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'Only revenge heals the wounded soul'

This is an important comment of mine in the previous thread:


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You won’t believe it but, when I watched this film on the big screen years ago, I really enjoyed the last seconds of this scene:

I was bullied at school, and I recount some of my experiences in my thick autobiographical books. But the real damage did not come from my classmates, but from my parents who used extreme violence to force me into a school system that was totally alien to my soul.
If my life serves as a paradigm of what could have happened to these two kids, you need to keep in mind that only revenge heals the wounded soul—to the point that it becomes even more powerful than your instinct for life.
But I didn’t follow the steps of these two kids. I wanted, instead, to convey the extreme torment at home that drives kids mad.
Nothing of such drama appears in the translated selection from my two books in Day of Wrath. But if you could read Spanish you wouldn’t believe the extremes of hellish environments in apparently healthy and functional homes.
‘Apparently healthy’ families I said but, of course, it’s mere PR for relatives and acquaintances. As far as I know, I am the first person in the whole history of mankind who has written more than 1000 pages trying to explain what happens in one of these families.

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Eric Harris also had a website before he went on his final voyage. In it he expressed hatred for those who harmed animals… Think about that.
However, over time his mental condition got worse and worse. At best he expressed traits of Bipolar Personality Disorder and Narcissism. which is shown in his catch phrase “Natural Selection”: He would have like to think he was on top of the food chain. He basically hated the world. He felt ashamed of himself, and in his diary it is clear that he projected this feeling onto others. So basically, like I say, his act of vengeance was against America itself and a society which was alienating and screwing him. He probably just did not realise it.

…he expressed hatred for those who harmed animals

So he had good feelings behind his mental stress.
One of the reasons why we should despise American white nationalism is because, after Rockwell’s death (when I was still a happy boy by the way), no one has created a tough party that channels the deep frustration that many blonde beasts feel towards the establishment.
A healthy society would have provided an escape valve for all these people.

My thoughts exactly. People think that if a kid has a loving family, he has no excuse to not be happy.
Well, these people do not understand the nature of young people. They need a role model external to their family. The American Nazi Party provided this for so many people.
The Millions of Negroes in our countries can’t get enough of their Black heroes. They have Malcolm X, MLK, Muhammed Ali and thousands of others to look up to as a community.
Eric, Dylan, Adam: What did they have?

Anyone who goes on a murder rampage before killing themselves after having to sit through one of those is fully justified in my eyes – Three hours of Spencer would have pushed them to their breaking point.

Years ago a curious phenomenon occurred in my state of mind. I was relatively new to white nationalism and, every time I listened to the presentations of a speaker from AmRen (another Latin American like me, Alex Kurtagić), I suffered from a collapse of my spirits.
But since I was already well versed in psychological insight, it did not take me a while to realise that the tepidity of those guys is really toxic to the Aryan spirit. Remember, in Evropa Soberana’s classification, how the redheads were created: a race of fire in an icy environment that trapped them for thousands of years in a closed place until the ice age ended.
The race of fire needs an awful environment to become fierce again. White nationalism is inconceivably unnatural and ultimately toxic from this angle. It is feminized—I would dare say: it is within what Takuan Seiyo, a half-Jew who hates them, calls ‘the Empire of the yin’.
What the race of fire needs is the opposite of the yin of white nationalism: it needs to be Yang again: the son of Pierce and Himmler so to speak. As long as Aryan adolescents do not wear the face of the latter on their T-shirts, it can be said that the so-called racists continue with the axiological drug provided by the Jewish quarter.

The Red Nordid Race: A perfect analogy. I think it is precisely because of the fact that most Aryans have this Race’s blood in their veins to a great extent that so many of us are going mad. Like you say, we lack that environment which appeals to our evolution in Siberia/Central Asia. Thus, White Nationalism is not stimulating our primitive personalities which still clings to our minds all the way from the Ice Age.

Oops, I forgot to mention the Virginia Tech shooter. He was a Korean whom was actually being horribly bullied. In his case it makes as much sense as sense could possibly make.

