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Real men

The Iron Legion

by Simon Wolfe

Iron Legion coverThere is an abject lack of testosterone and masculine virtue in the modern world and we are going to change that.

We are going to produce a new breed of men, in the spirit of our ancestors. We shall invigorate men to aspire to greatness in the style of the warrior poets of the heroic age that wield the sword of truth against our enemies. These are men who will build families and forge a new order of iron out of the chaos and detritus of the modern wasteland. These men will lead, and the right sort of women will follow.

The rest will be left behind.

6 replies on “The Iron Legion”

It would also be a good idea if we could start by not being afraid to be called names.

Hopefully,not only Trump-like funder but Osama bin Laden-type ones, who are willing to denounce the world for his ideals.

I must credit our Muslim enemies for their fanaticism and solidarity. It is something I envy intensely. It culminates with them staring down the barrel of a gun and seeing paradise. So they fought hard in Afghanistan, in Chechnya, and now they’re forming ISIS.

There is no way a cuckservative-inspired White nationalist could ever inspire that sort of extremism. Them and their pathetic attachments to the material real, with a jew-like understanding of the deeper principles and ideals that one could channel their spirit into. This is all alien and foolish to them.

Christianity is the best they can do. And it’s a pathetic spectacle to behold as they solemnly deny that the negro-philic Catholic Church has anything to do with their jew religion.

They scratch their heads at the idea of someone willing to sacrifice their lives for a cause. For these cuckservatives it’s all investment properties, a stultifying middle-class existence, and all that bourgeois faggotry.

They will suffer for this jew-envy. I won’t pity them.

I just hope I survive to one day clutch the cold, harsh hand of my fellow Aryans who were fanatical and cruel enough to survive the coming catastrophe. That hand would give me endlessly more comfort than all the bourgeoisie faggotry this present jew-culture could offer me.

It’s a long time since I communicated to the head person of this “iron legion” group and now it seems to me that they are dreaming; they want to make a community in Spain without rejecting feminism. How on earth will they be able to reproduce in healthy numbers? Aryan people need a land of their own, and that means civil revolution within the West. All else is faggotry.

Isn’t it odd that people having a chance to change things in real life choose to do stupid shit like this? Is becoming an overman so hard? Maybe, it’s not applicable in this situation, but Russians say, “The old want not, the young can not.”

Do they really support feminism, however? If it’s indeed their page, they don’t seem to. (If I had to make a guess, I’d say they grant women a full membership status with the right to vote.)

“Feminism” I said in the sense that they allow self-determination among their women; they’d never rape or force them to compulsory marriage to give each warrior to more than 6 kids, etc.

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