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St Paul

Bentham on Paul

‘If, in his time, a being there was, in whom, with the exception of two or three attendants of his own, every person, that bore the name of Christian, beheld and felt an opponent, and that opponent an indefatigable adversary, it was this same Paul: Yes, such he was, if, in this particular, one may venture to give credence, to what has been seen so continually testified—testified, not by any enemy of his, but by his own dependent, his own historiographer, his own panegyrist, his own steady friend (Luke, in Acts). Here then, for any body that wants an Antichrist, here is an Antichrist, and he an undeniable one’ (Not Paul, but Jesus, London, 1823, page 372).

—Jeremy Bentham

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My correspondent from Europe says:
Cesar blogs a lot, these days, about how Paul is a corruption of Christianity. Rosenberg said this, too. There are poisonous doctrines in the Gospels also: Goyim are dogs! Sermon on the mount (treason, suicide) etc., however, in my view, with some redaction, the Gospels are salvageable as Solar Myth. My Druidic ancestors worshipped a solar deity called ‘Hesus’ so I have no problem, per se, with pre-Conciliar Roman Catholicism so long as it be entirely purged of its 5% Jewish element. In my view this is perhaps what Saint Ciaran tried to do. He converted all of the druids to Gaelic Catholicism to pre-empt the plague of Biblical Christianity brought by Saint Patrick. Manley P. Hall said that there was a Masonic Lodge in Ireland that claimed direct descent from the druids.
In my – thoroughly unresearched! – view, the druids fled to the Irish College in Rome after the flight of the earls. They inflicted Vatican II upon the Church as revenge for the destruction of the Gaelic Church at the Council of Trent.
Anyhow, the Ebionites, what secular historians consider the first Christians, considered Saint Paul the Antichrist. Cesar alludes to this in his recent post.
Attached is the piece in Romans where Saint Paul calls “Greek” – a euphenism for Gentile – Christians a secondary consequence of preaching the Gospel first to the Jew. As a child, I always felt like a second-class Christian. This is Jew programming.
In pre-Conciliar Roman Catholicism, such poisonous verses were cloaked in Latin and had no effect upon the psyche of the Catholics, but in the Novus Ordo, where I grew up, you hear evils such as this at least every Sunday.
Attached is the KJV [screenshot].

The KJV is a Masonic Masterpiece perhaps written by William Shakespeare himself. I would quote the Challoner Doauy Rheims, as well, but Challoner admitted to essentially trying to poorly copy the KJV. The original DRV is a beautiful book, but you cannot really find this on line. The Challoner is a crypto-protestant poor-man’s KJV in my humble opinion.

This is directed to the correspondent:
You are wrong, Sir. If pre-conciliar Roman Catholicism did not badly influence the Aryan psyche, then how do you account for Mexico. Are those Neanderthal goblin-imps not precisely the consequence of this sect of Christianity (or any sect of Christianity)?
The reason why I see no hope whatsoever in this religion is pretty much because of the simple fact that it is completely and utterly alien.
It is the product of a sinister people, with a sinister culture and an equally sinister and alien worldview.
If we were to ‘salvage’ this religion, which I assume equates to scrounging up anything that could be for Whitey consumption, then it would make up nothing more than a pamphlet (not much of a Holy Book). Any ‘Aryanised’ form of this religion would be the equivalent of jazz – a vile and disgusting hybrid of a beautiful culture, created by beautiful beings and a nasty counterpart of the previous.
We should just throw away Christianity, Islam and Judaism for the foreign Levantine cults that they are.

In fact, let me retract slightly on what I said about the Spaniards.
Instead, I will bring up what the correspondent has said about Gaelic Catholicism:
With all due respect, this does nothing to even bring up, as it does not give a single inkling as to how converting the Druids to this particular sect did anything good in the long run. Europe was still ravaged by this cult was it not?
Germanic paganism was a warlike religion. If he had not converted them, then Ireland most likely would have had the strength to deal with St Patrick’s ilk themselves. As we know, Ireland is also apart of the egalitarian, LETS-KILL-OURSELVES ideology which has come as a result of Christianity’s teachings.
The way I see things (and always will) is that if a religion is not Explicitly Pro-White then it is bunk and we don’t want it.

‘Neanderthal goblin-imps…’

Lol! That’s exactly what they are (and I see them every day…).
What you say in your rebuttal reminds me the translated posts in this site by Manu Rodríguez.

A pro-white religion in an age of communal White Genocide is a “consumation devoutly to be wished”. It inevitably must be based on White Separatism as a distinct species. Since Anthropology has concluded that Paleontology shows no such distinction, it further follows that creatures that can ‘mate’ and reproduce are the same species. Consequently, contemporary science, even when I.Q. tests and social studies show distinct traits in different groups, has made ‘us’ seem mere atavistic mythologists pining for a new cultural superiority.
We might look to RAHOWA and Ben Klassen’s Church of the Creator. Klassen properly identified Christianity and Communism as coming from the same source of ‘Jewry’. But Klassen’s thesis in Natures Eternal Religion falls short as it cannot specify outside of physical, psychological, and cultural differences ‘White’ uniqueness. It is ‘derivative’ in explanation but not distinctive in proof.
So where is the proof of White exceptionalism? I have been ‘asked’ not to mention a religious sub-text that explains this. But the physical evidence is there in our ‘Genome’ which has been thoroughly researched in the Human Genome Project that mapped our genes. The information has not come forward because it does not fit the NWO/Corporate policy of seeing all people as the same AND utilizing them for commercial purposes. We need an ‘insider’ to reveal all. In the meantime, there is exceptional information in blood types. Rhesus Negative blood (blood not in any way connected to the Rhesus monkey resident in the rest of ‘humanity’) is almost exclusively White. Another point, however disliked here, is that the Shroud of Turin’s blood type was AB Negative – the rarest imaginable. Consequently, we need to concentrate on the uniqueness of RH Neg. blood in our European peoples and the specific traits it seems to project; intelligence, psychic abilities, empathic traits, and good health.
If we remember the poet Alexander Pope: “Know then thyself, presume not God to scan, the proper study of Mankind is man” we will go far in determining those God-related aspects of our particular White Character that we then can have as a practical foundation for a Anthropologically-proven religion. We are the Children of the Gods. Science can prove it! We must espouse it and search for it!

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