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Christendom Hellstorm Holocaust

Southern nationalist

“I have to do it. You [African Americans] rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.”

—Dylann Storm Roof

killerRegarding yesterday’s Charleston, South Carolina shooting (pic of the perp, Dylann Storm Roof), southern nationalist Hunter Wallace has just said “We’re Christians. It’s not something we would ever do.”

What the hell is that supposed to mean? It was the American Christians the ones who committed the most serious crime of all history in the century when we were born: the Hellstorm Holocaust (see Tom Sunic’s “A war crime of the Bible”). Because of this Holocaust white people all over the world have been targeted for slow extermination since 1945—a sort of a Morgenthau Plan “lite” not only for Germany but for the whole West, the US included.

If Aryans go indeed extinct, future Chinese or Muslim historians will certainly blame Christian axiology as a major factor of white suicide.


See update to Roof’s actions: here

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“Southern nationalist” is Hunter Wallace by the by, not Dylann Storm Roof that on The Daily Stormer someone already called “hero”.

See long discussion on The Stormer. Idiots there and elsewhere are talking of false flags, Manchurian candidate, the jews did it, etc. Boring…

However, I liked Armor’s comments in that long thread (here and here).

This comment was BANNED from Andrew Anglin’s fake “Fascist” website The Daily Stormer only a few moments ago:

“Please refer to the sidebar disclaimer before commenting and understand that anyone supporting or endorsing this type of behavior will be immediately and permanently banned.”

I can’t believe that this sort of sniveling cowardice and drivel is coming out of the pen of the so called “Total Fascist” Andrew Anglin. If I had known that I had been funding a ‘peace-loving’ Conservative SJW charlatan sellout all this time I would have saved my money ages ago.

Whenever a lone wolf Jew or Moslem runs amok against enemy colonists colonizing Jewish or Moslem territory they all support him or at least have enough solidarity to make up excuses for him. Israeli IDF Medical Captain Baruch Goldstein for example who famously massacred 29 praying Palestinians at a Hebron Mosque in 1994 is currently a public hero in Israel, even though officially the Jewish State condemns his actions. Every year thousands of ordinary mainstream Jews visit his grave to pay their respects to him…

Whenever Moslems commit atrocities against enemy civilians they too are celebrated as heroes by mainstream society within their own communities despite all the official rhetoric from Mosques based in Western countries.

Here we have a (very brave) young White man who has effectively terminated his own life in order avenge the many and vast wrongs inflicted on the White Race in our own lands by marauding, uninivted racial aliens of the most savage variety and not only is his community holding some bizarre form of sick and twisted competition to see who can be the first to show the most “shame” and “remorse” on his behalf, but the allegedly most staunchest radical Right wingers among that community (such as alleged “Total Fascist” and political fraud Andrew Anglin), are actually attacking the avenging lone wolf in some sad and pathetic desperate effort to “play the system” when it isn’t even necessary to do so.

I do not condone what this young man did from a legal standpoint and even if I did I would have preferred more meaningful targets (minus the enemy Senator he took down) than just this rundown chapel full of wailing street niggers in downtown Charleston, but nonetheless, I must absolutely and unreservedly support not only him as a person but also these apparent actions morally and spiritually. There! You can “immediately and permanently ban” me now you little backstabbing rat bastard!!

Of course he should not have carried out this attack without at least some sort of legal framework in which to do so. The St. Bryce’s Day Massacre in 1002 is one example where a massacre can be legal.

In the context of the St. Bryce’s Day Massacre in England in 1002, the King of England himself had actually passed a secret decree ordering the massacre to take place at a particular time and it was carried out; every Dane in England was exterminated. Similarly when Sulla proscribed a large chunk of the patrician class in Rome it is arguable that he did so within the Roman Constitution.

Assuming hypothetically that this Dylan Roof HAD obtained legal permission to effectuate this massacre of blacks we should then be applauding his actions NOT condemning them like so many cockroaches scurrying away into a dark corner, like how alleged “Total Fascist” Andrew Anglin now does in this article like the unmanly, slimy, grovelling, conformist worm he has become.

I don’t care if Roof has “Asperger’s Syndrome”, I don’t care if he has a ridiculous haircut, I don’t care if he entered the church riding in a talking wheel chair like Stephen Hawkings and sprayed an uzi at the congregation shouting “fuck you niggers” at the top of his voice through his electronic voice box.

The ultimate worth of a man is judged by his life changing actions, not by what some allegedly “Fascist” twofaced poof has to care about a particular hairstyle.

