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Christendom Deranged altruism


BeatitudesSo HUMBLE yourselves, drop your hatred of negroes, and get work down at an inner city homeless shelter feeding pregnant black women and wayward crack-heads. Drop your racism! God loves all colors, especially the dark ones. After all, they’re the ones who’ve suffered the most.

That’s Christianity. There’s no way to make it pro-white. Christians must help the poor, stupid and weak. That means muds.

Sam Emerson

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Sounds logical. But rationalism is not the answer, it’s the problem. It’s rationalism that breaks down everybody’s will to fight. And I mean everybody. I didn’t see the niggers practicing rationalism when they burned and marched their way through last summer. Something pissed them off and they did something about it. The niggers aren’t worried about Commies, Jews, and theologians the head. I don’t need you to rehabilitate me even if I have a 16th century French fanatic in my head. Your pot calling the kettle black is not going to work on me. I will simply step over it the way I step over a pile of shit.

These Christ Insanity people have never heard the phrase “charity begins at home.” Uganda is not home for Europeans and there are plenty of “white” Europeans that are in need of aid and assistance.

Uganda does not need help, those people need birth control.

Ah ha. Thanks for the reply. Those alleged “White” Christards are completely insane. May they end up in the bellies of their Dark Pets ASAP. FYI- My Race is MY religion

Hello, haven’t seen your posts in a while. My point is that there is a certain Old World hatred against everything that smacks of whiteness and order. I just don’t see anything healthy or productive from a revolutionary standpoint by having a religious test to be pro-white. Their hatred is growing darker and more fierce everyday. And we are arguing about to Christ or not to Christ. This is nothing but pure Talmudic Jewishness. It’s divide and conquer. The cucks, the green haired sissies, and Jews hate all Authority and Jews hate authority over them, all the while lording it over everyone else. Do we really need to alienate potential fighters? Some of these can provide the needed discipline and order needed. Isn’t that what Fascism and NS is all about?

The trouble with “WN” christians is that they cannot see that they have created their own religion while ignoring what their church is actually doing or has done. They wouldn’t even be allowed to speak their views at any large christian meeting or mainstream church group today.

Wow, that was an excellent thread (the one where this quote by Sam Emerson came from). It would be wonderful to hop in a time machine and travel to pre-Christian Europe, just to see what it was like. So many precious documents from that era were burnt or destroyed. We’ve been stripped of our cultural heritage as a result. Christianity is all we’ve known for 2,000 years.

The good news though is that because we are such a forward-looking race, we can still create a world that our descendants will be proud of. Christian values are thoroughly egalitarian and anti-white, but I don’t think it will ultimately destroy us. Tens of thousands of years ago, we had to overcome nature herself to become a beautiful, advanced race. If we can do that, then we will also overcome this 2,000 year old spiritual cancer. You’re not getting any younger Cesar. Don’t let this Christian crap get to you! It’s just another huge obstacle to overcome on the road to glory.

The Romans had 30,000 gods. They were the most superstitious people next to the Hindus. Like the modern fundamentalists of our day the “accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior crowd” and the charismaniacs their Roman “belief” in the gods was largely getting the right prayers and right formulas. Modern Christianity is not Christianity at all. It is pagan hocus pocus with Jesus as an after thought. The major point is that even with all the materialism, humanism, and shamanism of modern Christianity, they (fundamentalists) are still viewed as the enemy of the modern world and its egalitarianism and tolerance of degeneracy. Decry it if you must. Ridicule the shallow universalism that has infected it. But, if there is a struggle that culminates in violent revolution, you can bet your ass that some of people of Christ will be in it and in some cases leading it.

“Modern Christianity is not Christianity at all.”

Have you read Jack Frost in this site? He said:

Then we have these two rather threadbare arguments presented above, which I’ve seen many times before, and I’m sure others are equally familiar with. In the main, they are:

1.- Christianity was the religion of the West during the period of its expansion, therefore it can’t be something inherently wrong with Christianity that’s the source of the modern problem with whites.

This is supposed to be the strongest argument.

2.- There’s “real” Christianity (which is smuggled in here as “traditional” Christianity), and subverted Christianity. The former is A-okay for whites, the latter is poison.

The first doesn’t deal with the argument which compares Christianity to a cancer. Cancer, too, doesn’t necessarily kill immediately. You can have cancer for years until it suddenly metastasizes and kills you. You can have it and be apparently strong and have many accomplishments; but nevertheless, you have it, and it will eventually kill you. So this argument in favor of Christianity doesn’t actually come to grips with the charge against it. It’s not a strong argument at all.