I understand the hatred felt by high school shooters toward their bullies as I’ve been treated like shit by various people during my adult life, however not in my teen years and childhood though. After going through a list of all the bad experiences with other people I’ve had I decided humans are just an asshole species as a whole. We’ve all been treated badly by others to varying degrees at different times in our lives, some of us to an extreme degree, it’s just human nature, we’re descended from killer apes after all.
I’ve done some thinking on the origin of the Law in civilization and I’ve come to the conclusion that the original purpose of the law was that the state would take revenge on the wrong-doer rather than the individual citizen taking revenge themselves as was likely the case in pre-historic, pre-civilized times. Bearing in mind one of the oldest law codes, the Code of Hammurabi, uses the Law of Retaliation: Eye for an Eye, Tooth for Tooth. In other words, when an injustice is commited an imbalance is created in society and the balance can only be restored by retributive justice/punishment. I’m sure this was part of Charles Manson’s thinking when he chose the Scales of Justice in perfect balance as the symbol for James Mason’s Universal Order. The problem with law and civilization in general is people become docile and rely on the authorities to take revenge for them instead of taking justice into their own hands.
The teachings of Jesus Christ are totally at odds with taking revenge as well as law and civilization. Jesus even commands his followers to turn the other cheek and love their enemies instead of remaining faithful to the Law of Retaliation (which the Jews have remained true to their entire existence to their credit). For Christianity there is no law and order but just social anarchy where the emotion of love is supposed to reign and everyone forgives each other. Totally harmful for the soul and shame on Aryans for taking this ‘advice’ seriously.

After going through a list of all the bad experiences with other people I’ve had I decided humans are just an asshole species as a whole.

You seem to be paraphrasing a book you have not read: ¿Me ayudarás?—Spanish words (translation: Will you help me…?) for a final solution to the human problem.

Me and you think similarly about many things, including ‘the human problem’. This is not to say I’m any different from other members of our “asshole species”. I’ve mistreated other people and am just as devious and ‘human, all-too-human’ as everyone else. But I am aware of my human nature.
Nietzsche said “the human is evil” and the 1960’s cult group The Process Church of The Final Judgement had a saying “humanity is the devil”. What’s irritating me about humans lately is the way nearly everything in human society is a big lie, a big con, in other words the average humans aversion to the truth. Our species prefers lies to truth and that’s what I like about the best Aryan Men-they are the most interested in truth. It would be great to have an Aryan Earth in the future where every White Man is a critical thinker and pursues the truth but that is probably a pipe dream.
Just as humanity has the Jews it deserves (they certainly know how to play their ‘goyim’ well!) men like Hitler were too good for humanity. And of course humans invert that truth into the Big Lie that Hitler was the scum of the earth and the average human is far better and ‘more moral’ than ‘that evil man Hitler’.

Perhaps it will surprise you, but it was Greg Johnson, in a comment at Occidental Dissent (in a discussion on an April 20, 2010 post, if memory serves), quoting extensively Irmin Vinson—a long comment that later the admin deleted—, what made me see Hitler under a new light.
Only for that, I am grateful to Johnson (in 2010 he had not featured degenerates yet and his webzine published largely good stuff).

“I understand the hatred felt by high school shooters toward their bullies”
Joseph, you miss the point here. Only one school shooter from what I recall was actually getting revenge against bullies. That was the Virginia Tech shooter. All the others, however, like Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, and Adam Lanza were not getting revenge at anyone in particular.
The latter cases were people who felt persecuted and that they were being attacked, but did not know where the pain was coming from, so they shot randomly. There was a call made to anarchy Radio a year before the Sandy Hook massacre. A caller named “Greg” tells a story of a chimpanzee called Travis who ripped a lady’s face off. “Greg” claimed that Chimps should be in the wild, and that when a Chimp does such acts of violence, it is the same as when a Human shoots people in a shopping mall. According to certain sources, this “Greg” was Adam Lanza himself. He clearly had thoughts of doing what he did, but did not understand why. He was analysing himself quite well I think.
So this leads me to believe attacks like Columbine were done against civilisation in general. And I sympathise very well with it. I can put myself in Klebold’s shoes and run a mile. I know what it is to have these thoughts, and why.
It is tragic, though, that two innocents would buckle under so much pressure and go mad. It makes you marvel at the peace of mind they must have been at to murder twelve people and then murder themselves. It makes you wonder: How does a man decide in what order to abandon his life?
By the way, I will mention something quickly about Dylan Klebold before someone else does. Klebold either had a Jewish Grandfather, or a Jewish Great Grandfather. Either way, he is no Aryan in my opinion.
But even so, this makes no difference. It did not affect his actions that day, and it does not make him any less innocent.
Columbine pilgrim seems like a good read.

