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All Christians are Cucks, 6

I intended to go through various Christian sites and social media pages in order to collect for you a massive amount of their lunatic statements, phrases and beliefs—but, I will be very honest here—I saved some, but I just couldn’t finish the job. I had to think about my own health and seeing all the idiocy made me worried about my anger, blood pressure and various other things…
Alas, how does one help wake up a 2000 year old brainwashing? Well, one must be persistent and ignore the hardship that is involved in succeeding in it. If I were to look at this difficult task and wonder what exactly it would take me to achieve victory against this Jewish poison, I’d probably never even begin doing it. I’d find myself demoralized from not only the advantage of Time they have, but also of the generations of people that have been self-indoctrinating their own children with this infection. When that happens, when the lemmings poison themselves, then the Jews have won over their minds.
Or, look at this one [the author linked these words to a defunct page], which is from Psalms—and, if you remember, Psalms are the Scriptures in which it is said that they will destroy all Nations surrounding them. All Nations. So, here we have a spin on that mission by telling us that they will “sing their song” in all the Nations. Boy, that must be a particularly sick tune of Death, right? We have said already that “vibrations” are capable of changing the entire infrastructure of the Mind. Therefore, having the Jews sing among us is lethal and dangerous: their singing is primarily expressed nowadays through the Media. Ain’t that a charming sound?
To those of us who still have working Aryan brains, their patterns are becoming ever more self-evident. For example, in Deuteronomy 7:6 we can read: For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession. So, we have a group of people walking among us who believe to be better than we are, yet at the same time are telling the rest of the Goyim that we are all equal. Of course, from the Jewish perspective, we are all equal: we are all the same Cattle and Animal to them. All these liberal, modern bullshit ideologies are viewpoints on life from the Jewish perspective.
This equality and diversity thing eventually accomplishes another commandment from the Jewish Bible which we find a few verses later, in Deuteronomy 7:16: You must destroy all the peoples the Lord your God gives over to you. Do not look on them with pity and do not serve their gods, for that will be a snare to you. Never does it enter the mind of the average Christian that Jews have destroyed their entire culture and are planning to literally genocide their people. It never enters their mind that the Jewish Semitic War God Yahweh might have “given over to the Jews” the European people.
But, just a moment ago we had seen that Christians use Deuteronomy as some kind of Jesus reference, which just goes to show us once more that they really, I mean really, do not know how to read or have a functioning brain anymore.
These are the modern liberal White women—they get raped and feel sorry for the invading immigrant who raped them. They allow a Negro immigrant into their house because he is a “refugee”, who then kills their daughter, and they don’t even get mad at him. If you wonder therefore why our Society is so fucked up, it is because it is Christian: it has a Christian mentality. No matter what horrible shit is done to our people, people as retarded as this bitch right here, she sees no evil in them.

Editor’s interpolated note: Those white nationalists who claim over their forums that Christianity has only been recently hijacked by Jewry are simply ignorant of history. Here down the south the 16th century Spaniards brought the religious orders along with the soldiers. All of them—no exception—preached love toward those Mesoamericans that sacrificed their children and even ate them.

This pic shows my hand holding some possible sacrificial instruments: archaeological pieces from the Aztec world of my private collection. The Spanish not only preached love toward the Amerindians: they actually married their women, ruining their gene pool forever. This happened when the Spanish Inquisition targeted crypto-Jews in New Spain, now Mexico, which proves that whites can behave ethnosuicidally without the help of the tribe. Unaided Christian ethics does the trick!
Axe of Perun continues:

It would seem that God is trying to make all White European Nations saints. They sure are suffering right now under heavy invasion of biological weapons of mass destruction. But, here you have a simple choice: you either follow the early Christian fathers and become a passive faggot who doesn’t defend himself or his people—or—you become a Jesuit and Church follower who does whatever the Church says even if it is wrong…
The problem is that Europeans were like this to each other always—especially the Nordic ones. We shared with each other, helped each other, we weren’t as materialistically mad as Semites were. But Jews used that Nature of ours and turned it into weapon against us. Our good Nature is killing us…

Editor’s interpolated note: Remember the slogan of this site: ‘LOVE IS MURDERING THE WHITE RACE’.