The second argument is a confused muddle. “Traditional” Christianity is supposed to be good for whites, yet in the next breath, KMD [MacDonald] says that throughout history, Christianity has been on both sides of every issue. So which side is “traditional”? In the American Civil War, was it the South or the North? Were the Puritans traditional, “real” Christians, or not? Since the term is never defined and no examples are ever given, it’s hard to avoid the impression that “traditional” Christianity is whatever the author approves of, and subverted Christianity is whatever the author disapproves of.

Of course, the implication is that “traditional” Christianity is not corrosive to white racial solidarity; that Christianity hasn’t always been universalistic and has at times been racial. But then, in the next breath, he refers to the early Church Fathers, who were anti-Semitic because the Jews weren’t good race mixers like they thought Christians were supposed to be. So it would appear that the early Church Fathers weren’t “traditional” either; and also that the race mixing proclivities of Christianity are of very ancient vintage.

How then can it be argued that there’s nothing inherent in Christianity that subverts race? Is KMD saying that the Christianity of the early Church Fathers had already been subverted? By whom? When? Some details would be nice.

I’ve read all the writings of Jack Frost you have. One of his points is so easily refutable it should be obvious to anyone with any critical thinking skills. He thinks that altruism, love of neighbor, and self-sacrifice are somehow bad. No civilization would exist without these things to some degree. As a Fascist, I would never presume to think that I could conceive of a Fascist state without inculcating the very principles he attempts to refute. Secondly, Frost asks something in regard to the soul lacking a race. Since the soul lacks a race, then who cares if our race dies since Christians claim they are going to live forever. The same could just as easily be said of people who don’t believe in any kind of religion. “I’m just going to be worm food, so who cares about civilization and race”. Look, the truth is that we are in this mess because traditional ways are under attack and only exist in their most shallow forms. We live in a world of information traveling at the speed of light. Suddenly, everyone has a dog in the fight from secular humanists, conservative and liberal Christians, atheists, democrats, niggers, spics, chinks, sand niggers, Jews, fags, retards, women, children, Nazis, fascists, nationalists, old people, young people, middle-aged, anarchists, and even peoples’ pets are stakeholders. You want to invent the dawning of a new religion? Well, there’s your mission field. Good Luck

No one is arguing that those principles are at fault. The argument is how Christianity misdirects and universalizes these things.

No civilization can live without these principles, maybe (debatable). But no civilizations say you have to universalize these principles and export them to every race on earth as a stimulus package of endless gibsmedats. Christianity is alone in that dumb idea.

Your second point barely addresses anything relevant to this debate. Yeah, maybe the same can be extrapolated to atheists, but what has atheism to do with that point?

Now it’s funny, because the whole argument Jack Frost makes about subjective interpretations of “traditional values” is totally lost on you. Because here you are making a vague and subjective case for “traditional ways”. So what?

Christianity is such a dumb religion that I could even ask a five year distracted by minecraft to invent a better religion.

It says a lot about Christianity when its healthiest (for Whites) form, Christian Identity, uses the same rationale as Negros use for their Black Israelite movement. The intention of those philosophies are to usurp from the Hebrews the divine racial distinction granted to them in the OT by Yahweh. (Indeed, claiming that they ARE the Hebrews all along, and the Jews are not).

While I support this theft of identity in that it empowers Whites with a racial identity and in particular sets them against the Jews, if you consider objectively the theology put forward from these circles you will see that it is madness. Sven Longshanks, the longtime collaborator with Anglin on the Daily Stormer – both of whom I respect – has suggested such things as Odin, Thor, and other European deities not only being based on real historical personages, but being part of the holy White bloodline of Jesus Christ.

The bottom line about religion is that the Bible is just a book. I believe in God in the philosophical sense of the Monad, and Yahweh is merely a cultural representation of that principle, similar to Allah which is obviously derivative of the earlier myth, and in either case the cultural baggage associated with these systems can occlude the objective truth of the divine as easily as it can clarify it.

You’d think that by now, we’d be able to agree generally on what is objectively the most accurate Christian theology, but no such luck. You have the schism between Orthodoxy and Catholicism right off the bat. You have hardcore fundamentalists like Steven Anderson who stand in opposition to those earlier systems, and seem to get most things right except, importantly, universalism. (He is not a race cuck, but he permits it in his church.) You have the aforementioned Christian Identitarians who synthesize the best parts of Christianity while discarding the worst, but whose theology is bonkers.

