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Death & birth

“It’s a taboo for white nationalists to talk about it, but we don’t stand a chance unless our men become killing machines, and our women birthing machines.”

—Young White

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I know I posted that on my Facebook but it’s not actually a quote of mine, I got it from a Twitter user called Young White Family [link]. You may want to credit him. He has some excellent quotes, other good quotes of his are:

“The probability of White survival directly correlates with how many Dylann Roofs our race can produce”

“Muslims will win because they have more Dylann Roofs”

Because any organized resistance always stands the chance of being infiltrated, maybe thousands of lone wolves is the way to go. 1,000 Anders Breiviks and we may stand a chance at securing the survival of the White race.

That white nationalists don’t get it is shown, among many other things, in the fact that they simply don’t want to discuss major topics such as genocide during and after the holy racial wars that are coming (e.g., I’ve received no comment in my latest Addenda article yet).

They’re ethno-suicidal and I’m tempted to write a final entry about it.

Yes, well the entire White race is beholden to its death wish to a greater or lesser degree. White Nationalists may be less suicidal than other Whites but they are still suicidal nontheless. At this rate, we cannot do anything but commit suicide.

There will be no easy way out of our predicament. Nature/the Gods/Fate etc. will simply not allow it. Surviving the darkest hour requires extreme fanaticism and it seems Whites simply can’t be bothered to make the effort to survive.

There is nothing more contemptible than giving up. Regardless of the odds. Basing your actions on your chances of winning is what baby boomers do, and such suckers are ripe goyim for the jew to harvest.

The Aryan fights for the principle, and whether or not he is around after to enjoy its fruits is totally irrelevant. For the Aryan the principle is the ends. This was the ethic of the 300 Spartans,and of the ethic of the SS.

This is how Aryans win.

Let the baby boomers, and other such soft faggots end up in the gulags. We will be dead long before we allow that to happen to us.

Absolutely, and this why I treasure Lane’s “Open letter to a dead race” which contains these words:

“Give your souls to your gods
and load your guns
It’s time to deal in lead
We are the legions of the damned
The army of the already dead.

Unless we have an unseen army of total Barbarians, devoid of pity, of compassion, of compunctions, of restraining moralisms, we are doomed. He who practices chivalry, when the enemy has none, fights with both hands tied behind his back…

Only out of anarchy and revolution can a new White nation arise. And if you do not succeed, let the enemy speak in horror, for generations to come, of the fury of the last Northmen.”

The Muzzies will not produce THAT much. In countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as China, there is a shortage of women because so many female fetuses were aborted. This is why there are so many MALE refugees….women are outnumbered in those places. Adding to that the Harem Factor where only the wealthy men get the women and you have a whole lot of homoerotic muzzies humping rocks and sheep and other males in their spare time.

For women to become birthing machines, their men must rearrange their thoughts and re-prioritize what marriage is about.

It is no secret that kids can stress out a marriage because the partners must now focus their energies on the kids. That is just the way it is. All these ‘marriage encounter’ workshops etc are a waste of time and money and just feed into the Joooed Marriage Cottage Industry that services marriage therapists and divorce lawyers.

Get over it and move on. Once kids enter the picture, BOTH spouses will most likely change, gain weight, and sex will not be the focus anymore. Such is life. No one promised ANYONE a rose garden.

Disagree, white men and women need to be more tactical. Resources are growing scarce. We don’t need more people, we need less people, and just more quality people. Dylan Roof did nothing but get white history vilified and removed from many states. I don’t want to be on a watch list solely because of my white skin because idiots kill church ladies. We need to use our brains. Go tech and tactical.

Dylan Roof got screwed twice. First by the Multicult and second by WN morons. People keep dragging his name through the mud. How about some compassion for the young poor whites whose future is incredibly bleak due to the Boomertards sitting on their arses and watching Joo tube while doing absolutely nothing instead of counting their pennies in the stock market? These young people have NO future so is it any wonder why there are nihilists such as Roof?

#DylannRoof got a free advertisement into every paper in the USA: “I discovered the truth about race and crime and it changed my life.”
~ Alex Linder

The only tactics Europeans need to use is that of shutting up and doing what the heck we want to do without the shackles of Faux Christ Insanity morality holding us back.

In cases such as Dylan Roof, if someone has nothing nice to say, just shut up. He IS one of us and he was abandoned.

The truest words. The West has been dead since 1945. The question is if it will be reborn. And reborn it can only be through blood and fire.

