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Deranged altruism Quotable quotes

Akins quote

“The problem with Christianity (and the reason why the Jews are able to use Christians to their advantage to further their agenda of promoting the extinction of the White race) is that Christianity is founded upon the principle of altruism.”

Steven L. Akins

3 replies on “Akins quote”

The fault is not altruism in itself but an eclecticism. It does not recognize a (racial) hierarchy like Brahmanism. It’s altruism is universal rather than for said racial or ethnic tribe. Sweden’s social democratic system in its former homogenous state was Nordic altruism and it was beautiful. You could make the argument that it was National Socialism without authoritarianism and more liberal but it still pertained to a particular volk. Christian missionaries with the West will try to “spiritually enrich” a primitive Congoid that is still going to eat his grandparents whether or not he has “Christ in his heart”. It subordinates the volk to the most egregious and crass of eclecticisms.

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