…because we have been duped into believing that an African Somalian is our Equal with whom we should share everything in common, even our daughters.
The Christian belongs to nothing else but Jerusalem: you have no other family, no other nation, no other profession. You are a believer whose place is in Jerusalem. You are a Semite who loves Jews and Yahweh, who can’t wait for Jesus to return and to establish a Communistic Kingdom on Earth ruled by the Jews. I don’t know actually who I hate more: the modern day Christians or the old ones.
So, what really changed over the years? Not much. Christianity began as a hippy movement which managed to destroy all Civilizations surrounding the Jews. It then disarmed and destroyed all European people. As Europe lost its strength to resist Evil, Jews introduced Islam and used their Arab brothers to try and conquer us. As that failed, they changed tactics. They began using us to spread this hippy movement message around the world carrying Jews alongside—allowing them to gain influence in every single place of the Earth.
Once they established their control all over the world, it was time to immigrate non-White people into our lands—no matter what the cost was. It was also time to make the Bible publicly available, because remember, up to the 1600’s it was forbidden to own a Bible—people had no fucking idea what it was saying. Well, as the message got out, the more liberal did Europe become through its various Christian movements…
Jews do not hate Christianity, they hate Europeans. I’ve said it many times before: they made the poison and won’t drink it of course. Since they know it is poison, they can openly claim they hate it. Besides, if they were to follow Christ, they would have to lose their Jewish identity—at least according to the version Paul sold to non-Jews. It is actually absolutely irrelevant what the Jews think about it. What matters is what it has done to us and what it is still doing to us.
Read it all: here.

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All hope is lost. They won. We lost.
If you can’t beat them, join them.

It’s heavy-weight boxing with ten thousand rounds, and they have won 90% of them. They are close to a Knockout.

Kiss your ass goodbye.