All that is to say, Whites need to stop quibbling over religion. But it seems like we never will. It’s one aspect of the greatest problem among us, that of division. Therefore my facile response to this problem is that any religion that cultivates universal solidarity – universal, AMONG WHITES – is good. Christianity in some ways seems ideal for this purpose, and in many ways seems entirely at odds with it as well.

Right now I think that at the very least, Christianity must be permissible. Otherwise, how would a unified White civilization move forward? The Eastern Europeans are the least cucked, the most nationalistic of us, currently. Are we to convert all of Orthodoxy? How, and what would we do with the history?

Just read the book of Genesis to discover why it is so abhorant and detestably disgusting for an Aryan to want to steal this identity.

Genesis is just a series of chronic swindles and jew tricks. Abraham lies to Pharaoh and swindles much wealth out of him. Then Abraham swindles Philistine King Amibelech and gets benefits from that too. Then Abraham’s son Isaac pulls that same scam on King Amibelech. Isaac has two sons, Jacob swindles his brother Esau out of his birthright, then Jacob lies to and deceives Isaac, and swindles his brother, again, out of his blessing. So Jacob flees to his uncle Laban. Laban tricks Jacob into marrying the wrong daughter and thus swindles an extra seven years labor out of Jacob. Then Jacob swindles his uncle Laban and takes much of his flock. Jacob has a son Joseph, who enslaves every single person in Egypt with his jew tricks.

And then in the next chapter Exodus, we find out with great surprise and indignation that Pharaoh has decided to enslave the Hebrews in revenge. Oh Vey! How Jewish this narrative is.

Only a depraved cuckold would ever try and make the case that this is an Aryan religion. I spit on those CI faggots.They deserve the concrete wall treatment.

Those faggots need to circumcise themselves, move to Is-real-hell, and take up their religious pettifogging with the kikestanis.

Of course you’re right. The Old Testament is a disgusting volume. I was Christian for a period of a few months, I tried, but the more I read of the OT, the less I wanted to do with it.

How can any man read those scriptures, and not logically conclude that it’s impossible for them to be what they claim? It’s beyond me.

“While I support this theft of identity in that it empowers Whites with a racial identity and in particular sets them against the Jews, if you consider objectively the theology put forward from these circles you will see that it is madness. Sven Longshanks, the longtime collaborator with Anglin…”

I lost respect for Anglin as he was incapable to be like a member of the inner party of NS men (cf. Uncle Adolf’s table talks). Instead, he became stuck with the ideology behind this Trojan Horse—probably the most successful infiltration into the Aryan psyche by our Semitic foe, as Manu Rodríguez has said in this site:

trojan-horseChristianity was for us a Horse of Troy, a poisoned gift, for us. It was the weapon used by the Jews to softly introduce their world into our minds and hearts and to assert their cause (they’re the “chosen” people); to undermine our confidence in ourselves and sow the doubt and bad conscience about our traditions; to dissolve our cultural identity, divide us, weaken us, deconstruct us. This was the strategy of Saul, the Apostle of the “gentiles.” Yes, it had its risks and disadvantages for themselves, but it was a worth try. They achieved their purposes. Ultimately, the Jewish tradition was imposed on our peoples.

Rodríguez’s translated articles are important to see why, at least the party’s esoteric circle (again cf. Adolf’s talks and see also what Himmler said to his SS men), must reject Judeo-Christianity even when, for practical purposes, the masses of semi-awakened Aryans may still be allowed to indulge themselves in this Judaic perversion—for a while…

I like your approach, Louis. Perhaps a good starting point in our attempt to universalize White identity is to think of Jesus differently. Rather than think of Jesus as an egalitarian ideologue, we should consider Him as a warrior type who wanted to revolutionize the world by showing what it takes to be an Übermensch. Jesus can be interpreted in two ways and ONLY two ways:

The first interpretation of Jesus is what we collectively recognize him today in the weak-minded Christian worldview: a Jew who was the symbol of redemption. We think of Jesus as introducing the idea that every man and woman was an inborn sinner. This is nothing more than a Talmudic idea! Also, according to His worldview, Jesus wanted to convince the weak and downtrodden that they were the strong and intelligent; this transvaluation of values is what gave birth to Liberalism in the modern world.

The second interpretation is exactly what Nietzsche envisioned: a strong and courageous leader who was willing to sacrifice himself to ensure that the stronger races would survive and prosper. Jesus can be thought of as an Aryan in this way, which is what Revilo Oliver concluded. This second interpretation could be a way of unifying Aryans and Christians who are strong-minded, capable of overthrowing the Jewish worldview.

I also think that this second interpretation could convince other races to take on a similar path to superiority. In other words, non-Whites could also take this as an opportunity to break away from the Jewish concept of egalitarianism by improving their own racial identities. In order to promote nationalism for all races, treating Jesus as a warrior could be a winning formula.

