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On pathological altruism


A passage from White Power
by George Lincoln Rockwell

In short, “liberalism” and “ideal communism” are the results of the Aryan’s objectivity, fairness and love of justice, carried to the point of madness and suicide.

To use an apt analogy, sincere leftists (non-Jewish) are like gardeners who cannot bear to pull up weeds because they “feel for” the weeds. They can’t bear to see the “weeds” of humanity pulled out of the productive gardens of society. Their emotional defense of the weeds finally leads them to the point where they are pro-weed, and anti-garden.

Only the Aryan White Man ever develops this “proweedism,” this super-objective liberalism, which leads the victims to deny their own best interests and fight (in many cases, heroically) for the “rights” of human weeds and trash.

All the rest of humanity, untouched by this basically Nordic ability to think and feel idealistically, unselfishly and objectively, goes about its business in the old-fashioned way of instinct, with selfish singlemindness for their own welfare.

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Most white nationalists belong to this group. One of the things that has shocked me the most in my interactions with them, even those WNsts who claim to admire Hitler, is that they are more concerned of being sensitive toward the mudbloods in Europe than keeping their race safe from non-white genes. I refer to the anti-nordicists that plague white nationalism and even the so-called neonazi blogs.

But it’s not only them who fail to take their side for “sensitive” reasons. Just look at their overreactions every time a lone wolf makes a scene. WNsts’ hysterical reactions are not too far away from what we see in Fox News about Breivik et al. And of course, anti-nordicism and anti-violence hysteria are not the only areas where you can observe what Commander Rockwell called “proweedism.”

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And the way to deal with pathological altruists is to amputate their hands and remove their eyes. Then they will develop different ideas about the necessity of euthanasia.

Although I admire Rockwell, he had the wrong approach. You can’t just take a German nationalist movement and hope to rekindle it in America. You can certainly use NS ideas as the foundation for the movement, but it needs to be tailored to the country. Walking around in SA uniforms with swastika armbands was destined to fail. He probably would have gotten farther if he had worn a suit and tie, as banal as that uniformis.

Curious: because I believe exactly, exactly the opposite: WN has failed because it’s so different from NS: feminized western males with no boots on the ground (which is why Dylann did what he did). If Rockwell had not been assassinated and his movement allowed to flourish, as well as American NS journals like this one, American Nazis would have evolved into something like Golden Dawn in Europe, forcing the System to illegally incarcerate them.

Instead, the girls we have in WN—and in Dixie during their Confederate Flag rallies—won’t make a genuine dent in the System.

But the fact that Rockwell failed to attract smart, aggressive, and dynamic people like himself is another testament to his poor approach, and it’s why there was no one to carry the torch after his death.

Hitler had a ton of businessmen, writers, artists, political scientists, military leaders, etc. on his side. Even if Hitler had been assassinated he could have been replaced by guys like Heydrich or Donitz, if the former hadn’t been assassinated.

One of the traits of a good political leader is the ability to draw other good leaders to him. Rockwell didn’t really have that ability. Maybe he knew a widespread movement was hopeless and the whole thing was just for show, kind of like Mishima and his Shield society.

I still admire Rockwell, I just don’t think the way he went about things was effective. Earlier you posted a piece from him about he turned some junkie bum’s life around. That’s well and good, but it seems like he mainly attracted misfits.

As for the suit and tie look, I don’t like it much, but I think it’s a better approach than brown NS uniforms. The swastika made some sense in Europe; not much in America. I also don’t like short military haircuts, but that’ a personal preference.

The problem of the failure of the last 60 years lies not in the leaders, but in the common people. The Germans of the 1920s were decent people. Virtually all whites today are degenerates. In this I disagree with Ronin. He blames the leaders (Rockwell included). I blame the millions of degenerates who are simply uninterested. (See e.g., what Roger said about the English commoners in The Fair Race.)

I have noticed this also in my previous field of research, unrelated to race. The fault is not mine but of the quorum who does’t want to listen. Van Gogh put it beautifully: “It’s not my fault that my paintings are not sold”.

It was not Rockwell’s fault that his message fell in deaf ears.

Originally Rockwell’s whole thing was wearing a suit and trying to be presentable in the John Birch Society. It was only after continuously failing there that he became an open Nazi.

And his extreme presentation was toned down significantly by Pierce, who was brilliant but had even worse problems with succession.

I have to agree with Cesar’s assessment.

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