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New Aryan code

Yesterday at Counter Currents a Jarl commented in an article about miscegenation:

My wife’s sister is married to a Ugandan and they have two children. She met him doing overseas charity work as a graduate nurse. She’s from a fairly conservative Christian family and no one had a problem with it, not even the grandparents who were born circa 1930. The eldest child of the marriage is going on three and speaking with his father’s accent. Needless to add, he looks more negro than white.

My wife knows my racial convictions and the result is profound cognitive dissonance that sometimes spills over into painful conflict between us. Obviously, the proper way to deal with a situation like this is to lie to some extent. Adopt a relatively respectable paleo-con type position a la John Derbyshire and say “I don’t have a problem with miscegenation, I just want a curtailment of mass immigration, a nation with a strong ethnic core, etc.” But I’ve been foolish enough to tell her my real views. So now we just agree not to talk out it. Fortunately we don’t see a lot of her family due to geography.

The political question that I think comes out of nasty situations like mine is, firstly, what should be our fully articulated, esoteric policy towards mixed race people, and secondly, does there need to be an exoteric doctrine for mass consumption?

What I find bothersome of this comment is Jarl’s feminized reaction. Not long ago, in a family meeting I told my sister that for a White to have children with a Negro is unforgivable as such behavior destroys Nature’s labor of millennia: it destroys it forever the bloodline of that particular family. She resented my comment but I care a rat’s ass for women’s sensibilities.

I used to believe that when women say anti-white things they should be talked back brutally. I now see that it is altogether useless to discuss with my sister.

Recently I elaborated a code of speech that avoids any feminization like the one endured by Jarl, so concerned about political correctness that is even afraid of being frank with his wife. This is a guideline for the priest of the 14 words. In your private life:

Thou shalt only speak to Aryan males.

You won’t believe it but this code avoids lots of trouble. I still can speak of inane subjects with women or coloreds, and believe me: there are millions of the later in the silly town where I’m living.

But about the real stuff I shall only speak with white males. If the Aryan guy happens to be brainwashed my code still makes conversation, or even discussion, much easier. At any event, what’s the point in trying to discuss with white women or non-whites? Women think with their emotions, and in these times of treason most of them have become the most notorious race traitors of history. A noble Aryan man, on the other hand, can understand that “the sin against the Holy Ghost,” i.e., the sin involving colored blood, destroys his gene pool forever.

As to “an exoteric doctrine for mass consumption” to use Jarl’s words, that certainly involves telling the masses that miscegenation is the ultimate sin. Never mind about their feelings or hysterical reaction. If the Jews are allowed to consider sinful marrying outside their group, why the hell can’t Aryans be allowed to do the same? If non-whites or women happen to listen that universal message it would be accidental. The sole purpose is that Aryan males get it.

Grant_Wood-American_GothicWives also should be treated according to my new guideline. There’s no point in trying to discuss with them when, by Nature, they side the current zeitgeist. And unlike the times of the painter Grant Wood, today the zeitgeist of the strong, the zeitgeist of the Judeo-liberals is certainly more powerful than the views of an alienated husband. We must fight for a society that puts women in their place, especially opinionated wives: Austen-like ethno-states where they will be prevented to sacrifice motherhood for careers. If a wife listens our hate speech that’s only because we invited our rude comrades to our homes and the submissive housekeeper happened to be serving them coffee.

“Everything about woman is a riddle, and everything about woman has a single solution: that is pregnancy” said Nietzsche. A good, marital rape like the one endured by Scarlett O’Hara when a drunk Rhett Butler carried her up the large stairs in his arms telling her, “This is one night you’re not turning me out” during that famous scene of Gone with the Wind will do the trick.

23 replies on “New Aryan code”

That would certainly speak volumes about the wife, but would say even more about the husband – any claim he may have to being an “Aryan male” would be wishful thinking.

Most women are rotten today, but so too are most men. It’s up to a real man to bring forth that sublime feminine beauty that resides inside the woman to the forefront, and WORSHIP it – not in the sense of doing what she says or bending to her will, but cherishing that beauty. There are not many men at all walking this earth that can see this, and that’s a big problem, for it affects everything. All true women longed to be loved this way – it’s innate – and all true men long to care for something precious. Only the very feminist, liberal ones are too far corrupted, too far in their minds and not in their bodies/beings to sense these truths.