I wasn’t necessarily referring to the Columbine attacks but to high school shootings that are specifically meant to be revenge attacks against oppressive classmates. But it is true that I’ve never really studied the motives of many high school shootings so I’m not certain how many of them were revenge attacks against bullies.
So you are saying that the point of Cesar’s post is that school shootings are revenge attacks against civilization in general? If that is what Cesar means then I view episodes of slaughter like this as an inevitable part of human life whether the social order is barbarism or civilization.

Not necessarily against civilisation itself, but against a repressive society. It is a form of protest against a world which tramples upon Human Nature. Basically, a post-Industrial West.
As I said in my other comment, it is the same as how a dog might randomly maul a little girl one day, despite the fact that the canine has no violent disposition.
I don’t know of such similar incidents happening in Barbarian communities. If not, then it is because of the complete lack of repression which comes with advances in Technological civilisations.
But essentially, most of the well known school shooters had very little reason to do what they did. By this, I mean they were not being bullied and had seemingly “ordinary” lives. That is what makes Columbine so tragic.

I should add; Adam Lanza was a pedophile apologist and had some pro-pedophile materials on his computer
A friend even quoted him as saying [in regards to paedophilia]
“Most people would call me an apologist”

Which is natural for someone whom is being repressed by society. They begin to have rather degenerate opinions because the pendulum swings from “agreeing with whatever the current society says” all the way to “believing in fucked up shit because it rebels against mainstream opinions.”
Lanza did not have any role models who could have shown him a healthy path, like Rockwell. So, he descends into madness in order to break from society.

public schools are petri dishes full of teeming group entities. and some folks thrive. others die (myself). and then the america culture, built on group entities, continues to push the petri dish on us individualers with corporate employment/ careers after college graduation. i guess that’s why john harland’s Brave New World: A Different Projection kind of appeals to me. (and yet he takes his projection into the distortion field of an almost religion, with his worship of the anonymous Old Man.) all i can figure is society consists of a spectrum of folks, from those who naturally thrive in groups to those who don’t. and yet america’s compulsory education provides only the group form as a public service. when the citizenry would be better served with a menu of different forms accomodating the spread of personality differences. (why do restaurants offer menu selections? likewise automobile and computer companys? one size does not fit all.)

The healthier Aryan societies upheld individualism, even though the societies were mainly collectivist. Basically, people were sort of encouraged to live life with a lot of freedom, so long as they refrained from things like Homosexuality and hunting their fellow citizens for sport.
At least that is how these peoples strike me.

School shootings and other examples of massacres (like serial kiling, which is in the domain of Niggers contrary to attempts were far rarer before the 60s and the dysfunction it brought to America (Niggers being allowed to invade White areas, faggotry and diking beginning to be normalized, feminism spreading). This is something the Leftie leaves out when protesting to ban guns.
The active shooting incidents actually done by Whites can be addressed by how American society today is much more alienated and feminized than ever before. A White boy is told he’s the source of all the world’s problems, his sex treated as defective and needing medication for it, the lack of patriarchy means White men have a harder time finding wives, in adulthood he can look forward to working like a dog in both education and the office while Shaniqua and Stacy use their vaginas and/or mudskin to White Guilt/Male Guilt themselves to graduation then promotion, lastly learning that a monkey hit his father’s car then drove off. With so much garbage today, what better to do than win some glory for yourself?

