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The type “Jesus”


by Friedrich Nietzsche

Note of the Editor: I reproduce the following explosive fragment (for the 19th century mentality) of the Spring of 1888, that was not published in German until 1970, because of this comment in the previous thread:

Jesus is the counterpart of a genius: he is an idiot. You feel his inability to understand a reality: he moves in circles around five or six terms, which he formerly heard and gradually understood, i.e., has understood them wrongly—he has them in his experience, his world, his truth—the rest is alien to him. He speaks words used by anyone—but he does not understand them like everyone; he only sees his five, six floating concepts. That the real mannish instincts—not just the sex, but also those of struggle, pride, heroism—are never woke up at him; that he remained as backward and childish as the age of puberty, that belongs to a certain type of epileptic neuroses.

Jesus is unheroic in his deepest instincts: he never fights. He who looks something like a hero in him, as Renan, has vulgarized the type into the unrecognizable.

Take heed of his inability to comprehend something spiritual: the word for spirit is in his mouth misunderstanding! Not the faintest whiff of science, taste, mental discipline, logic has fanned this idiotic saint: as little as it has touched his life. —Nature? Laws of Nature?— No one has revealed him that Nature exists. He knows only moral effects: a sign of the lowest and most absurd culture. This must be noted: Jesus is an idiot surrounded by a very clever people—only that his disciples were not that smart. Paul was absolutely not an idiot! From it depends on the history of Christianity.

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Jesus says some really dumb nonsense in the Bible.

A long time ago when I took Christianity seriously I was expecting profound epiphanies and revelations from this alleged sage, instead I just found cheesy platitudes like “blessed are the poor in spirit, for one day they will be comforted”, “love thy enemies and pray for them who do you harm”, and other such nonsense.

How impoverished and diluted this is compared to the inspiring things Krishna said to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita.

Nietzsche was no ‘jew hater’, nor was he ‘pro white’, nor was he a person Adolf Hitler admired; yet you’ll quote his nonsense…. and all because you insist on walking lock-step with the jews when it comes to Christianity… Who are you really against? Jews or Christ? They are antithetical in nature and Christ most certainly was NOT a racial jew!

Nietzsche was no ‘jew hater’

Certainly, but in The Antichrist he did write some very anti-Semitic stuff against St Paul precisely because the kike tricked the Greco-Roman gentiles with his new doctrine.

nor was he ‘pro white’

Did you miss my most recent entry, posted after this one? In it I quote Nietzsche again. He speaks about Aryans as the group he defends (defends against the Semitic infection represented by “the inversion of values”—our parents’ religion).

nor was he a person Adolf Hitler admired; yet you’ll quote his nonsense…

The soldier Hitler carried out a copy of one of Nietzsche’s books in WW1; he visited Elizabeth, Nietzsche’s sister, when he became Chancellor (and Elizabeth gave him his brother’s cane as a gift), and there’s a photo where Hitler admires a bust of Nietzsche.

and all because you insist on walking lock-step with the Jews when it comes to Christianity…

Do you know that the best minds that the pro-white movement has produced—Revilo Oliver and William Pierce in America and Hitler and Himmler in Europe—criticized Christianity, and exactly for the same reasons that Nietzsche criticized it? More recently Tom Sunic said in the semi-aborted WN meeting in Hungary that the root problem was the sense of guilt, a poisoned “gift” by the Catholic church to whites.

and Christ most certainly was NOT a racial jew!

The New Testament says he was Jewish. The gospels even include two Joseph genealogies, in Matthew and Luke. And even if Joseph was not his father Mary was: Jewishness is transmitted by the mother, right?

You need to do a much deeper research into Biblical characters and who his who, because all we have here is this term ‘jew’ thrown around when the peoples back then were not known that way.The jews of today have a distinct identity as the Canaanites, then later the Edomites, the merchants of the ancient world, which precludes them from being the Israel of the Bible. Therefore you shouldn’t take it for granted what the jews say about being the ‘chosen people’. Try investigating Biblical prophesy in conjunction with the history of the white race instead.
Hitler understood Christianity and supported the REAL thing quite clearly in all his speeches and in Mein Kampf. But bear in mind that is a different thing to criticizing the churches! Hitler hated the universal JUDAIC church doctrines in the same way I hate them, but that’s not a rejection of proper Christian doctrine

You’re a CI guy?

“Hitler understood Christianity and supported the REAL thing quite clearly in all his speeches and in Mein Kampf.”

Because MK is PR—the exoteric part of his teaching. To know what he really believed about our parents’ religion you really have to read his (transcripted) talks to his inner circle—the esoteric part of NS so to speak.

There is no such thing as a “proper Christian doctrine”, just ask 2000 years wroth of 40,000+ sects what the “proper Christian doctrine” is.

Christians of any kind are such a bunch of intellectually dishonest cowards who dodge accountability as swiftly as a jew dodges a donation plate.

Whenever someone calls you out on your Judaic nonsense you suddenly become a talmudic rabbi, explaining away how what it says in your Bible is not really what it says, and how only you know the true meaning and everyone else has it wrong, just like those 40,000+ sects of Christians before you.

You’re just another freak passing by in this Jewish Gay Pride carnival called Christianity. Now move along you silly cuckold fairy who believes in Jewish magicians on crosses.

See, e.g., the 12:39 PM comment by Snake in the comments section of a thread (here); what Jack Frost said about Hitler’s not telling his views on religion to a large population of Christians in Germany (here) and Hitler’s own words about Christianity (excerpts: here).

See also what Himmler taught to the “esoteric” NS circle, the SS men (here) and stay tuned to my post this Christmas: I’ll quote none other than Alfred Rosenberg.

LOL a CI retard.

You believe the White race comes from an ancient pimp, who birthed another swindler, whose own son, Jacob, lied to him and jewed his brother our of his birth right. Then fled to his uncle (like the cowardly jew he was) and got swindled by that same uncle, then in turn swindled his uncle back, then fled back to Canaan when things were safe. Not before hiding behind his own wives and children when it appeared a vengeful Esau was coming upon him.

Such a miserable, wandering tribe of goat herders this whole event chronicles, along with their various swindles. And on top of this Yahweh the jew god “blesses” this all, and then allegedly cuckolds some kike with his jewish virgin (lol!) wife to birth the “saviour” of the world. How very Tikkun Olam.

And you believe these are Aryans?

hahahah… no, this is not the White Race. What you are looking at are kikes, and the fact that you think this kike ethic along with its identity is a suitable one for Aryans just shows how much of a worthless cuckold you really are.

Go circumcise yourself, light up a Menorah, spin a dreidle, and GTFO of the White Race. You do not belong, you jew imposter.

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