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Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (book) Homosexuality Islam Pederasty Psychohistory


Today Andrew Anglin said something that I’ve said to myself countless of times in my silent soliloquies:

In these arguments, they always mix in this new definition of pedophilia, conflating attraction to a 15-year-old… with attraction 5-year-old. Like it’s the same thing, because it’s all “children” under the age of consent.

But he also wrote: “I have nothing against Catholics. But the fact is, the homosexual mafia has taken over this organization.” Those of us who have studied psychohistory, the study of childrearing methods through the millennia, know that even the Early Church tolerated pederasty through the practice of offering boys in their early teens to the monasteries. Later in the article Anglin adds pictures of Muslims throwing homosexuals over high buildings and ends his article with the sign: #WhiteSharia.

This is why The West’s darkest Hour has been hammering with the histories of the white race by William Pierce and Arthur Kemp. And even those stories are preliminary: we need far more detailed studies from the POV of the 14 words.

The trouble with the White Sharia meme is that it’s ultimately Semitic. We should hate Muslims as much as we hate Jews and, for those with historical memory, the Carthaginians. In The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour I used the ideas of a MGTOW blogger that has no use of the White Sharia meme to reassert masculinity.

Exactly the same can be said about homosexuality. We don’t need to find inspiration in ISIS in trying to figure out what should a Fourth Reich do with the homo problem. Find inspiration in how Himmler dealt with it! (Those who argue that the Greco-Roman world accepted homosexuality should become better acquainted with the classic literature, as in those times the pederasts had to ask permission to the father before seducing the adolescent.)

In either case, we don’t need to find inspiration in Islam. Just study the fucking history of the white race!

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Oh jeez. You are finally coming around to admitting that the White Sharia meme is possibly THE MOST retarded and counter-productive meme in the history of life on Earth.

It’s glaringly obvious to just about EVERY-ONE, excepting Anglin’s FanBoiTwinks, that he has severe, horrific problems with women, and should be prevented from even commenting on this issue, for the good of the Movement, if not himself alone.

Occidental Dissent also ignores Western history. Using exactly the same image of the Stormer piece, a sinner cardinal, they published today “Universal degeneracy.” A commenter wrote:

Roman Catholicism is just so weird and foreign. The rampant pederasty in that cult is a remnant of the old Roman practice – it’s probably an ethnic characteristic of Mediterranean peoples. Pope Gregory famously decided to evangelize England when he saw some English slave-boys and proclaimed, Non Angli, sed angeli – Not Angles, but angels. That’s literally what brought Roman Catholicism to Albion, their infernal lust for boys.

When will the lovers of Dixie know the history of Europe? The people who brought pederasty into the Mediterranean were the Nordish Dorians, and precisely because some unmixed Dorians looked like angels.

Ignorance, ignorance, ignorance of the story of their race seems to be the Leitmotif among WNsts, neonazis and southern nationalists.


I mostly agree. The ‘white sharia’ stuff is off -putting to most people. If white men showed their dominance over the non whites, then white women would not be deserting their race. The problem is not white women, the problem is the Jew inspired matrix we all live in. Solve that, replace it with a proper system, and then our women will (for lack of a better word) behave.

If white men stop spanking to Porn and stop fornicating with women who are not white, their women will come back

Germanic Slav – what has changed your mind? A few weeks ago, you were insulting my comments about this idiotic White Sharia retardation?

Yeah- white men are now weak, not what we use to be. I dont watch porn and do not jerk off at all. White men need to ‘re-focus; on normal straight sober living, take up a trade early on in life, and call out the enemy at every chance. Then our women would not desert us. I’m tired of the Daily Stormer/ The Right Stuff crowd screeching about beating white women into submission. We need to combat the Jewtrix instead.

“Then our women would not desert us.”

Sorry but nope. I have a couple of cousins here in Mexico City, very successful and completely undistinguishable from really white Europeans, whose white wives took over their houses, kids and expelled them.

Forget the white sharia meme. Focus on the science that Roger Devlin and MGTOWers have developed.

Women are the problem, who always lets the jews in? Women & christians

Who always allies with the jews & allows hordes of immigrants in? Women & christians

Who steals massive amounts of white political power & gives it to the jews & 3rd world imvading hordes? Women & christians

Stop white knighting for women, ignorant cucks

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