I believe in ethnic competition and Hitler’s view of eternal struggle epitomized by his leadership role. Our mission in life, according to this second interpretation, is to accept eternal truths bestowed by nature and not by Jewish ideas that are anti-nature. We cannot submit to a central authority controlled by Jewish elites that condone racial equality. That is not what Jesus had in mind and certainly not what nature intended, IMHO. Christianity may be the greatest poison to the 14 words but it doesn’t mean that we can’t turn this Jewish concept on its head.

Strength in the long run will always trump weakness. It’s time that we all think like Nietzsche and bring back a hierarchy that universalizes national identity for both Whites and non-Whites.

You have not read Nietzsche carefully. The Antichrist § 29 contains three words that were suppressed by Nietzsche’s sister in 1895. The words are: “the word idiot (das Wort Idiot)” referring to Jesus. Nietzsche thought that the word idiot best described Jesus.

“That is not what Jesus had in mind…”

Nonsense. You have not read NT exegesis.

The overthrow of White civilization has been ongoing for 2,000 years. There is no stopping the Jewish World Order if Europeans and Americans continue to endorse the Jesus myth. When are Whites going to realize this? When will Whites realize it before it’s too late? How many times will Whites be reminded that Blacks are given immense prestige in the field of politics and economics while Whites are continued to be perceived as immoral and oppressive? Without even pointing out the sheer absurdity of this Jewish conspiracy, what will it take for Whites as a whole to finally wake up to this Talmudic reality?

Star Wars is just a small piece to this Jewish social engineering experiment, and yet, even with the internet giving ample opportunity for many critics to point out the secret Jewish organizations that are focused on overthrowing our civilization, Whites continue to fall for the Jewish myth, either by pretending there is nothing wrong with the prospect of a global government, aided and abetted by the Jewish banks, or, Whites are too afraid to stand up to this Jewish cabal because they know that if they pointed out the elephant in the room they would be likely fired from their job and land in prison . Either way, the Jewish myth of Jesus is the Greatest Story ever told and has been immensely successful in the overthrow of Western civilization.

Friedrich Nietzsche’s last book is the Anti-Christ and should be the one book every White should read for the holidays. In his book, Nietzsche realized that Whites are the victims of a belief system that teaches tolerance and pity to the lower races. The Jesus myth taught his followers to love non-Whites and over the span of 2,000 years, the myth has had such an impact in the West that hitherto many Whites will be more than willing to give up their power in the hope that non-Whites will take control of the political and socio-economic landscape.

Star Wars illustrates the glory and virtue of Blacks by painting them as the saviors of the New World. There is no stopping this metastization of the West as long as elite Jews run the show.
Since 9/11, the fake war on terror has controlled the outcome of events with precision. By promoting sodomy and usury, the Left and Right have fallen into the “Elders of Zion” death trap, leading the world into the abyss of nihilism and submission.

Black prestige has become so pervasive and obvious that those who continue to kowtow to the Jewish conspiracy deserve nothing less than “The Turner Diaries” blowback, IMHO.

Oh, I hope people start burning churches down and violently attacking Xtians. I hope it starts today. I’m reading an interesting book called Caesar and Christ by Will Durant (I don’t know his political or religious views). I thought the chapter on the Punic Wars was especially interesting. On one hand you had an essentially biological, agrarian aristocracy in Rome with real patriotic fighters. On the other, you had a merchant society in Carthage. They were decent sailors and traded all over the place, even as far as the British Isles. They relied upon mercenary warriors and had an aristocracy based on money. They even had a massive elected senate. They believed in child sacrifice and Baal worship. Apparently, they thought that the economy would continue to boom and wars could be won if they killed children occasionally. I don’t know, it just seems that Carthage was a mini New World Order from the old world wiped out by the hardened militaristic Romans. Maybe history can repeat itself.

You missed one of uncle Adolf’s talks in this site: there would be no open war against the Christians in his Reich.

“…society in Carthage. They were decent sailors” and “they believed in child sacrifice and Baal worship”. So Carthaginians were “decent people” and at the same time serial killers of their own offspring?

I disagree.
I think Christianity has done and WILL do more to save whites and their civilization. Just because it was and is an epiphenomenal goal to Christians, doesn’t mean they won’t save us. I certainly think it will do more than any sort of paganism you can conjure.
Fact of the matter is, pagans were brought under the Christian yoke, not the other way around. If society had maintained it’s faith in Christ, it wouldn’t be seeing the problems it has today.

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