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Richie will never get it

In this recent interview, answering the question of who’s white, around minute 5:31 Richard Spencer said that the concept of whiteness ‘includes people of Mediterranean origin’. Similarly, after minute 27 of this YouTube interview by a Jew, Spencer said that the ethnostate ‘will be opened to Italians’.

I wonder if Richie will allow his daughter to marry one of these Sicilians?

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Yes! That’s what I have said before about his wife and received zero response!

But the larger point is that WN is a giant step backward from the pre-WW2 American eugenicists, who took for granted that to be white you should not be a Sicilian-like mongrel.

Funnily enough, a lot of Normies can’t seem to tell who is White and who isn’t. For example, many who watch The Sopranos seem to think that every single one of the characters in that are White. I hear many who refer to this extremely Semitic-looking spaghetti eater as White:


There are those who are very clearly non-white like Al Pacino, those present at The Godfather meeting, the members of the Golden Dawn, and Spencer’s wife. But there are mud bloods who are not clearly so mixed as the above mentioned. As for them, it can be harder to tell, and that is when we might need a DNA test.

There is a chance I might be mud blooded to a degree. When I look at pictures of my father at the age of 15, he is heavily tanned (more due to the sun than admixture) and wild, kinky hair. My father’s Maternal lineage is supposedly full of women of a Mediterranean appearance, my paternal Grandmother being “dark”. There is no clue yet as to where this comes from. It might have to do with a phenomenon known as “Black Irish”, as my father’s ancestry goes back to Ireland on both sides of his parents. But where does this phenomenon have its roots?

Say what you will about greasy half-nigger Sicilians, but there is more testosterone in Vito’s meeting room than in the entire Alt-Right movement.
The Italians and the Slavs have a fearsome reputation due to their strong tribal/clannish culture. Their mafias and their gangs commit atrocities against their enemies. They send a clear message to visitors, outsiders and would-be parasites: ‘If you fuck with one of us, you fuck with all of us, and that will be your last mistake.’
The Nordic man would do well to abandon his angelic innocence and start copying the half-barbaric Meds. Ruthlessness will get you very far. Like Alex Linder said in the first episode of WDH Radio:
“…our cause would be far stronger…and I blame the men that say we should focus on being ‘positive’ and ‘loving our race’… No! We are far stronger if we go after our enemies and start hating and detesting these other races. We have enemies who want to do us in, and we should pay attention to what they’re doing and do it ourselves.”
P.S. The genetics of every Mediterranean people is explained in these two minutes:


I agree with everything you say in that comment. However, the film is not entirely accurate. The Moors were Muslim Semites who were Negrified to a greater or lesser degree. I think they were Negrified due to their slave trade in places like Ethiopia, but maybe I am wrong. Perhaps some Moors were Negroes, but they would have been in the minority. Even Othello, who is called “Black” many times, has been depicted as being a Semite until fairly recently (he was also called “the Moor of Venice”).
The Mafia had a good policy of only recruiting Italians to the rank of Soldier and higher, and the first couple of generations of the Mafia shunned the Northern Italians. Their view was as racialist as Italians can get. Plus, Human Trafficking, Loan Sharking, illicit gambling, and protection racketeering are extremely inherent among that part f the world, must be all that Semitic blood. Notice how there is no Swedish Mafia?
The Sicilians were and are still hateful of the Northern Italians because they are less mixed than them. Like the cop says in that scene, they were blond haired and blue eyed. The Sicilians know deep down they are genetically compromised, and the have a deep-seated inferiority complex.
Nevertheless, you point still stands. The Italians of the 40s did not want to adapt to American culture, and had a strong racial identity, like the Jews have always had, and like the White American communities should have had.

My point of adding the Godfather clip was purely aesthetical: admitting these mongrels into an Aryan nation is the sin against the Holy Ghost. Remember: like Lane, Aryan beauty is what drives me toward the 14 words.

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