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Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 54



14th December 1941, midday

Incompatibility of National Socialism and Christianity— The Popes of the Renaissance—A poisoned source.
Kerrl, with the noblest of intentions, wanted to attempt a synthesis between National Socialism and Christianity. I don’t believe the thing’s possible, and I see the obstacle in Christianity itself.

I think I could have come to an understanding with the Popes of the Renaissance. Obviously, their Christianity was a danger on the practical level—and, on the propaganda level, it continued to be a lie. But a Pope, even a criminal one, who protects great artists and spreads beauty around him, is nevertheless more sympathetic to me than the Protestant minister who drinks from the poisoned spring.

Pure Christianity—the Christianity of the catacombs—is concerned with translating the Christian doctrine into facts. It leads quite simply to the annihilation of mankind. It is merely whole-hearted Bolshevism, under a tinsel of metaphysics.

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I’m the King of this delusion. I know I have a higher regard for National Socialism than Christianity. I thought you could blend the two together, but you can’t. I don’t know if ever will totally extricate this Jew out of my head completely, but I’m trying. The thing is that I’m an active person in the struggle and in my view is you have to gain the trust of these assholes. I know they’re racially aware, they’ve told me so.

It’s an unending task. Recently I’ve been reading some of my old posts and it’s remarkable how I have changed since then. It’s almost impossible to get rid from all of the Judaeo-Christian programming we received since our tender years.

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