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Preaching in the WN desert


‘You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep’.

—Navajo Proverb

Commenting about the Christians on the Counter-Currents webzine, I was about to post the following as a mere comment in my last post but in the last minute decided to post it as an entry. I don’t care it iterates what I’ve already said before:
What is irritating is that The West’s Darkest Hour has only one generous sponsor and Greggy makes thousands of dollars. The reason is obvious: those who donate to him have not broken away from the current paradigm (Christianity, sexual liberalism, de facto conservatism, degenerate films, etcetera) as the few fans of the WDH have.
Infuriating above all is that all over the white nationalist forums no one has even tried to answer my main arguments against Christianity: that massive mestization started right after Constantinople was founded—all of the Maghreb was much whiter in Roman times—or that sans Jews the Iberian Christians ruined their gene pool in the Americas (the Portuguese, in the Iberian peninsula itself).
Zero reasonable feedback when, over the boards, I tried to shove these facts under their noses. It’s obvious that American white nationalists want to preserve their race without what we might call an internal Jihad, i.e., examining the viruses of the white mind that brought us in the current mess.
Tomorrow I’ll add the mantra question once more but I’m curious: when by March I finish the translation of ‘Apocalypse for whites’ and start adding, once more, entries on the ‘Kriminalgeschichte’ series more frequently, when will this effort make a single bleep in the white nationalist radar?
My guess is that never, just as Jack Frost’s comments at Kevin MacDonald’s webzine a few years ago did not make any dent in the fixed, conservative worldview of the commenters on The Occidental Observer.
Perhaps my only hope is that, in the future, the very young who are starting to visit the WDH will be willing to take my redpill instead of the mere purple-pill provided in nationalist forums? After all, paradigms are not abandoned: the older generation who sticks to the old paradigm must die in order to make room for the new generation of more enlightened racists.

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Nobody listens, not even you.
Like the mud races and women, the white man has become overwhelmed with vanity. “Men reading fashion magazines. Oh what a world we live in.” This is largely the result Jew programming accelerating and magnifying natural, base tendencies of the human condition.
We live in a “me” generation that’s all about me! Me! ME! Where the white male once rapidly advanced beyond this infantile, self centered state into adulthood, Jews have now regressed him to the playpen for an extended portion of his life. Just look at the number of white males well into their thirties and forties still riding skateboards, playing video games and following juvenile clothing and hairstyle fashions.
Because of this infantile, self-centered, worldview that everything revolves around them, the white man-child spends his time stamping his feet for attention and screaming out his views instead of listening to others.
The primary problem with white males is the majority of them think they, and they alone, have a unique perspective on the world that surmounts the false perceptions of others. Worse, they are easily offended when someone takes issue with their views.
This was a situation where military service once served a useful purpose, but does so no longer in this Jewish age of kindergarten time out cards. There was a great awaking that began the moment a DI jumped on the bus at two in the morning began yelling and screaming obscenities one had never heard before.
“Get off the bus, get off the fucking bus you worthless maggots! Get your fucking, maggot asses off the bus NOW!” When sleepy heads did not respond instantly, the DI started grabbing recruits to bodily throw them off the bus, adding to a pile of bodies mounting over yellow painted footsteps.
For weeks after, one was called worthless”, “maggot”, “scum”, “shit” and curiously “lady”, along with many other derogatory, demeaning expletives; like frequently being told how one was “lower than whale shit” while being beat mercilessly for the slightest infraction of the rules.
The result of this experience was a sudden shift in world view. An understanding that one was not the special little one their parents had led them to believe. The fact is, almost instantly one became no one of any consequence, nothing at all, a “maggot lower than whale shit.”
One soon learned they were just another expendable organism to be exploited and consumed for the whims of those organisms exerting greater influence than themselves. This was the beginning of a hardening process for the soul, a great awaking as to what the real world is like and one’s true connection to it.
At the time, the DI was the most hated person one had ever encountered in their short life. Towards the end, DI’s would say, “you may hate us now, but one day you’ll thank us for this.” We would think like fucking hell I will! You fucking asshole, you’re crazy if you think I will ever thank you for this.
I am here to say at this late date, what those DIs did was the greatest favor ever extended to me and I thank them for it. I will be forever grateful for the reality those DIs beat into me. Thanks assholes – from the bottom of my heart – thanks.
While the ensuing four years of military service faded from importance, those first weeks in bootcamp never have, for in the deepest recesses of my soul, I’m still “just a maggot lower than whale shit.” It is said the French Foreign Legion once had a sign posted over the doors of their recruit station that read: “Ceux qui passent par ces portes sont déjà morts”, “Those passing through these doors are already dead,” nicely summing up the soldier’s true value.
A second great awakening came from my wife. When I would become apoplectic with rage over some perceived wrong, like being cut off on the highway, my wife would say “don’t take it personally.” Seething with rage, I would yell, “What the fuck do you mean by that? Don’t take it personally”, I would huff; “don’t take it personally that son of a bitch just . . .?”
It took me many years to figure out what she was trying to tell me. I would not comprehend the meaning of that phrase until she utterly destroyed me in a divorce, taking everything I had, everything I loved. Shattered dreams and facing life on the street again, this time at 55, brought me to the sudden realization of how worthless I really was, remembering once again, how I was “lower than whale shit.”
Only then did the truth dawn, people were not attacking my person. In fact people did not care whether I lived, died, shit or went blind; their actions were merely those of self serving interests. Somehow I had gotten in the way of their progress.
When one understands this most fundamental of all life’s lessons, they will no longer suffer the problem of anger, indignation or impatience over what others say and do. After all when one is “lower than whale shit” everyone else is far above them. This is the reason saints constantly reminded themselves they were worthless worms, sent here by the grace of a creator to learn these lessons.
Therefore I suggest you cease worrying about who listens and who doesn’t, just carry on your work and realize that if the work has value, at some point its value will be recognized. Do this with the understanding and acceptance that only a few individuals will ever listen, the rank and file will never pay any attention.
For what it’s worth, I recognize the value of your work. That’s why I’m here. I like the cut of your jib and how you sail against the tide.

