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Judea v. Rome

Who knows the masthead?

Today Richard Spencer debated Jay Dyer on YouTube, a Biblicist pundit, about the religion of our parents (here). Spencer seems to subscribe the thesis of our site: that, axiologically, ethnosuicidal liberalism is the offshoot of Christianity.
But these guys ignore that, if Aryans don’t give up Christian ethics, they will go extinct. What we are experiencing today is that the Christian star is in its last, ‘red giant’ phase, which ethics have engulfed the entire West (here).
For whites, including the agnostic nationalists who cling to Christian ethics, the window of true apostasy (here) is gradually closing. If whites go extinct, Muslim and Chinese scholars will be writing in the 22nd century that even self-styled white nationalists were too addicted to the Jewish drug to save their race.
Incidentally, in the debate Spencer said, ‘I admire Jesus in the way that Nietzsche did’ and Baked Alaska told him ‘You said a lot of good things about Christianity’. I wonder if these guys know that Nietzsche literally called Jesus an idiot (here).
As far as I know, no notable racialist has read the masthead that leads the flagship of my site: Evropa Soberana’s Rome vs. Judea. Or if they have read it, they don’t say a peep in discussions that ignore the historical facts, just as today’s debate between Richard and Jay ignored the true history of Judeo-Christianity.

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10 replies on “Who knows the masthead?”

The minority of Whites who have overcome Christianity entirely are so small in number as to be unable to affect any real change aside from a few futile acts of lone wolf resistance. The infection of Christianity has gone deep in Whites, even including racialist Whites. For example when I talk about Whites needing to use violence and kill their enemies to survive quite a few WN seemed surprised and disgusted that Whites actually have to use violence and force to survive on this hostile planet! How do they think our ancestors survived? I doubt they are thinking at all and instead their fear of violence and Christian nonsense about the sanctity of human life prevents them from seeing reality clearly. Also many WN believe if the our Jewish occupied governments have made something illegal that it is genuinely wrong. We have become a very domesticated, harmless race.
Then there are the liars who try to make out Hitler and National Socialism was some peace loving and multi-racial ideology. Apparently because Hitler didn’t want war with the West that means we should be peaceful. This completely overlooks the fact that Hitler used violence to beat opponents and carried out an illegal revolution which he did prison time for then wrote a book in prison which discussed how he wanted Germany to attack Russia, destroy Communism and secure living space for the Germans. Mein Kampf talks about how terrorism cannot be defeated through intellectual means but only through stronger terrorism among many other passages advocating violence.
You are right Cesar, unless enough Whites throw off Christian ethics and the false worldview they’ve been inculcated with since birth by society then our race will probably perish. It’s amazing that with so many Whites knowing of the danger of Jewry, since 1945 hardly any Jews have been attacked. Our race deserves everything it’s getting. Violence is unavoidable. So far nothing has caused enough white males to act effectively. If the threat of imminent racial extinction in the future doesn’t cause the minority of racist Aryans to organize an effective resistance that kills its enemies then our race will go extinct. We will be proven to be unfit for survival, and Jews will have been proven the superior race.

What would you say to Hunter Wallace, who posted today: ‘the three biggest influences on my moral views have been the culture of the Old South, Lutheranism and Aristotle’ and in his other article today endorses street activism (here and here)?

I’d say to Hunter that he needs to get rid of Christianity from his thinking. As for street activism, it doesn’t work. The masses should not be appealed to and the media will always frame us as evil. The government doesn’t fear a march even if it is done by thousands of people. They only fear and respect violence.
Hunter says “Violence will reinforce the existing taboos that have stigmatized our community.” Violence is the way of the world, our enemies use it on a far greater level than we do and the masses say nothing. All religons and ideologies-Christianity, Islam, Democracy, Liberalism, Communism, Fascism etc. use violence to prevail and govern. There is no other way. If we were in power the masses would respect our violence and carry out killings on our orders. Currently the masses authority figures and the media tell them our violence is atrocious and bad and the unthinking masses believe it. If we were in authority we would say our enemies violence is bad and needs to be stopped. It’s not so much violence the masses are against but the truth, the survival of the white race and our moral values. They view us as evil because of our transvaluated ethics, not really because of violence.
Violence is necessary to survive but if not enough white males use it then our race will perish and our violence will remain stigmatized.

