his beliefs, Sven Longshanks, at Radio Aryan, is also good for what’s going on in Britain and with white nationalism in general.

Black Heart comments:

I knew his health was bad and I suspected something when his posts to his blog dried up. When he missed one of his regular broadcasts, I knew something was wrong.

Source: here

He claimed to be an admirer of Hitler. Too bad he didn’t follow Hitler in becoming a vegetarian then. If his death was indeed partly due to obesity, it would have helped him avoid his premature end. It’s possible to be a fat vegetarian, but it’s unusual. Hitler wasn’t fat, and revolutionaries should not be fat. They should have that “lean and hungry look” described by Shakespeare in Julius Caesar. On the other hand, con artists, particularly the successful ones, can be fat.
The collective death wish of white people (and their absolute disinterest in revolution) is nowhere more evident than in their physical condition, which is, on average, quite horrible. Most of them walk around like zombies, literally feeding on corpses. It’s a demonstrable fact that eating the flesh of dead creatures is very unhealthful from a number of standpoints. It strikes me that eating dead bodies is a way to becoming dead oneself. But then, I think that’s why they do it. As everyone knows, you are what you eat!

You took the words out of my mouth. It is the consumption of red meat that has caused the obesity in my Father’s generation. They have been eating bacon sandwiches every weekend since the age of 5. But is it unhealthy for Humans to eat dead creatures in your view, or all animals?
And I ask this not to be edgy but out of genuine curiosity: Would you say the same for cannibalism?

@ Jack
Cannibalism? From a health standpoint one problem with any meat is that it concentrates environmental toxins, and this would be true also of human meat. I’d recommend staying away from eating any corpses, even or especially human ones. There’s also the problem of transmitting pathogens that attends the consumption of meat. Kuru, the human version of mad cow disease, has been proven to be transmitted by cannibalism. Also, decomposition begins at the moment of death. If there really were a God, only he could know what pathogens would lurk, for example, in the decomposing flesh of a 300 lbs. negress, though I’ve seen some such lumbering beasts who, properly butchered, might feed a family of four for a number of weeks.

The oceans are industrial civilization’s garbage dumps, increasingly polluted with environmental toxins. Eat no meat or fish. Uncle Adolf had it right.

I will say one last thing before this gets too long: Covington writes in one of his books about youths in the NW republic hunting animals for sport. Of course, Covington was endorsing this indirectly in the narrative. So it should be an obvious conclusion that he did gorge on meat, and probably killed animals for fun as well. May I add that when you hold a gun in your hand, what you are really holding is a pheasant seeking missile. Thus, the term “sport” is quite pathetic on the part of those who practise it.
By the way, don’t children need meat or fish at least?

Infants get all they need from mother’s milk. Adults and older children can get sufficient protein and other essentials from any number of other sources that don’t involve eating the flesh of dead, decomposing bodies.

I don’t not mean to spit on his grave or show disrespect, but the dead are dead and with out ears. I enjoyed his Brigade, but the title of Uncle is ill-deserved and wasted on him.
Perhaps it is your age which gives you the ability to praise even those who conflict so greatly with your worldview, but I cannot find it in myself to show him such honour. I will have to read what you have linked, as it may disprove what I am about to say, but I personally believe that the Northwest Front is in all likelihood now on its way down the cesspit. Or maybe Donner will prove himself a fitting replacement.

The etiquette of obituaries: Say only the good, not the bad. (BTW, I used to call him ‘uncle’ before I distanced myself from him.)

Harold Covington was always controversial, but controversy wastes time. I gave up trying to figure who, what, why, when and where, after the “Combat 18” debacle.
Stupid, ignorant goyim run around bashing each other’s heads in, arguing, accusing, denigrating, pointing fingers while Jews slowly, and ever so efficiently, kill them off with their arsenal of deadly poisons, both literal and figurative.
Jews have made certain this will not change until a horrific cataclysm occurs on a scale will most certainly end civilization and may well spell the end of mankind. Those having the opportunity to die peacefully before this event occurs will someday be counted as being among the fortunate.
Therefore, all I can say about Harold’s death is ~ Luck-y Fucker!

Character flaws aside, Linder omits what Jack Ryan said in his eulogy today at Occidental Dissent: ‘Harold Covington was simply our best fiction writer’.
What I said in the opening paragraph of the above post is true. Before reading Covington’s novels I was a ‘WN normie’ so to speak, in the sense that open advocacy for violence wasn’t in my menu. After reading the Quartet I realised that the System had brainwashed Aryan males into eunuchs, even secular westerners. As the Gospel for westerners says: ‘…and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven’.

Acerbic, concise, classic Linder!
I first heard of both Linder and Covington back in the days of Usenet in the late 90s. Covington was at that time quarreling with William Pierce and using Usenet posts to attack him.
I never cared for Covington’s writing, or his Usenet posts. His novels always struck me as manipulative and too didactic to be very good as fiction. His Usenet posts were occasionally witty, but as some might guess, since I am one who thinks the problem facing white people lies much deeper than merely Jews, or an oppressive ZOG, I regarded his NW plan as unworkable and an unfortunate distraction from real understanding and real work toward a solution. As Hitler says in MK, the revolution won’t be achieved by sitting in front of the fireplace dreaming about it, and Covington’s plan appeared to me at that time to be just such an idle dream. I suppose it provided him with a living of sorts, so from his point of view it wasn’t entirely worthless.

