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Ex Gladio Libertas

My experiences have given me a far higher opinion of trade union militants and working class Bolsheviks than I’ll probably ever have of American conservative or racialist intellectuals. I also know if any fighting is ever to be done, I can count on one rather than the other.

Michael O’Meara

The chasm that separates us from white nationalism (WN) is our meta-ethical POV, more formally known as “axiology” or set of primordial values. For example, every time that one of our street fighters makes a scene (the latest, Anton Lundin Pettersson) the reaction of American conservatives and most racialist intellectuals verges on hysteria.

I tried to describe the chasm in some pages of the books linked at the sidebar, below the Spartan banner. But after Anton’s fifteen minutes of fame I reread all the comments gathered in this site that Jack Frost originally posted on The Occidental Observer webzine. To those who have no time to study carefully the sidebar’s books I’d recommend reading at least some of these comments:


They’ll give you a taste of the flavor of what we mean by transvaluating the bourgeois values in American WNsm, mostly the by-product of their parents’ Christianity of Calvinist extraction, back to the values of the wild blond beast. This includes revaluating the WN notion of thinking like civilians (“good Christians”) instead of freedom fighters, especially now that the enemy is planning to close our only outlet, the internet, in places like Britain.


Ex Gladio Libertas

Freedom comes from the sword

13 replies on “Ex Gladio Libertas”

I wonder if the general lack of comments on your blog is a reflection of this overwhelming weakness on the part of apparent “white nationalists”? The strange belief that voting, and peaceful protests will somehow change our future is absurd.

Ask that to the feminized WNsts (including of course an out-of-the-closet homosexual speaker advising us how to be “manly”!) that will meet next Saturday in no other place that in Murka’s capital.

Their motto (“Become who we are”) is an insult to Pindar’s “Become what you are” so quoted by Nietzsche.

“Become who we are”… Is absolutely absurd. I haven’t heard of this group. I honestly don’t even have much interest in general WN because it’s too weak. The major problem of course is that the people who understand the extreme nature of the situation are too secluded to really do much. People like John Angelo Gage, and his like. In my opinion they do more harm than good to the cause of the struggle of the white race with their absurdly moderate ways. So many who talk about cool people of other races that can help our struggle because they observe a few traditions, or speak the language perfectly. These people are nothing more than thieves, and they have no place among us. Neither do such weak minded people who speak of Christ, and how God is with us. Spiritual infants, and incapable of truly helping us in the end.

As long as Christianity dominates the greater percentage of [the] collective, there can be no true awakening because we can’t truly expand into the level of consciousness that is needed.

WN is simply a stepping stone along the way, not a destination. People rarely go from ‘civilian’ to freedom fighter in one fell swoop. So, I cut people a little slack as long as they are moving forward in the correct direction. It’s when they get stuck where we start to see problems. WN is only useful in planting the seed, nothing more. No revolution ever came from the middle class anyway, so what do people really expect? If you look closely, revolutionary movements are usually filled with the poor and criminals since they have a vested interest in real change. WN could be useful in putting on a ‘nice’ face to cover what the real revolutionaries are going to have to do, but only time will tell there. More than likely it will just fade away when a truly effective group takes the stage.

You are right on point here. As Hitler said, “the greatest gift you have, is your own people” the blood is all. Life isn’t just an individualistic, narcissistic obsession as we’ve come to know it. Your existence is the result of the blood that came before you to create you.

The utter selfishness that has been sown into our collective minds is a terrible disease. I truly believe that the soul is genetic. (I read somewhere that the Aryan people believed this) I think the peoples, and the civilizations they create. The music, or art they produce reflects this.

Creation is an act of the soul, and a reflection of it. One needs only to look around a little to see where the most degenerate, and simplistic art comes from. I had wondered for such a long time why it seemed that there have been no composers like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and the like for so long. I think it might relate to the decline of the soul in men as the nightmare of multiculturalism grew, and borders weakened.

The Indians have had the Vedic scriptures for ages, upon ages, yet as far as I can tell they have yet to awaken the third eye. If they had I can only imagine that they should have the greatest civilization in the world. Yet, they do not. I think they never will because it is not really the religion, it’s much more than that. To truly open the third eye, one must be pure genetically, and spiritually.

And I think that’s what disturbs me the most about the direction the world is heading in. How long ago did our people fall? And how long will we continue to walk so blindly? The people who think spirituality is spiritual, because spirituality with nothing beyond that point are some of the lost misguided because they don’t believe in anything, and think nothing really matters because of that. It’s quite frightening in a very dark way. So few people even begin to realize the depth of this nightmare we are in.

And as Adit so rightly observers, WN is just a stepping stone. A very small one to realizing who we are. We can only move in such small steps as Hitler seemed to well know. Although I think it’s fast coming to the point of no return, and people will be forced to sink, or swim. One does not awakening from a nightmare perfectly calm, and collected. It will be a very rude awakening when the true awakening finally begins.

Chechar, what do you think about non-violence revolution? The masses are still brainwashed and it seems feeling and moral ground have the utmost importance. link

The brainwashed masses will die as the West collapses. The only moral ground is to train and preserve the best of our race. Nothing else matters.

The greediness and impatience of the Jews for European genocide with refugee mass immigration will be our starting point.

Then, people speak in the same language of hate. Those who don’t or can’t hate will just vanish.

However, I’d really wish that we fight in many fronts like the communists, disrupting the gov’t, boycotting the Jew owned business, etc.

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