A modern-times Australian Tantric master, Barry Long, once wrote that the main problem with the world is that man has forgotten how to love woman. He’s right. It’d solve almost everything, because when a man has met woman in the right way, has seen that transcendent feminine beauty, he recognizes that it’s his responsibility to watch over that, and that understanding will then seep out into the greater world and he will not stand for such unnatural abominations as we see today.

So, the question is: How do you help men get in touch with their own manliness in today’s world? For me, as I was growing up, I was simply naturally unaffected and withdrawn from the modern world, sort of like a monk living in a cave. And upon having a first Great Love with a beautiful woman, automatically had these instincts called forth. I had a liberal father that didn’t guide me at all in what it means to be a man. My parents basically left me alone in my upbringing. So it was just this still naturally very feminine woman that brought it all out. Any other suggestions?

Ever since the original incarnation of this blog I’ve said that “only the eternal feminine will lead the white race to the Absolute.” And the creator of the 14 words thought exactly the same.

What has surprised me the most is that, in the five years of visiting WN sites, I have not found this ultimate drive among WNsts and cannot understand why, taking into account that Eros is the dialectic force behind the universe.

Women are rotten because men no longer treasure them. What shocked me the most in London last year was the lack of hatred among Britons with so many of their English roses walking on the streets with black and brown partners. During my very first minutes in a private meeting at the London Forum—my very first meeting in life with a known group of racialists overseas!—I told them that I was truly shocked and didn’t conceal my emotions. But these gentlemen either repressed their feelings or didn’t feel the same righteous rage I felt for reasons unfathomable to me.

What has happened to you, Aryan man? Once I remove the current sticky post next month (not getting enough donations anyway) I’ll be tempted to put instead David Lane’s desperate letter to a dead race in its place…

Here’s what the common man has become – Our enemies knew the corruption of sexuality was their key to a controlled mass of barbarians.

I’ve never seen a photo that more profoundly encapsulates the energy of the modern youth.

Also, thank you for this blog. . . It keeps the spirit of the Aryan Soul alive. It’s full of dignity, strength, and the energy we need.

But most WNsts lack a proper understanding of the sexes. I was dismayed at the quantity of commenters saying, after Anglin’s macho piece, something of the sort of “I am not a feminist but…” And Anglin’s is purportedly the neonazi site par excellence in WNsm.

Women defer to authority, and we have to reclaim that mantle in our personal lives before reclaiming it politically. Be strong and charming and even the meekest Sabine girl will follow you to the ethnostate.

Glad to see you commenting here again. I hope this time Hunter Wallace won’t defame both of us as he did on The Occidental Observer and in his site long ago for stating the obvious.

He even called me homo in that thread. Link: here.

This guy is extremely vengeful, like women (“A little woman pursuing her vengeance would overrun Fate itself”—Nietzsche). He did not tolerate that I sided Trainspotter and Greg in the war between his blog and Johnson’s (in those time I sided Greg).

Thanks. Yes, it’s typical new-age feminist drivel. Btw, did I write this: ” By animal-husbandry I meant men husbanding their women. Naturally, I couldn’t resist equating women with animals.”?

I think I did. I still stand by it whoever authored it. Like you stated, who cares what women think?


“Not long ago, in a family meeting I told my sister that for a White to have children with a Negro is unforgivable as such behavior destroys Nature’s labor of millennia: it destroys it forever the bloodline of that particular family. She resented my comment but I care a rat’s ass for women’s sensibilities.

I used to believe that when women say anti-white things they should be talked back brutally. I now see that it is altogether useless to discuss with my sister.”

How can you love a person that doesn’t have clarity of mind? And how can you love a person you deem incapable of having clarity of mind due to her innate characteristics such as gender? Do you only love women for what they represent, not for who they are or can be?

Try to understand. Women’s virtues are not honor (valor and honesty)—a virtue for Aryan men. Women are half-grown children. Their virtues are modesty, chastity, fidelity, etc. Only we males carry upon our shoulders mankind’s destiny. Women are only our Eves…

Read Roger Devlin. Read my quote of Schopenhauer in this site about women.

Bravo, César! I might add that the virtues you ascribe to women are not innate, but rather impositions by men, who are morally superior.


I’ve never thought about that. But after reading Devlin I’m afraid that you are right…

P.S. of February 11

Andrew Anglin commented today at Counter-Currents (rare to see him commenting there!):

White women should be viewed as the property of White men, and a non-White “seducing” White women should be viewed as an act of racial warfare.

Yes: in a sane society they should belong to Aryan males.

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