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Dow Jones decline

A couple of days ago, I wrote elsewhere on the comments section of this site:

And talking about the eschaton, yesterday I watched a clip of an Austrian economist who fears a dow jones crash next Monday. (Hope he’s wrong as I still have to publish a couple of books this year…).

Alas, it happened this Monday.

6 replies on “Dow Jones decline”

It’s far more complex than that if you have been following closely what Austrian economists have been saying since Nixon canceled the direct international convertibility of the dollar to gold in August 1971.

The real reason for the coming crash is that the free market was not allowed to act as it should have done in 2007-8. Banks were bailed out, rather than allowed to fail (with the crooks imprisoned) and the printing presses ramped up to the max. In other words, government meddling has delayed a crash, but the coming one will be far, far worse than the previous one should have been.

the flow of money — needed to facilitate the exchange of everything — entails massive — read oceans — and complex — calculus — supply chains. and we all know who’s attracted to controlling those kinds, like rats to garage. joos. little jeffrey-boy’s amazon is tiddlywinks compared. and amazons fiddling has wrecked the brick and mortar supply chains. the world needs more doctor bobby oppenheimers to solve this one. and create even bigger dark clouds over mankind than dr robert’s bomb.

It is comical that The Daily Stormer said today: ‘But no one knows wtf is going on’ in the article ‘Is It Really Happening? Wall Street is Melting Down’ because for Austrian economists it’s all too clear what’s happening.

one way out is using an essentially different approach: outlaw unearned income. no more fuking investor-owned exchanges. no more fuking casino capitalism. oh, but then, where would folks with big creative ideas get their big money to see those ideas to fruition? i dunno. fuk big ideas.

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