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Obituaries Salvador Borrego

Salvador Borrego


Mexican journalist Salvador Borrego, author of revisionist books about the Second World War, died last month, aged 102. The year that Borrego was a hundred years old, in 2015, David Duke paid a visit to him in Guadalajara, as can be seen in this photograph.
In 1955 the famous José Vasconcelos wrote a preface for Borrego’s main work, Derrota Mundial, in which Borrego argues that the world lost with the defeat of Germany.

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Borrego was interviewed in 2002:
The interview is a bit boring due to the short replies, or maybe too prudent.
Caesar, what do you think on his answer?

“7.- ¿Cómo calificaría la visión biológica del Nacional Socialismo histórico, y qué aspectos de la misma le parecen sostenibles a la luz de los conocimientos actuales en biología?
Tratándose de metales hay aleaciones muy ventajosas. El oro puro es demasiado maleable. Igual el plomo, pero éste se enriquece con el estaño y puede servir como tipo de imprenta. En cuanto a los genes, todavía falta mucho por investigar, pero no cabe duda que también existen mezclas de sangre que no se llevan entre sí, y otras que pueden enriquecerse mutuamente.”

Mexican sympathisers of NS have been much criticised even by Mexican Neo-Nazis. The experience I’ve had in Mexico is that most Neo-Nazis are either (1) deluded by believing that castizos, mestizos or harnizos like themselves are White or, (2) deluded by statements such as the above, e.g. that NS can be imported into Latin America independently of race.
This said we must respect the late Borrego. Single-handily in this country, since the 1940s Borrego had defended Germany against the universal slander—the longest journalistic career of any Mexican that I can think of!

I liked the questions more than the answers in that conversation. As a food for reflection.

“… tesis central es que Occidente se unió en contra del Nacional Socialismo, para impedir la destrucción del Marxismo, a instancias del judaísmo internacional”

This idea haunts me many years: what if West, the Occident’s destiny, the Whites’ fate, is to be a whore for satisfying these Christianity, Marxism, international Judaism etc.? What if National Socialism is in no way intrinsic to the Aryans? What if Sparta or the Third Reich are preternatural phenomena for humans as such? What if they are irrational vertical lightnings striking on the horizontal surface of human daily routine? An absolute perpendicular to all-too-human. Do you understand what I mean?

I understand what you mean. I see things differently: Today we are experiencing the second folie en masse or psychotic breakdown of whites in history. As to the first, have you read our PDF on Rome and Judea?

Not yet, but I’m going to print it for comfortable reading. One way or another, Greece and Rome had a sufficient number of dishonorable and racially harmful actions through their history after their periods of barbarity and long before Christianity came on the scene.

You accentuate it… Should the mass psychosis change my guess about primordial degeneracy of the Whites? So to speak, our Nordic original sin… Why are we predisposed to mass psychoses?

i would say rome had massive psychosis independent of the slave-fuel christian belief system. something drove the likes of roman citizen and rules to the pagan temples to invoke favor from their invisible gods in the form of spilling of animal blood.
my simplistic juvenile hypothesis? the status transaction. (keith johnstone.) built into the hominid fabic. “my god’s better than your god.” “my priest is better than your priest.” same old fuking cult of personality. just as we see the stupid current popularity of jordan peterson.
and why? because gods — all the fukers — remain invisible. hominids don’t have phone lines in their brains to call up their guardian angels. some hominids who call themselves channelers claim to hear from those on the astral plane. still, way many of us innocents don’t play on the astral side.
so, as much as i like julian, and gore vidal’s account of him, i can’t forgive him for his craziness with big expensive mass animal sacrifices. he got what he pursued. live by the sword, die by the sword.
i like your use of the violent lighting storm as the metaphor for earths encounter with NS. maybe the next encounter will be a massive tornada storm, like what hit topeka ks in 1966. changed the city forever. it never fully — or even half — recovered.

Your curiosity is meaningless. Will you do interest in what sorts of helminths or maggots eat your body after you gone?

I grew up among Mexicans in the Southwest. I always liked and respected the people and this website presents an excellent example for my attitude.
I once shared my house (and my work) with a couple of “wetbacks” until the farmer could ready a trailer for them. I was amazed at how little they knew of Mexico’s history. I would take their money and ask them who was pictured and they would shrug their shoulders. So I would explain the importance people like Benito Juarez and Emiliano Zapata held in their history.
They were a simple people who scrabbled hard for their existence and emphasized education for their children. I once asked, “Why do you have so many children when you are so poor?” The reply, “If just one of my children becomes a doctor or lawyer, then my future (old age) is assured.”
“What about the others?”
“They can take care of themselves”
It was the first time I ever heard anyone consider their children as a retirement plan. The poor invariably have the most pragmatic views of life.
For many whites, one of the enigmas of Mexican culture is “machismo.” I once knew a very attractive Mexican woman who had full knowledge of her wealthy husband’s mistress. I asked her how she dealt with that knowledge and she replied. “We have an agreement, nothing of that whore enters this house and I do not question what goes on outside the house.”
Later I knew a white woman who married a Mexican doctor. During their engagement, her friends warned her he was “playing around” behind her back, but she refused to listen. Sure enough, after they married, she was outraged to discover he was supporting a mistress in an apartment. When she filed for divorce, her husband was somewhat puzzled by this reaction. During a heated discussion he raged, “How could I keep my standing at the club if I do not have a mistress? I would be a laughing stock among my peers!”

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