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Veteran quote

‘America was poisoned from the beginning. The founders were smugglers who were pissed they couldn’t bribe customs officials anymore. America was founded on egalitarianism, which is completely contrary to nature. It has to go and go soon’.

—Nat Soc Veteran

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My understanding-
The United States was founded on multi-ethnic federal Republicanism, which united closely-similar Celtic-Anglo-Saxon and German communities into one nation under law – a sort of Nordic version of the United Nations, if you will.
Equality was understood in the Hegelian sense and the “all Men created equal” flourish of the Declaration of Independence was both an expression of this and a rejoinder to British Monarchism, not specifically an endorsement of some sort of nascent liberal-minded universalism. This then became twisted, first by broadening out ‘white’ identity to include non-Nordic/Nordish ethnicities (i.e. southern Irish, eastern Europeans, Slavs and Ashkenazi Jews), then by embracing non-whites as citizens from the Reconstruction Era onward, which in turn destroyed the Republic and has turned the United States into a degraded multi-racial ‘democracy’.

I was there for that thread, and reading that brought me great joy.
Someone else has a competent understanding of the true roots of this abhorrent republic.

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