I’m forced to agree with the quote 100%. In a street war you will have to have a veritable amount of young fighters. They won’t exist unless women give birth to them. And trust me, this will be a street by street and county by county war. Revolutionary cadres will be assigned the role of police in occupied territories where white people will be raising families amid the new reality. This is how it will go down or it will not go down at all.

The more I learn about the problems of the world, and the crisis facing the White race, the more I think that all of this online discussion is a holding pattern that continually skirts around the hard truth of the matter: These forums ought to be discussing primarily military preparation, strategy, and tactics of warfare. The intellectual discussion, rather than stemming from the mentality of war and complementing it, merely points towards it as a warning.

I am looking forward to that, don’t list out peaceful revolution too, like what the Communists did in SA or the West did in Serbia, and other countries.

While I have to agree that the current western society is rotten to the core, and its morality is in decay, I doubt this statement will go places beyond propaganda since societies need creators as well as destroyers.
Not everybody is born into the kshatriya caste and if all white society focused on would be conquest, as pleasant as that thought is, there are still roles that are greatly necessary, that do not require physically raising a weapon.
Ignoring “pacifist” professions like plumber or electrician, which benefit society without breaking nigger skulls, and focusing solely on warfare, it’s still impossible to furnish the “killing machines” without countless factories producing weapons and engineers inventing even newer ones.
Sparta, which you seem to hold on a high standard, didn’t have nuclear weaponry and didn’t use drones to kill of civilians, and most of their needs were fulfilled by second-class citizens and slaves.
As you’re obviously supporting genocide, and take great pride in being equal to other Germanic, I seriously question who would grow the crops for the birthing machines.

For some reason, this exact thought has eluded me all the time. There are many people who explicitly hate children. And one of the staples of the ethnostate is the task of raising the birthrate. All who choose not to reproduce are going to be sterilized, sent to the Gulag or killed. It will make people have children no matter what they want. Doesn’t it mean, the psychoclass will get lower? Won’t such parents transfer the hatred of their life to the children? Ultimately, isn’t parenting better off as a specialization, a profession?

My prediction is that your ideology would reply with something along the lines of “all people love children”. Isn’t it the only way to keep integrity? But history says, most people hate children (that’s what you write about). I would add, most people (of the higher psychoclasses, at least) enjoy hedonism.

Here is another point. You write that in the times of lower psychoclasses, parents killed their children, whereas more recently they switched to shaping them in their own images, which you call “murdering their souls”. But isn’t destroying creativity and intelligence the very spirit of the enthnostate?

Then again, you will say that writing rock music isn’t creativity, or some other made up excuse…

I tried to read TROQ back in February or March, but this line on page 47 made me stop,
“…the typical Westerner is potentially capable of discriminating among inferior cultures: a higher form of thinking.”
In my mind, discriminating against anything (even against morons) is a sign of mental instability (which might stem from parental abuse according to your theory: a lower form of thinking). After all, you can only be against the abuse if you endured it in some form yourself.

P.S. You have made the only National Socialist blog in the world, and I seem to be the only one trying to critique it. Does nobody else care? Or are they too retarded? Don’t they find it because it’s not advertised? The only criticism I read was that you’re Mexican…

P.P.S. I still don’t understand why killing rabbits is cruel if the sacred Nature herself butchers them without the slightest sign of pity or remorse. By the way, cats torture mice, I checked it up on YouTube. But why are the nervous system and the feeling of pain so important to you? Mysteries upon mysteries. Stupidity and thoughtlessness of a very narrow kind can save the White race, nothing else. In other words, a cult. Ave Imperator.

This is a passage from my book Extermination:

We must remember that, had the Anglo-Saxon demons allowed Germany an empire from the Atlantic to the Urals, in areas under the Nazi flag the torment animals would have slowed considerably. Personally, I consider Hermann Göring my patron saint: and he should also be the patron for those who yearn for a world free of such abuses of human power. Never forget the caricature of 1933 on how freed animals—no more vivisection! no more animal testing!—salute their savior Hermann.


Unlike my beloved Nazis, in both DW and my blog in English I talked about what the non-Nazis are capable to do with defenseless animals. I mentioned fur factories in China where some mammals are skinned alive (…) This happens now with the blessing of society precisely because World War II was won by the wicked. Few know that in 1944-1947 the Soviets, Jews and Americans practiced a holocaust of Germans, the “Hellstorm” preventing inter alia that the benign policies of Hermann, who had saved our cousins in the brief historical window represented by the Third Reich, were implemented in the post-war West.

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