I agree and so does John Kaminski. Joining them won’t work, Jews won’t let you. They will only use and dispose of you when they are done with you.
Perhaps one of the worse delusions Christians have heaped on the goyim is the idea of hope, especially where there is none. Hope is irrational belief that keeps people under the yoke. It keeps them believing that it will all work out to their advantage – some how. Christian prayer is a corollary to hope.
Hope keeps keeps the masses from going totally insane and actually doing something to resolve their desperate situation, like massive suicide attacks against the ZAG as opposed to the Jews’ staged, phony, “lone bombers” and “gunmen” who accomplish nothing but a demise that feeds only the Jews’ propaganda whores and ghouls.
Hope keeps the delusional masses from admitting the reality of what they face. Instead of dealing with what is, they spend their time hoping for what will never happen, like Jesus coming back to save them.
Hopeful people are typically called “optimist” while their emotional counterparts are called “pessimists.” Pessimists are merely the other end of the emotional scale from optimists and every bit as delusional. Realists are often mistakenly identified as pessimist.
My experience has taught that the true warrior, the true realist, spends no time indulging emotional absurdities, like hope, fear or depression. They are neither optimistic nor pessimistic. The real warrior, the true realist, keeps their head down while coldly, efficiently working for a solution, even to a bitter end. This is done without any emotional baggage weighing heavily on their decisions.
The worst enemy of the warrior and realist is fear. Not their own fear, which they have leaned to ignore, but the fear of others. Fear results in despondency, resulting in people losing hope. The loss of hope results in people giving up for no rational reason, at which time they usually become despondent. At the very least, such people become a burden to those around them, draining limited resources. At worst they endanger others with insane, irrational acts stemming from their emotional state.
There is a secular counterpart part to the Christian fundamentalist hope for Armageddon, all so their savoir can come back to rescue them like the damsels in distress they truly are.
The secular counterpart of the Christian “fundie” wishes for the apocalypse as well, dwelling on the fun and adventure of life in a post apocalyptic world. Both groups are completely and totally delusional, Jesus is not coming back (he told me so) and those waiting for aftermath of Armageddon will find life very difficult and short – assuming they survive at all.
The fact is both groups support and embrace the Jews’ plan for another global war and that is all to the good in furthering Jewish insanity. Jews have something to trigger everyone’s emotions for supporting their plans .
Those fans, awaiting life among the rubble of a post nuclear war world, are no doubt the creation of Jews who peddle dreck like the Fallout game series that make it all look so fun.
Jews have something to trigger everyone’s emotions. For Christians it’s Jesus; for the, life after the apocalypse, crowed, its a fun life where one can mindlessly kill people for no reason other than to keep them from killing the role player. Just how much fun could life be in such a world?
The problem is these idiots and knaves have never had to actually live in the dust and dirt with no running water, no supermarkets, no heat; where clean sheets and dry socks are but a dream. Here life is centered on the ability to create fire without a convenient flame, while scrabbling to find water, edible plants and insects on which to survive. Wait until one finds themselves resting uneasily with one eye open and a weapon at the ready. Wait until a rifle becomes closer than a wife, then tell me how much fun you’re having.
One of my favorite scenes is in the movie The Road Warrior where the Road Warrior pulls out a can of Dinki-Di dog food. That scene puts a much better perspective on the realities of a post apocalyptic life. One can only hope cans of dog food are still around in the aftermath.
Before Jews gave us their baroque, contradictory, morose mind filled with fear, man focused on a bright, peaceful, productive future.
Take a look at what occupies the minds of twisted, Jewish, death drones today. Is it any wonder the world is sick?
I’ve been there, it’s not fun. These idiots, knaves and fools would not last a week in such an environment.
What hope can there be in a world focused on the Jews’ insatiable, insane lust for war, bloodshed, murder, mayhem and terror? What future might be found in such a world? Perhaps delusional fools will be able to hope one into existence.

Hunter Wallace, best case, will take decades to recover from Christianity (if ever)
I have seen many go down his path. I imagine he will next revert to Catholicism or Orthodoxy and either cling to those or come to the realization that Christianity is a disease.
More than likely the former.

“Hope keeps keeps the masses from going totally insane and actually doing something to resolve their desperate situation, like massive suicide attacks against the ZAG …”
I think massive suicide attacks are about as likely as people flying to the moon by flapping their arms.
“What hope can there be in a world focused on the Jews’ insatiable, insane lust for war, bloodshed, murder, mayhem and terror?”
As opposed to you, who only wish for massive suicide attacks? Or do you imagine your massive suicide attacks would cause no bloodshed, murder, etc.

I agree, massive suicide attacks are about as likely as people flying to the moon. However you have completely misread my thoughts. I have no “wish for massive suicide attacks,” nor do I expect them. Please do not put unintended revisions in my script.
I refer to the point people reach when they are desperate with little or no hope and no recourse like the Kamikaze suicide attacks of WWII. Essentially, my point was desperate people willfully commit desperate acts in the attempt to alter hopeless situations, hopeful people do not. By contrast, the supposed desperation of the media darling “lone bomber” or “gunman” are invariably scripted Jewish psyops.

“I have no “wish for massive suicide attacks,” nor do I expect them.”
Actually, if white people cared about their race enough to make them, massive suicide attacks would probably work. Ignoring for the moment the shortage of volunteers for such attacks, why don’t you want them to do something that would work?