@JackHalliday “Well, these people do not understand the nature of young people. They need a role model external to their family. The American Nazi Party provided this for so many people.”
My mom told me, in Soviet Russia, kids as young as 8-9 were made go out and help old people, especially the veterans of war. And it was considered cool. But then America came, and now smoking and whoring is cool…
About modern school, I’d say, the best way to look at it is prison where a decade of your life is spent. Because it is as artificial and removed from real life. I myself only saw it as such a month ago when I read this eloquent article (written not long after Columbine).
“Teenage kids used to have a more active role in society. In pre-industrial times, they were all apprentices of one sort or another, whether in shops or on farms or even on warships. They weren’t left to create their own societies. They were junior members of adult societies.”

You and Maldo really hit the nail on the head. In my own experience, I noticed how much my Secondary (high) school really lied to me about the actual world. When someone acted like an asshole to someone else, they were told to tell a teacher.
But where are the teachers in the real world? Who is going to come save you outside of school? It can only be you.
In a YT video, Dylan Klebold is being filmed by a friend driving to Columbine. Dylan says “welcome to the prison that I have been at for the past 4 years”.
And as Maldo says, White kids have no choice but to go down in a wave of fury. When I think about it, I see that school shootings are a very White thing. It stems from the Nordic psychological trait of dying in battle, in my opinion. These massacres are just the closest approximation that Whites can get to on this dying Earth.
If young men are taught to hate themselves for being as they, then such acts of violence are expected and natural. I find it tragic that White youths get pushed to this level.
Like you say, Maldo, Aryan youths had such an important role in society before the industrial revolution. Now they are bred for slavery. To parallel Tolkien, this turns them into Uruk-Hai.
What makes a White teenage boy’s life even worse in my opinion are strange creatures called “teenage girls”. From a book called The Columbine Pilgrim:
“[…] pretty teenage girls are probably the cruellest, most hateful species to walk the earth; being young, pert, and beautiful, they have all the power in the world at their disposal; imbibing, as they do, this intoxicating power on a daily basis, they quickly become drunk with it, and the harsh inebriation spreads to all the pores of their being, soon overwhelming any goodness that had previously occupied their souls.” (From Tony Meander’s musings on page 32).
It does not help that a young man’s life basically revolves around this. If he fails to attract enough of them, 9 times out of ten, insecurities will increase substantially. He also becomes suicidal as he thinks “if I can’t attract a girl in her prime then I am inherently bad in the sexual marketplace and I will never pass on my genes so what is the point in my existence?”
I know this thinking first hand.

what hope is there for a society that abuses their adolescent generation like this. sentencing them to prison terms in the compulsory education systems. and then further extract their life blood with tribe fuking payday loan sharks for a further ride into la la land trying to “get an post secondary education” before their next prison terms in the adult working world. the sooner and more violently the curtain falls on the final act, the better.
at least i did one thing right in my life: i held firm that my wife stay home as mom and later homeschool, in an attempt to shield our young boys from such cruel child abuse. she pushed back, wanting to be a working mom. i don’t regret the decision. beyond that, i hate life, always have. and look forward to the fantasy of walking off into the wilderness and finding my final resting place and hopefully the wild animals will help consume and recycle my carbon into compost for the soil i so much feel akin to. fuk this life.
@jack, thx for the snippet from The Columbine Pilgrim about the pretty teenage girls. so true. if alpha personalities that run amok over others in the group entities don’t wreck the omega types, the girls will.

I would happily die knowing that I am going back to the only Matrix which lead to my existence: The soil, the grass, the trees, the mountains, the maggots and germs. And also into space. We come from star-dust, and star-dust we shall become.
I did not realise you were so depressive. I can’t begin to imagine why you should feel this way with a wife and children.
By the way, I was one of these brow-beaten Omega types at school, believe it or not. So glad that aspect of my life is over.

