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Quotable quotes St Paul

Jefferson on Paul

‘Paul was the first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus’.

—Thomas Jefferson

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This is a very common argument or Christianity, particularly from White Nationalists. The problem is, of course the lack of evidence that the bible was ever corrupted.
Eventually, in Apocalypse for Whites, we will see who the true Jesus was, I know for a fact that he won’t be this unsung hero of the Aryan race that the Alt-Righters say he is.

I only quoted Tom because the next quotable quotes in-between ‘Apocalypse for Whites’ entries will include opinions on Paul by Albert Schweitzer, Will Durant, Thomas Hardy, Jeremy Bentham, Carl Jung and Bishop John Spong.

Christianity was always subversive and more egalitarian than the creeds of their hated pagans. Pagan creeds around the world were for the lands practicing them and no more. Christianity was from early on accepting slaves, women, and Niggers.

The essential question turns on the pollution of the bloodline Jehovah rescued from Egypt, which purity he could not maintain. The remnants of that bloodline produced jesus, it’s exceptionalism obvious in his refrain to the Samarian woman that the ‘Saviour’ had not come for her people but Israel.
It’s well known that Jehovah ordered the slaughter of the various peoples of Canaan, which his people, the Hebrews / Israelites, did not complete. Consider Samuel’s consternation over the failure of Saul to murder the King of the Amorites, whom Samuel subsequently slew, while informing Saul that he had lost the favor of Jehovah. Consider also the Prophet Ezra (Chapter 9, verse 2) “”They have taken some of their daughters as wives for themselves and their sons, so that the Holy Seed is mixed with the people of those lands”.
So why was the seed holy? Because it was Jehovah’s seed directly, through Seth to David and Jesus … and us.
But the New Testament – Paul’s creation and the nemesis of the real Jesus, replaces the understanding of the Bloodline with the nebulous conception of a universal holiness not in any way supported by the Old Testament.
Paul was, as Jefferson says, the creator of ‘Christianity’,and until we come to the realization that White People are the remnants of Jehovah’s Holy Seed – not the freak-show Sephardics that Ezra saw the Hebrews marrying into, our movement will never become popular.
Why else did Jesus condemn the Sephardic / Pharisee / Sadducce’s as the Devils children? Because they are – and we, the people He came to save, are not!

Aldo, I know it is hard, but I think I have found peace knowing that these white skin Neanderthals will sooner drown in their own treachery than ever denounce their faith.
Aldo is simply saying aloud what I am thinking, but take it from me, Matty, that the bloodline that Jehovah saved was not a gentile one.

Well Jack – at least we are establishing that there was a bloodline. And if it was not us – who are we?
What source do you suggest I investigate for my German/Scot origin?
Does not my blue eyes, fair skin, square head, and blondish hair resemble at least roughly the Noah said to be white?
If we are not Jehovah’s kin, then who are we and where is Jehovah’s kin now – because Sephardic/Ashkenazi’s do not fit the mold!

What you say below hits the nail.
Greggy also looks Nordish and regarding Aryan preservation he’s evil as hell—the same with Nordish-looking Richard Spencer, who on the record has said he’s ok with mulattos in the ethno-state. (The Scot Millennial Woes, another charlatan, even says that all native Europeans are white!)
Greggy would not even want to listen, under his warnings of banning Nordicists in his site, that lots of the Portuguese have so much nigger blood that their overall IQ is low according to European standards.
I really don’t understand what Matt is doing here.
We are his antipodes and he continues to preach this Christian Identity nonsense like a Jehovah’s Witness who every Sunday knocks at the door of your house after you told him you’re an atheist. (In real life I’ve told the Witnesses that I don’t even believe that the Jewish god even exist…!)

Just a note to anyone passing in this comments section:
Matt describes himself as having very Aryan, Nordic traits. What is sad is that so many ‘proper whites’ have fallen into this Jewish cult, and so many are hateful of Nordicism.
Along with Juliano Correa and the author of this blog, none of us have Nordic traits the same way our ancestors did. Even though I am a white Englishman, I am not close to being Nordic at all. This is precisely why we are Nordicists, because we see the perfection that the world is capable of while not having that within us.

Hey Jack! Thank-you for that. I look like Danny Clay!
And I completely support the Nordicization of the world. I have no compunctions as to the elimination of the Armenids (whom I deduce as Cain’s children) if we are in economic or geographic competition with ‘us’.
After all, Hitler was doing nothing but carrying out the same plan in Europe as Jehovah was in Canaan.

You’re a fucking Nigger. Doesn’t matter how hard you pretend to be a Jew. You’re a Nigger who pretends he’s an Egyptian instead of ghetto trash.

He says thank-you to me… WHY???
Then he uses the term Armenid, and thinks he knows what the is talking about… If he had actually read Evropa Soberana he would know they are responsible for ALL three monotheistic religions…
Aldo, stop replying to him, like all the other Christ tards, he desperately wants attention and his subconscious is calling out for help.
We can’t help these people, they have to help themselves.

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