>Then there are the liars who try to make out Hitler and National Socialism was some peace loving and multi-racial ideology.
They’re confusing multiracialism and Christian morality with Germany having strategic alliances and Hitler’s genuine ignorance when it comes to things he had little dealings towards (like Islam).

“The minority of Whites who have overcome Christianity entirely are so small….”….. “It’s not so much violence the masses are against but the truth, the survival of the white race and our moral values. They view us as evil because of our transvaluated ethics….”
Even though Christianity has been dying in the West (outside of US Zio-Christianity) since the Enlightenment in terms of church attendance, it is still buried deep in the substrate of the collective unconscious. As another commenter posted this week, it’s pointless challenging someone’s world view with facts. Providing details of the criminal history of Christianity to Jay Dyer would be water off a duck’s back to him, let alone him coping with the evidence of the Christ Myth.
Most Whites who have overcome Christianity probably never bought into it from the start. Something in their blood instincts.
The masses would rather their illusions than the truth (courtesy of Nietzsche). Transvaluated any values let alone ethics is too disturbing.

“Most Whites who have overcome Christianity probably never bought into it from the start. Something in their blood instincts.”
Perhaps the only good thing that came out of liberal baby-boomer parenting was their aversion to the Slave cult. But even though God is Dead and rotting, we must not be buried along with Him.

The problem is that no one who has been raised under this society will ever be totally free from christianity even if you know the score and reject it. It will probably take multiple generations to really see a change.

César, I would like to hear your criticisms of Scholasticism.
For my own part, I find inductive reasoning to be much better than a strict Aristotelian deductive reasoning. With induction, you observe reality as much as you can; collect as much data as you can; and then you formulate a hypothesis with a falsifiable condition.
Sir Francis Bacon and Descartes reintroduced Europe to Inductive Scientific reasoning after a hiatus of 2,000 years. I had no idea that Aristotle was considered more or less obsolete even in ancient times. I really enjoy that “Why Europe must reject Christianity” series.

It seems like this will only end one of three ways:
1. Aryan Nationalists seize governmental power like Hitler did, the Lemmings follow orders, and the world is remade in our image
2. Due to the theoretical possibility that Aryans are spiritual creatures with a real actual soul, as opposed to intelligent animals, the Lemming theory fails due to the fact that the Masses need to see that their Leaders are morally righteous, and thus, the only way Aryan Nationalists ever seize power is first by convincing a majority of people that they are on the right side of history. In short, mass conversion, followed by a swift rise to power through extralegal means.
3. The William Pierce option: Close to 100% of the White Race dies out for failing to defend itself, and the remaining survivors wage an all out physical war with Jews and Muds for Global Supremacy.
Personally, I want to see how the masses respond when the Economic Gravy Train goes off the rails, whether that’s through a 1929 style economic crash or through the system deteriorating over time because the new Mud population is incapable of maintaining a first world economy. Hate to say it, but we’re going to have to wait at least a few more years to see how things shape out.
The short term objective should be to flood the Public Square with as much toxic, polarizing, hateful rhetoric as possible so as to trigger an overreaction from our enemies and thus undermine the ability of the system to hold this multiracial, multicultural shit show together. Words have become weaponized, and they can be used to destabilize the system. The Daily Stormer was on to this until it went Full Retard with AmNat cucking. I don’t exactly know how such a plan would be executed, but suffice to say, all three major options should be on the table (the Anglin, Rockwell, and James Mason approaches).
I’d be curious to hear if anyone has thoughts on this.

The ideal would be a combination of white hats working independently with black hats after the dollar crashes. IMHO the first priority for the latter would be silencing the MSM.

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