It’s not my call. I have no wish for anymore war, horror, misery and bloodshed. My consciousness is already sickened to the point of cosmic, projectile vomiting by what I have encountered in this life.
Ask yourself what it might be like if you had no desires, if there was nothing left on this planet that remained attractive to you. That is my world view. There is nothing – nothing – here worthy of this life or any future life.
The worst discovery I ever made was that this life is but one of a continuing series of lives. My “soul” has had enough. This is it for me, I will never return to another life on this hellhole planet. I’ve been looking over some afterlife brochures, there are some very nice sunny, peaceful, Jew free, vacation spots close to the beaches of Aldebaran. I might just buy a ticket.
In case you’re wondering, self-serving suicide, i.e. “It’s all just too horrible! I can’t take it anymore!” simply consigns one’s “soul” to a repeat of this life, so there is no “early out” from life. Suicides replay the lost life so they can once again face the decision to commit suicide. This scenario is replayed until the soul learns the correct answer to the issue, remaining to face the originally destined outcome. Life is a school that does not allow dropouts, skip school and you are right back in the same classroom next life with new teachers and classmates.
I know one suicide case that didn’t even make it to the next life. She was twenty-two at the time she asphyxiated herself with carbon monoxide* exhaust in a locked garage. She died. She arrived at the afterlife bus station where she was queried about her life. She replied there was no desire to return, as there was nothing left unfinished, she had learned everything she needed to know. Before being issued another life ticket on the return bus, the reply was, “we don’t think so.” The next thing, she woke up in a hospital bed. Here is an interesting take on the subject of suicide.
I know Jews well enough to know (((they))) must be fully eliminated from this planet before there will be even the hint of peaceful existence. An equal or superior counter-force of war, horror, misery and bloodshed is what will be required to eradicate them. Watch the Jews’ horror movies; clearly this is what they intend for all civilization. If the white race is to survive, they will have to display a coldblooded nature superior to that of the Jew, something I have no desire to witness, let alone participate in.
I am past the point of making judgments or having hopes. With no children and no ties to this materialistic world, I remain an observer, but that does not mean I will not state my observations.
(*Holocaust Jews take note! Diesel exhaust has only slight traces of carbon monoxide, insufficient for gazzing Jews.)

It has worked the opposite for me. After learning of the Holocaust against the Germans and all the disgusting things that have happened in this world to Whites and are still happening now, my plan for this life is to make Jews and Westerners suffer. I am perfectly willing to participate in those acts which mirror Jewish horror films.
Now, you could say “but you are no better than them”, but I simply do not care anymore. So many on this planet are complicit in something anti-White, even me, I suppose, so we must reap what we sow.

Only characters like those in Pierce’s great novel (not even in Covington’s) can save the white race from extinction. Or as I like to say: our hate must be tenfold of what Jews hate, to the point that we hate more the enemy than love our own lives.
An army of such haters is invincible.

arch, you speak w/ authority. i don’t buy it. clinically untested hypotheses are simpy that. yet more religions. perhaps we’ll cross each other’s paths through the exit vortex.

I write from experience. Some may think me wrong, but what if I’m not? My thoughts on these matters have been forged by a lifetime of experience, where my own delusional beliefs have been repeatedly exposed.
The reason for such delusions are because few ever bother to exhaustively research their beliefs. This is the very reason Jews have been able to pull their woolly Hallowedhoax myth over the goyim eye.
I have been fortunate in having some of my delusional beliefs exposed for me with no effort on my part, outside admitting I was wrong, never that difficult for an objective, observer. More than once, I have had my world turned upside down in this manner.
What I write about are things I have learned, often the hard way. I do not have an agenda. I’m not trying to change the world or anyone’s mind. I do not support anyone’s particular viewpoint. I write truthfully, with no reason to lie or deceive, in the hope of helping others. Everyone is free to examine my writing and either apply it to their own experience or reject it outright.
I take the old proverb to heart; “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” My enemy, my only enemy, is the Jew. Those actively working against the Jew are my friends, no matter our disagreement on other issues.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ § ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Those so inclined, are of course free to believe as they desire.

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