Just for the record, “DI” that Arch Stanton referred to above means Drill Instructor:
@ Joseph (your 5:32 pm comment below):
On my Facebook page an Albanian commented on the above post with a quote I’ve added to the post:
‘You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep’. —Navajo Proverb

I’ve heard that quote before. Chris White told me a friend of ours said it when they were talking about the masses waking up. Didn’t know it was a Navajo proverb. In other words, it’s not a question of ‘waking up’ the masses, the white masses are aware that the White race is going extinct and they want it to happen. They are awake but they prefer extinction and are happy with the situation.
But it also applies to those who choose comfortable ignorance. Who have come across the truth but prefer not to know, prefer the comfort of lies, prefer to pretend to be asleep.

As I have said before using the Matrix metaphor, WNsts, naked and weak, have woken up in the liquid-filled pod finding themselves beside countless people connected by cables to an elaborate electrical system. But the giant spider-like robot of the film still has to unplug them from the System.

Yeah, and that DI (good movie though) can go fuck himself if he spoke to me like that (But these people willingly put themselves in these positions, so sucks to be them). If someone calls me a maggot, or lower than whale shit, I’m going to stomp on his head, at the very least.

Arch Stanton has got a point Cesar, you shouldn’t be expecting to be listened to as if you have a ‘right’ to the attention. Your work is not meant to be popular. What is popular with the masses, including the masses in the racialist movement, is what tells the masses what they want to hear. You don’t tell them what they want to hear, so you are not going to be listened to.
People can only learn that much of the truth as they are capable of. If they encounter truths that are too much for them to stomach, they tend to switch off and opt for ignorance. After they’ve hit their natural limit, they can only comprehend truths with great difficulty. It’s not only that many in the movement are deliberately ignorant of what you are saying but they are incapable of swallowing the hard facts you write of.
If you’re looking for any consequences to their behaviour, the consequence will be that the race they want to preserve will go extinct. I’ve had my frustrations with the movement for refusing to recognize the necessity of violence in the struggle for Aryan racial survival. They make constant excuses as to why the White Man doesn’t have to kill his enemies. But it occured to me; they can make excuses for their cowardice and fool each other, but they can’t fool Nature. Either white males will kill their enemies and white females will have more children or our race will vanish from the earth. Reality (Nature’s laws) has a way of making itself felt eventually.
If Aryans have become incapable of learning from past mistakes of their race and incapable of killing their enemies then natural selection will take place and they shall go extinct. And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch. I know it’s not what you want to occur but Nature’s judgements are never wrong, harsh as they are.

Damn right. My own race has been against the Racialist values my whole life, so why should I want to see them survive? I care for my own genetics, but I can’t care for people who don’t give a fuck for racial survival, and would gladly see their daughters miscegenate with mud, than one of us racists.
Yes, the only way things will change is through copious amounts of bloodshed, of Whites and Mud, until a clean and healthy White race is triumphant (and traitorous White cunts are no longer permitted to exist), or the White races go extinct. There’s no way politics is going to help us this time.

@JosephWalsh What many omit is that historical National-Socialists did not deserve to live either. They were stronger than our “men” today, sure, but when they were surrounded and death was the only option, you know what they did? They surrendered.
Kolberg: 13k defenders, 11k captured.
Königsberg: 130k defenders, 80k captured.
Posen: 84k defenders, 23k captured.
Berlin: 766k defenders, 480k captured.
I would repeat this as much as Cesar is repeating about Hellstorm.

Yes, a sad fact of history. I’m sure that most of the captured German soldiers wished (while in Siberia, etc) that they had listened to Hitler’s admonition to fight to their deaths, seeing as it would have been better for them, than experiencing what they did after surrendering.

@adunaithethird Yes they should have chosen death over surrender. As Nathan said above, by refusing to listen to Hitler’s command to fight to their death’s they chose a fate far worse than death. Indeed Hitler sent a message out on the 24th of February 1945 commanding the German nation to perish sword in hand rather than surrender. He reportedly said “If the German people give way, that will only show that they have not a stamina worthy of their mission, in which case they deserve destruction.”
If Hitler could see the White race today he would probably express a similar sentiment that his race is too cowardly and degenerate to follow in his footsteps in which case it deserves extinction.

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