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Axiology Der Antichrist (book) Friedrich Nietzsche

The Antichrist § 6

I understand corruption (as I am sure you have guessed by now) in the sense of decadence: my claim is that all the values in which humanity has collected its highest desiderata are values of decadence.
I call an animal, a species, an individual corrupt when it loses its instincts, when it chooses, when it prefers things that will harm it…
Life itself appears to me as an instinct for growth, for survival, for the accumulation of forces, for power: whenever the will to power fails there is decline.

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If ‘life is an instinct for growth and for power’, even those WNsts who, like MacDonald, say that WN is not about—say—invading Mexico are decadents: a word that appears over and over in Nietzsche’s writings.
The same with David Duke who constantly says in his videos that he wants to share the Earth with the coloreds in their respective nations, etc., etc.

They’re infested with Leftie talking points. They’ve absorbed so much of the Leftoids’ in their irrelevance that they treat Hitler making strategic alliances with non-Whites and occasionally saying positive words for non-Whites (regardless of how much it was from his ignorance) as carte blanche for effective multiracialism, egalitarianism, and noble savage garbage.

Presently I am barely adding posts because I am reviewing Volume I of Kriminalgeschichte to make it available from Lulu. When I finish the reviewing I’ll start translating Volume II for this site.
But all this effort—for what? WNsts have already made up their minds about Xtianity and Xtian ethics, even the secular ones (MacDonald is ‘secular’; Duke, Xtian).
My guess is that all of this work will start to make a bleep in the WN radar only in the future. But when?
Since I’ll be sixty next month, I should start sending DVDs to my younger colleagues. This info against Christianity must not be lost—as Porphyry’s book was lost! I need to start looking for a custodian of my own work because I doubt I’ll be alive to see the paradigm shift…

Nietzsche understood that the White race, although it appeared healthy on the surface during the 19th century, was deeply menaced by the degenerative effects of Christianity and unless that plague of a religion was gotten off the backs of Aryans catastrophic results loomed on the horizon. He couldn’t forsee Aryans post-1945 relapse into the insanity of practicing Christian ethics seriously and may not have realized just how right he was.
Kevin MacDonald is a decadent for not wanting Whites to invade Mexico. In the 19th century when Nietzsche was writing Whites in North America had taken lots of territory from the Mexicans in the Southwest with their expansionist Manifest Destiny belief. Now 21st century White racists talk about giving Mexicans their own ethnostate in the Southwest! How dramatically our race has degenerated in such a short space of time.
The degeneration of the White race over the last century can be viewed on a global level. In the early 20th century the White Man thought of himself as the prototype of the proper human while all other races of men were backward, primitive tribes or nations. The entire globe was under the dominion of the White nations and the colored races occupied their territories on our sufferance. Numerous White Men, Darwin among them, assumed the less advanced races of savages would become extinct. What a temporary state of affairs that proved to be (as Lothrop Stoddard predicted it may well be). In the early 21st century the demographic situation globally has completely reversed. Whites are in total retreat, the colored races have got their own territories back from the Whites and are advancing into White countries that have been White for tens of thousands of years. The White race is declining in number while thanks to Whites idiotic sharing of their medicine, food and aid the once small primitive races have exploded in number as they swarm into formerly White territory threatening to turn the whole Earth into a coloured, third world planet. Such enormous historical changes in such a short space of time due to the degeneration of Aryans primarily brought on by the virus of Christian ethics during 1945 and after.

Re: Nietzsche’s awakening in the 19th, that century sounds in the far distant past but it depends on the age you have.
I lived with my sweet grandmother after fleeing a hellish home in 1976; and then in 1978 and in the early 1980s. Since she was born in 1888, that means that she shared twelve years of her lifespan with Nietzsche’s lifespan!

Without a further definition of terms, this statement strikes me as nearly meaningless. For example, what is power, growth, or survival? And in whose opinion? And at what point in time? On the surface of it, it would seem that, say, the sacrifice of Leonidas and his 300 at Thermopylae was only decadence, since it was suicidal, and on a personal level, preferred self-destruction to growth and life. However, to the extent it was successful, it helped Greece grow and become more powerful, at least for a while, before an inevitable decline set in. And of course, life itself is only a journey towards ultimate death, failure, and dissolution, so under Nietzsche’s definition here life itself is essentially a passage into decadence. One can’t have spring and summer without fall and winter. To affirm life is also to affirm death.

One of the problems with my excerpts is that they are exactly that: excerpts.
§ 6 is actually longer than my chosen quote, and even the complete § 6 has to be understood in the context of the whole book.

Nietzsche didn’t believe in natural selection, and wasn’t a Darwinian. He argued against Darwin without, it seems to me, really understanding him. As near as I can make out, he proposed “the will to power” as an alternative mechanism of selection. It’s hard to take such an anthropocentric view seriously as a scientific theory though. How, for example, does a jellyfish, or an ant, or a plant, manifest its will to power?
Oftentimes Darwin wrote as though evolution is directional and produced ever “higher” forms, culminating in the white man, the crown of creation. It was only a convention, but has confused a lot of people, Nietzsche apparently among them. Other times, in his notes and private letters, Darwin describes the operation of evolution as random and denies there are such things as “higher” or “lower” organisms. In Descent of Man he takes considerable pains to state why he believes all human races should be placed in a single species instead of each in its own separate species, as other taxonomists of his day maintained. Indeed, there has been a case made in a book titled Darwin’s Sacred Cause, that Darwin, the grandson of prominent abolitionists Josiah Wedgwood and Erasmus Darwin, meant to further the abolitionist cause by arguing for the triviality of racial differences. His conclusion that sexual selection, not natural selection, was responsible for most of them, can be construed as more proof of this.
“… all the values in which humanity has collected its highest desiderata are values of decadence.”
Presumably then, such societal desiderata as freedom from war, from hunger, from disease, from suffering, and so forth are what he means to indict as decadent.
These are also the values of civilization, so if this is correct, then the aspiration to create and expand civilization is nothing but an aspiration to decadence.

It looks like N’s first paragraph quoted above is hyperbole for Xtian ethics if § 6 is read in context.
N was confused. He not only criticised Darwin and supported him in other writing: he did the same with David Friedrich Strauss. See e.g., my reply to Walsh last year.

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