@ adunaithethird,
“…… They were junior members of adult societies.”
Yes, that was always the normal state of things. Not just in Aryan societies but universally I suppose. However, I believe that Aryans are currently the most affected race by the deliberate division of its members. Because mass division among a people can only be achieved with mass communicating technology. Modern technology is Aryan created. The jew has established itself and its powerbase in the Aryan civilisation because of the Aryan race’s capabilities. No other reason. It’s also the only reason jews hate Aryans so much. They are everything opposite.
But you know who is responsible for dividing up peoples. The filthy jew. First the classes, then the sexes, then the races ( although races were always divided naturally until capitalism/greed/stupidity caused the mingling of races via slavery and colonialism ), and finally the generations. The purpose of dividing the classes, sexes and generations is to turn them against each other while the filthy jew is wringing its hands in the background. Indeed, I realise this is a very simple way of explaining things but nevertheless 100% correct. Add in the presence and equalisation of niggers and muds in our christianised / lobotomised society and things get really complicated.
The whole pop-culture is a new phenomenon, made possible by technology. Of course this isn’t caused BY technology, only through the vermin which has total control over it via capitalism, usury and treacherous shabbos, which are vital in all this. Pop culture is created, invented, no, ‘designed’ is a better word for it, for one thing only, the degeneration of the white man down to the level of niggers, mentally, morally culturally and intellectually. So anything of any true value, anything really worthwhile, artistically or intellectually, and by definition Aryan, is considered stuffy, oldfashioned and thus ‘uncool’, while the opposite, streetculture, thugism, lowlevel anti intellectual stupidity is very ‘cool’. I hate the usage of the word ‘cool’ and gestures like ‘high five’ saying ‘man’ and ‘fuck’ all the time. Typical nigger things.
Of course I realise that I don’t have to explain all this to anyone visiting this website. It is all been said before a million times already.
I remember a christian on another website repeatedly saying that we should always keep our eyes on the ball, meaning jew. He himself hasn’t got his eyes on the ball, blinded by a stupid religion based on a disagreement among jews, ‘the ball’ in his own words. But it really is that simple, the primary reason for our decline is Aryan malfunction, not the filthy jew, who is nothing but a maggot which would literally starve to death without a corpse to feed on.

@JackHalliday “But where are the teachers in the real world? Who is going to come save you outside of school? It can only be you.”
This is a tricky one. On the one hand, you’re right, but on the other, the Party can be such an authority figure.
I for one have always used teachers to protect myself because I do prefer sucking up to authority over the banditry of anarchy. Even Soviet power was better than the degenerate chaos of capitalism.
Can you imagine the City of New York being renamed to “New York” because everyone calls it so? That’s what has happened in Ukraine (see: Dnipropetrovsk)! I consider it horrific on an existential level, the total rule of mob.
About girls, you might check out this case of a female Russian policewoman. Tanned skin, puffy lips, careless driving, degenerate thug music – that’s what a century of feminism does to a country.

In school I was a massive wuss. I never had the guts to sort out my problems with force. However, I felt disgusted ever having to go to a teacher for something. The idea of contemplating it was a moral wrong for me in that public prison.
In criminal society, someone who gets the Cops, DEA, etc. involved are called “Rats”. In my school you were called a “snake”.
My views on how an Aryan State should be run is not pure Anarchy, though it may seem that way. I basically observe the pros of a sort of tribal lifestyle.
I agree with Cesar when he says that we need a hard Dictatorship, one which exterminates all non-Whites and the degenerated Whites like the strumpet in that video. After that, the Government can ease a bit.
You know, yesterday I was contemplating certain historical events. For example, a posse of Indian Americans once went into an Elementary, shot the teacher and murdered about 5 White children. I descended into Nihilism for the rest of the day: I thought “What is the point in going to a new country to live a better life, having cute little kids, then your entire lineage is snuffed out in one stroke of a tomahawk?”
I did it with other events to. The Dutch whom ruled over the Taiwanese were massacred in an uprising and the women and children used as slaves. Again: “What is the point in having families and setting up communities if this shit happens?”
That is my main agenda for wanting to kill non-Whites. Of course there are other reasons, but I don’t want to be having children all for my female descendants in 500 years time to experience such a fate as the Slavic girls in the 1400s (Mongols) or 1600s (Ottomans).
The world has actually ben such an awful place for a really long time, hasn’t it. It’s all jungle. Behind the tailored suits and fancy hotels. Behind the Sunday schools and talks of World Peace, it’s all predator and prey.
Though, Aryans do not have to be denigrated to such a base existence forever.
P.S Her lips are not that puffy.

