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Patriarchy vs. feminism


I have just deleted the PDF “War of the sexes.” The section where I quoted the blogger Turd Flinging Monkey was long-winded. I have extensively reviewed it for inclusion in the 2017 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. This abridged and reviewed version is now available in another PDF for a more comfortable reading (if the visitor wants to print it):


The article shows that feminism will die and patriarchy will be restored in Europe, either by regenerated Whites or by Muslims. Pay special attention to what we say in the last three pages.
Thursday update

An “angel of the library” visited me. Lately I have been reading Tacitus’ Germania very slowly, opening his book written in 98 AD once in a while. Today, in the edition of Ostara Publications, the bookmark I had left on page 8 opened the book here:

Very rare for so numerous a population is adultery, the punishment for which is prompt, and in the husband’s power. Having cut off the hair of the adulteress and stripped her naked, he expels her from the house in the presence of her kinsfolk, and then flogs her through the whole village.

Although it is feminist rubbish, we saw something like this in the chapter “Mother’s Mercy” of Game of Thrones: the punishment of adulterous Queen Cersei.

The loss of chastity meets with no indulgence; neither beauty, youth, nor wealth will procure the culprit another husband. No one in Germany turns vices into mirth, nor is the practice of corrupting and of yielding to corruption, called the custom of the Age…

They receive one husband, as having one body and one life, that they may have no thoughts beyond, no further-reaching desires, that they may love not so much the husband as the married state.

Here I lean toward Roger Devlin more than Turd Flinging Monkey: marriage was instituted to control hypergamous women, not brutish alpha males. It seems to me that, since we men are morally superior to women, our male ancestors had no choice but invent marriage as a rock-solid institution. It is the only way to avoid that female hypergamy, a residual instinct so natural in prehistoric times, destroys an incipient culture or civilization.

The wisdom of the ancient Germanics in Tacitus’ passage (thanks angel!) can be fully understood if we take a look not only to the PDF linked above but also to Devlin’s seminal paper.

2 replies on “Patriarchy vs. feminism”

Instead of watching Judeo-Hollywood rubbish (as WNsts love to do), you can watch a true classic of Russian history. This is only the trailer of the film Andrei Rublev:


After the Mongol invasion a blonde, Russian girl spits on the face of her Russian lover, the monk Andrei, as the Mongols are the powerful now, and she voluntarily surrenders to one of the horseman Mongols even when her life was not in jeopardy.

That’s female hypergamy from the POV of the 7th Art; that’s why I say that “we men are morally superior to women.”

Andrei made a vow of silence after that that he didn’t break until the very last minute of the film.

Now that I think of it, unfaithful women is a problem of their husbands, yet unfaithful husbands is a problem of the society. The concept of a living unfaithful man entails either that the other man deserves to be cucked, or that this unfaithful man is a paedophile.

A bit unrelated, but a long time ago I heard TFM saying that men are the strongest in society during wars. In fact, the opposite is true, especially in the recent century.

“After the war, women were enrolled in the socialist economy in large numbers, and played a major role in the rebuilding of the country. As the economy improved in later decades, women were less needed in the workforce, and a move towards more traditional roles emerged.”

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