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Hypocrite Peterson
Note of February 15: YouTube nuked this account. Still can be viewed here:

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When he says “he is in an intellectual prison like everybody else” it really makes conscious for me something which I didn’t really know I believed. Now, when I see these ‘intellectuals’ like Peterson and Western politicians, along with the average hominid that struts down the street, I do not see people – I see husks. I see incurable victims of a self evolving virus. The more and more I think about it, the less and less I would object to nuking the cities. The only problem is the Aryan children, nymphets and animals.
If an organisation of insurgent Aryans were to have a surplus of these things like in Lane’s story or toward the end of TTD, just before the Organization lets off their atomic weapons, then I would see no problem. The children and animals would not have died in vain.

Many times I have imagined a gigantic Noah’s Arc to save the only thing that matters throughout Latin America: the nymphs and the nymphets of pure Aryan stock before the coming eschaton. Just imagine the thousands of animals that would be spared of torture! (assuming that the 4th Reich would follow the NS policies implemented in the 3rd).
And talking about the eschaton, yesterday I watched a clip of an Austrian economist who fears a dow jones crash next Monday. (Hope he’s wrong as I still have to publish a couple of books this year…)

Don’t expect that this colossum could fall to pieces instantly after the economic crash. The fatally injured demon will spew fires and curses during long years.
I see two scenarios: evolutional and apocalyptic. The latter is premature yet, nowadays the blond beast in white man’s blood is in a haze and emasculated. The evolutional scenario is unpromising on an international scale and from a long-run prospect, because the whites have no so much time for it. Though, it is still possible on a national level from a near-term outlook and maybe as a necessary and preliminary phase of apocalyptic script.
I follow the activity of the Nordic Resistance Movement with interest. They will run in 2018 elections in Sweden. Correct me if I’m wrong, it’s a first political movement in Europe for the last decades that acts in legal framework and openly calls itself as NS, even if they seem not to correlate its genealogy with the Third Reich directly. Their green banners with ↑-runes and well-planned rallies look nice. The intelligible political program and the vigorous Nordic youth.
It will be a grandiose success for them to win a local government elections and an unreal miracle to overcome 5% barrier for the national parliament.
But we could imagine they come to power after a few years and turn little cosy Sweden into masculine NS state. Well, this regime won’t live even half a year. The Enemy will unite the whole world to fight with “antisemitism raising its head again”. The Nordic Resistance Movement has tough views on migrant problem, so the “enlightened free world” certainly would fabricate a “Migrohoax” for a justification of bombardment. Sweden will be like Yugoslavia and Iraq in the 1990s, like Lybia and Syria in the 2010s for these makers of the new Hellstorm.
However, this destruction of Scandinavia and the next instilling of the most anti-Nordic laws and penalties could wake up the white men from other countries to help their Aryan brothers and to start up apocalyptic scenario.

I have never said that the coming crash of the dollar will kill the System instantly, only that it will be the overture for a grand opera.
If the dollar does indeed collapse, Uncle Sam will be unable to venture into another war: he will be broke.
But I fear that the wounded beast will confiscate the NY gold of other nations to reboot its economy.
Even in that scenario, a totally discredited Uncle San won’t be a leading figure anymore in those countries which gold he stole.
‘To confiscate or not confiscate’, that is the question after the crash…
At any event, we will start to win:
1.- If the US president doesn’t confiscate, chimp outs in the big cities will mark what I call the eschaton.
2.- If he does it, police will continue to be paid to control chimpouts, but his international prestige is over.
It’s a win-win situation. Murka’s cultural hegemony has a limited time.
Tic toc….

Today he tried to post the following in our article ‘Criminal Christianity’:

This article is a pile of crap from the very first sentence that shows the author knows nothing at all about the subject matter. There are far too many errors to waste time pointing out, here are 3 from the first 3 sentences.
‘the Christian Church attacks the Gentiles’ The Christian church was made up of the gentiles, do you think Constantine was a Jew?
‘He also evicts the Gentiles from Mt. Athos’ Who was he replacing the nations with, that he removed from Athos? The author doesn’t even know what the word gentile means.
‘Constantine steals the treasures and statues of the Pagan Temples in Greece’ Constantine was the emperor of the Roman empire, they were his temples to do what he liked with. You cannot ‘steal’ from yourself.
Some clown posted this at our site. You really should be more discerning, it looks like you just published this because you hate Christianity and don’t like things facts and historical accuracy getting in the way of that.

As a rant I didn’t allow it to pass. At any event, honest Christians will have to deal with Evropa Soberana’s essay as well as my translations of Deschner’s book, something that to date that none has done.
Mine will be, actually already is, the first pro-14 words blog that blames Xtianity for white decline far more than Jews. (A traitor is worse than a Jew, and the history of Christianity proves that it’s the most traitorous thing on Earth for the West.)
The rage of Sven Longshanks is irrational. It’s like those American evangelists who become enraged the first time you mention the JQ. They cannot think coldly and I wonder what will happen if I manage to translate several Deschner’s books for this site?

Then it’s time to get you banned by linking on his site every future of my translations of Kriminalgeschichte. At least some of his audience will see that there’s an antipodal POV coming from a Priest of the 14 words…

Perhaps you missed it but some time ago I said that I would suspend the translation of Deschner’s book until I finished Soberana’s Apocalypse—and I still haven’t finished as I am now reviewing it for the PDF!
Next week I will resume Kriminalgeschichte. The ten volumes are like a steamroller that potentially will make the Xtian nationalists look like a tortilla…

National Socialism invokes the highest form of moral responsibility imaginable.
Shame on Jordan Peterson for always talking about manliness, yet never mentioning the manliest ideology.
[Originally, I wanted to write this comment under the entry that blames Styxhexenhammer666 for eating meat.]

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