No, Jack Halliday, the world is too nice of a place. Europeans are too nice. Their empires were too nice. Even the barbarians were too nice to the colonizers as a rule.
There’s nothing wrong with your entire lineage being exterminated by monkeys – it’s pure chance, the will of RNGesus. What is wrong is the betrayal done by your country and by your brethren towards you. Each and every point in history when Europeans traded with non-Whites when they could have exterminated them was a betrayal.
And about school matters – if this blog deals with the good-evil paradigm, it doesn’t give as much attention to the order-chaos axis (using D&D alignments). Students have to obey their teachers (and only their teachers!), just like feudal lords had the responsibility before their king, and as soldiers have to die for their general.
From this point, I miss corporal punishments in schools.

No, schools should not exist. Haven’t you realized that it’s one of the uncontested dogmas of our totalitarian society? That’s the way that mental drones are created. Read what Hitler said about schools in his table talks.

Click on the tag “pedagogy” in the tag cloud below.
You will hit quite a few talks by Hitler on a saner pedagogic system than what white kids have had for a long time in the West.
In one of his many talks (numbered #22, #39, #42, #50 and more in this site) he even said that most of his teachers were virtually mad, and that he was extremely rebellious against the insane pedagogic system in Germany.
A good paradigm to understand Uncle Adolf on schools is his talk #100.

“… [Hitler] was extremely rebellious against the insane pedagogic system in Germany.”
Yes, he had ideas for reforming it, but not abolishing all schools. That’s why I was surprised when you said “schools should not exist.” You can’t have a technological society in the absence of schools. You also say schools are “the way that mental drones are created.” True, but that’s deliberate. Such a society is like a beehive. It needs its drones. Lack of freedom isn’t a bug in technological societies, which all trend in the direction of total control (i.e., totalitarianism); it’s a feature.
If it could be done, abolishing schools would be a good way of abolishing technological society; of abolishing civilization itself. But, like a pointed stick, the technique of the school is in its essence so simple that it’s hard to see how it could be abolished. Nevertheless, we can draw a lesson from this. An effective way to attack a technique is to attack its underlying techniques. In ISAIF, Kaczynski gives the example of refrigeration technology. If parts are unobtainable, it would be quite impossible to build a modern refrigerator (i.e., with compressor, evaporator, and refrigerant — not just an icebox) using improvised parts. The other way to abolish a technique is simply to come up with a better technique, since the system will always use a superior technique if it’s available. In this connection, it could be observed that Christianity, as a technique of social control, is rapidly being abolished by science, and replaced by such things as social media and the internet, plus of course a good deal of coercion in the form of a proliferation of police agencies, psychological manipulation via drugs, and constant surveillance. In any case, people no longer congregate at churches and use them to organize community life. But because the moral system espoused by Christianity is still of use to the system, it will be the last to go; yet we can predict that go it shall, eventually. Whether the white race will still exist at that point is impossible to say. Perhaps all that will be left, as Revilo Oliver says somewhere, is “the rustle of insect wings”.

That’s why I was surprised when you said “schools should not exist.”

It’s because Adunaithethird uses such extreme hyperbole that sometimes I become exasperated and use hyperbole too 🙂

@ Spahn Ranch
“If it could be done, abolishing schools would be a good way of abolishing technological society”
Why would any sane person want to abolish technological society?
Abolishing civilisation?
I’m not sure, but do you consider that a good thing?
If so, then what? Live like niggers?

@ aryan son,
You are missing entire threads of discussion about the subject of technology.
For an overview, just read my latest post on the Story of Philosophy #6 and follow the links within the post.

“…my parents who used extreme violence to force me into a school system that was totally alien to my soul.”
Of course it was alien. The more sophisticated educational technique becomes, the more it restricts freedom, pursuing its inhuman ends. In this regard, Charles Manson was prodigy. He burned down his elementary school. In some ways, I wish I had been that gifted. The most I ever managed was to burn a letter of commendation I received from my school’s principal, and mail it back to him! After that I was allowed to drop out of school, fortunately. So I never endured the horrors that you and others here have recounted.
As Christian anarchist philosopher and sociologist Ellul noted early on, modern educational technique has as its goal the prevention of the advent of another Hitler. I will quote at length a passage from his 1954 book The Technological Society. Although this passage deals with the education of children, it’s equally applicable, if not more so, at the college level. He begins by quoting Mme Montessori in a speech she gave to UNESCO:

