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Miscegenation Nordicism Table talks (commercial translation)

Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 144


1st July 1942, midday

Our people therefore is only harming itself if it accepts half-castes into the Wehrmacht, and thus admits them to a position of equality with pure-blooded Germans. We cannot accept the responsibility of burdening our blood-stream with the addition of further foreign elements. Exceptions in favour of half-castes must therefore be reduced to a minimum.

2 replies on “Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 144”

peak earl1

In addition to fag tolerance this shows that WN is phony: most WNsts have no problem to include the off-white population in Europe (e.g., the Portuguese mongrels, the Greeks that look like Turks or the brown Sicilians) as “whites”.

As I’ve said before, unlike the real nazis WNsts are radical egalitarians: if they reach power they won’t forbid marrying the off-white Mediterranean population. (Like the liberals, they’re “programmed” to terminate the fair race as well.)

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