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Friedrich Nietzsche

Killing innocents and sinners

Writing about the Sutherland Springs church shooting, on The Daily Stormer Andrew Anglin said today: ‘I hate aggressive edgy atheists as much as anyone…’
Apparently Anglin hates those whites who reject the existence of the Jewish god—a volcanic demon that Jews claim appeared to Moses, the very same god that Aryans were compelled to worship after Constantine took over the Roman Empire.
Anglin’s words exemplify beautifully the gulf between me and most American racists. But it’s not only a matter of worshiping the god of our enemy: it’s also about the universalist ethics imposed on whites after Constantine. (Every sandnigger or black could be a citizen of Constantinople as long as he was Christian.)
Another recent example: In his blog for southern nationalists, Hunter Wallace started his article with the words: ‘Devin Patrick Kelley, the EVIL bastard who murdered 26 people at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, TX this morning…’
One of Kelley’s victims, the 14-year-old daughter of church pastor Frank Pomeroy, was black. A pre-Christian Aryan would never mourn the killing of a black adoptee, and the rest of the adult victims in Texas were complicit of tolerating such sin against the holy ghost: adopting a subhuman as if she was human.
I would only mourn the white children killed: the only really innocent victims inside the church.
The others were sinners. But Anglin, Wallace and many American racists still have the Bible as their sacred book instead of Hitler’s Table Talk, right? ‘Almost two thousand years—and not a single new god!’ said Nietzsche.
This is the sort of thing that moves me mightily to continue the translation of Deschner’s book, who in this pic is shown long before he started to write his magnum opus…

4 replies on “Killing innocents and sinners”

It’s hard to feel anything for these fellaheen. One broken “white” massacred equally broken “whites” and nothing will change. Maybe some of the Aryan children will now grow up outside of the Abrahamic memeplex?

You’re currently in the more interesting part of Deschner’s book, which is the criminal actions of Christianity once it had real power over other people including non-believers.
Both Anglin and Hunter Wallace have the Christian poison in their minds. Unfortunately for them — and more so for Hunter Wallace — they have latched onto a dying belief system, even though Christianity is completely imperialist (and thereby anti-nationalist) and cucked to the extreme.

So interesting that I’ve already started to work on the next pages about the subject of how they changed ‘from martyrs to inquisitors’—as even Church historian, Paul Johnson, concedes—once they reached power.

Sounds good. I look forward to reading it. Also, I didn’t know you can read German. Is that recent for you, or did you learn it as a child or teen?

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