We must awaken the child’s social conscience. I know that is a complicated educational question, but the child who will become the man must be able to understand life and its needs, the fundamental reason for all existence, the search for happiness … He must know exactly what he must do and what he must not do for the good of humanity … To reach these ends, we must prepare the child to understand the meaning and necessity of the entente among the nations. The organization of the peace devolves more on education than on politics. To secure peace practically, we must envision a humane education, psychopedagogy, which affects not one nation but all men on earth … Education must become a truly humane science to guide all men to judge the present situation correctly.

Ellul then gives his analysis:

This statement seems to me truly remarkable in that it designates candidly the end of psychopedagogic technique in the best possible circumstances, within a liberal and democratic conception of man, state, and society. (Mme Montessori is a liberal and speaks for liberal countries.) I have taken Mme Montessori’s statement by way of example, but one could examine the purpose of this technique in numerous other pedagogical studies published in the past few years.
We note first of all that this technique must be implemented by the state, which alone has the means and the breadth to carry it through. But the rigorous application of this psychopedagogic technique means the end of private instruction – and therefore of a traditional freedom.
Second, this technique is “pantocrator”. It must be exercised over all men. If one man is left who is not trained according to its methods, there is the danger of his becoming a new Hitler. The technique cannot be effected unless all children are obliged to participate and all parents to co-operate. There can be no exceptions. If only a minority are educated to comply, this technique can resolve none of the problems it is intended to meet. We note again the aggressive character of technique. Mme Montessori emphasizes the fact that “it is necessary to free the child from the slavery of school and family” for him to enter the cycle of freedom proper to this technique. However, this freedom consists in a profound and detailed surveillance of the child’s activities, a complete shaping of his spiritual life, and a precise regulation of his time with a stop watch; in short, in habituating him to a joyful serfdom.[Emphasis added.]

I can’t help but wonder if the school shooter phenomenon is somehow related to this suppression of the heroic that characterizes modern educational technique, and indeed, modern life in general. Because the school shooter is a hero of sorts, if only in his own mind, only to himself. And in the twentieth century, there is one man stands above the rest as truly heroic; one man who was himself at odds with the educational system of his own time, and who was rejected by it; and one man who struggled in vain, as it turned out, to reform it along racial lines. That man, of course, was Adolf Hitler.

For decades I have said to myself that the aim of pedagogy (Allice Miller calls it poisonous pedagogy) is to manufacture unending lines of children as cookies in a factory: all of them alike. Presently I can talk to nobody in real life because they have been homogenized.
What my father did was beyond common pedagogy. He complained about what the school system did to him (‘school made me hate humanity’ he said once) and still, he and especially his wife tormented me in a way that I could not even make a career: total destruction.
But your comment is number 40 in a long thread and perhaps I should resurrect a series I interrupted in this site about Pinocchio to discuss this matter elsewhere.
We’ll see…

School Shooters definitely have many similarities to cowboys. I have actually been wanting to hear you opinion on school shootings. I believe that, to put it simply, it is due to over socialisation and the repression of the male Aryan spirit.
Young boys basically become a Sith Lord variant of Clint Eastwood’s “Man with no name”.

@Jack “You say “there is nothing wrong with your entire lineage being exterminated by monkeys”. Sounds like sarcasm to me.”
It’s not. From a Darwinist perspective, death is part of life. The weak, the stupid, and the unlucky die. What is wrong, that is our time when the unworthy survive, and entire nations die a long shameful death because men can’t control their women. This mockery of nature is beyond life and death, and is far more disgusting than anything before.

But who on Earth wants to take such a chance? Who is ready to role the dice and be content with the fact that it could just go Snake Eyes?
I am speaking here in regards to raising children. I simply do not see the point in raising them for so many years, trying to keep them safe, all for the Huns to appear, or whatever other non-White group. Now all that hard work and Human spirit is vaporised.
This type of thing couldn’t happen if Aryans inherit the Earth.

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