I agree that the Northwest Front plan is fantastic. A blogger who deleted his whole site, the erudite on fascism and Spanish-speaker Severus Niflson, who appeared on Carolyn Yeager’s podcasts, wrote a lucid essay debunking the NF plan. But the point is that, as fiction, it helps a lot to regain male self-esteem and Aryan self-image. Even Tom Sunic recognised it after reading Covington’s Quartet.

C.T. ,
It is absolutely vital to start with getting certain notions into aryan normies’ heads. The notion of the toxic effect of christianity for example, and ndeed also the notion of an aryan habitat, something one didn’t have to think about in the past since it wad always there.
We cannot expect normies to immediately grasp the gravity of the situation, despite it smacks them in the face 24/7.
And for that reason the NWR is/was very useful.

Seeing as I read Jack Halliday express surprise that I hadn’t said anything about Covington’s death, I’ll comment here. By the way Jack, I’ve been posting less on Cesar’s blog in general lately, not just in relation to Covington.
The Northwest idea, which wasn’t Covington’s idea but Richard Butler’s and the CI Aryan Nations folk, is delusional however no more delusional than Cesar’s idea of a hostile takeover of America’s nukes by white racialists or than a lot of what is wished for on this site. We’re all fantasists with our dreams of what we wish the world to be that are highly unlikely to materialize in our lifetimes i.e. the next 50-60 years, absent some catastrophic event. Not that these goals should be given up on in the long-term.
An associate of mine who has appeared on TWDH radio, Chris White, had actually travelled to Washington state to meet Norman Spear and potentially meet Covington and was near where Covington lives when Covington stopped replying to his e-mails as he had just died. Chris didn’t know why he wasn’t responding and when he returned I notified him of the news of Covington’s death. Originally I was going to go out to the Northwest with Chris and meet Covington but I didn’t have the money to do so.
I wasn’t a supporter of Covington’s Corner although I did interview Norman Spear who is but that was more because of his support for revolutionary violence as a way forward for whites in North America and worldwide. Covington had his moments and some of what he said and wrote was very good though I’ve never read any of his novels.

My idea of a hostile takeover of America’s nukes by white racialists is only delusional if I believed that it will be achieved within my lifespan.
But it’s not delusional to say that whites are generally in happy mode; that the currency crash that is coming will mark the beginning of the end of Americanism in Europe and also the mode will be shifted to angry whites; and that in the following years, as conditions deteriorate in the cities, American farmers will be on combat mode as to the hungry zombies, mostly city blacks, is concerned.
But combat mode is merely defensive (protect your farm from aliens à la American way with your guns, etc.). Combat mode does not warrant Aryan survival at all. What is a big dream of mine is what I call killing mode, the mode I happen to live albeit in the trench. I’ll define killing mode as a white awakening of enough males to do a Revolution. Doesn’t Spear himself says that we only need the 3 percent of the males? It goes without saying that in revolutions the goal is to hostilely takeover the Fed government, including the nukes.
That may be a fantasy, but a necessary fantasy unless one has already given up all hope and accepts that North Am will resemble Brazil because whites won’t fight ever. Actually, it will resemble Mexico in the long term. Do you know that more blacks were imported into Latin America than the US? If I don’t see any black when I leave the house, it’s because miscegenation started centuries ago and now black DNA is amalgamated with the population!
The difference of my fantasy with Covington’s is that there is no way in hell that a new racist State will be allowed within the US if Uncle Sam is alive and well. That is impossible. I am not on the same plane of delusional thinking as the Covingtonistas, especially because I am conceding that it is not clear that enough whites will wake up ever to the level that, in my wishful thinking, I call killing mode.

“Doesn’t Spear himself says that we only need the 3 percent of the males?”
3 percent of males in the US would amount to about 4.5 million. Considering the minuscule membership of most right wing organizations, that’s still in the category of fantasy. By comparison, taking steps to cause the global catastrophe that everyone else is sitting around waiting for is much more realistic. It would require only a small group, and perhaps even only a single man with the insight, brains, and balls to act.

Yes but if I am not resuming my biology course it’s because I do believe that the dollar will crash in the near future. Just compare this with Anglin et al who on the Daily Stormer are praising Trump for the state of the economy! (Trouble with viruses is that the good guys die too, which is why I consider the Dr Peters option as ‘Plan B’.)
P.S. Spear refers to 3% of Aryan males.

Although I never met Mr. Covington, we did exchange several emails over the years. We also shared a few interesting things in common, such as both having been born in the 1950’s, in the South, and that we both lived in Hawaii during the same period, many years ago, as well as in Europe. I also lived in North Carolina for a short time as well. Of course, we were both writers – which is the most important commonality we shared. Had we met, I’m sure we could have had quite a discussion on the subject of writing, unlike any two other WN’s in the world.
That said, Mr. Covington was kind enough to send me autographed copies of his novels, except for the final one. And though they were enjoyable enough as fiction, I was skeptical of their viability as a blueprint for a WN ethnostate. I was also doubtful as to the location, since a better case could’ve been made for Alaska. Still, we must each follow our own road, and Mr. Covington followed his, rightly or wrongly. With his death, so too dies the Northwest Front idea, as I am certain it will not survive his passing.
Finally, for what little I knew of Mr. Covington, I respected him. He was certainly more intelligent than any of his enemies, and perhaps that might explain some of the ire toward him. As to the rest, well, Mr. Hadding can take up the story from there, should any of you wish to hear what he has to say.
So farewell, Harold – I genuinely wish I could have met the only other white nationalist novelist that I respected.
Ward Kendall
“Eternity Beach” – a novel I’m sure HAC would’ve enjoyed – amazon.

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