His actions cannot be condoned legally and I do not in any sense endorse them except in principle where such actions would be legally sanctioned such as in the above examples, but at the same time it is surely beyond any reasonable doubt that these actions were morally and spiritually righteous.

Any White man or woman who condemns them from a moral standpoint or who does so without at least qualifying the circumstances in an attempt to mitigate Roof’s legal responsibility is simply an obscene and open coward (A COWARD), who does not belong in our Movement lest he rat on someone else for his own personal and selfish advantage as a professional political fraud.

You got that Andrew?

“The kid is nuts. He’s not a ‘hero.’ He didn’t help our cause. Now the Jews will push for gun confiscation and more hate crimes legislation.”

Federal door-to-door gun confiscation and blacks rioting in the streets is exactly what we want to happen. It will exacerbate tensions and create a higher likelihood of civil warlike conditions. This is imperative to our movement.

“What good did Anders Breivik do?”

Ummm… Let’s see… Perhaps took down 60 odd future Norwegian Labour Party politicians before they even had a chance to run for office?

“What good did Timothy McVeigh do?”

Perhaps made the Turner Diaries a worldwide best seller, translated into several foreign languages and banned from numerous European countries?…

You don’t have to condone what this man has done in legal terms, no one is asking you to. But at the same time anyone who attacks what he has done from a moral standpoint is simply a grotesque and unsightly coward of the highest order.

This revenge assault, although certainly illegal, perhaps inappropriately aimed and possibly ill advised was nonetheless entirely righteous and moral and as such I salute it and if you are White and reading this comment then you should salute it too or else go hang your head in shame!

(Admin note:) Just for the record, SJW, Social Justice Warrior, “is an euphemism for a White Westerner who has been fully psychologically assimilated into the Cultural Marxist mindset. It’s a term that Andrew Anglin uses a lot to attack ‘Men’s Rights’ activists and alleged Conservatives who claim to be politically edgy and new but who are simply mouthpieces of The System.”

“…a grotesque and unsightly coward of the highest order.”

Ha. Well said!

Incidentally, I didn’t know that The Turner Diaries was banned from some traitorous countries.

White nationalism is fake. Southern nationalist is fake. Neo-Nazism is phony too. (Have you read my “Why I am not a neonazi”?) I despise these cowards. In fact, I no longer visit their sites with the exception of the comments section of The Occidental Observer looking for anti-Christian comments.

When I see the WN scene in dismay I can only pray that they don’t find an alternative source of energy so that the peak oil crisis that might be coming reaches truly apocalyptic proportions—the ideal environment for the Blond Beast to come again. WNsts and Neo-Nazis and all sort of non-revolutionaries are de facto conservatives. Shame.

This is quite a good and thoughtful comment by Nationalist4HeroRoof, his main point being that judged as an act of revenge against black crimes against whites, Roof was justified. Hopefully Roof when in prison will be isolated (kept away from) blacks, so they can’t harm him.

Also, the criticisms of Andrew Anglin as a weak-kneed Christian Conservative are unfortunately justified. And Andrew’s anti-sex attitudes are straight out of the Christian playbook.

I still check Anglin’s dailystormer website daily, mostly for the comments, but the average quality of the comments there seems to be declining, as Anglin and his banning practices become more and more kosher.

Right on, though admittedly I share Andrew’s anti-sex attitudes, not out of any retarded Christian beliefs, but because I do think it is absolutely essential that White Men quit all porn, masturbation, and recreational sex, and use their sperm only for fulfilling the 14 words.

When you quit masturbating you become much more virile, aggressive, and assertive. It is a must for us White Men, we must practice this.

Absolutely. You quit all of your adolescent habits and the first thing that comes to your mind is abducting the (already debauched anyway) Sabine woman you see on the streets. After the coming civilisational crash whites must become drooling wolves. As John Lincoln Rockwell put it, “he who does not fuck won’t fight”. Bad sexual habits are for feminized western males, for the conservatives and the white nationalists of the interregnum; not for post-collapse revolutionaries.

brothermattiex (and also César), the mistake you are making is that you are applying egalitarianism (we are all equal) to all white men regarding sexual matters.

We (white men) are not all equal in sexual matters. Also, our worth to women as potential new fathers declines as we age. For example, consider an old man like myself at age 59, who two years ago actively pursued a 24-year-old woman who I found very sexually attractive to the point of wanting a child by her, but she repeatedly rejected me over the course of several months because as she told me I was too old. I finally gave up.

So, for an old man like myself, am I supposed to “quit all porn, masturbation, and recreational sex, and use their sperm only for fulfilling the 14 words.” when I am currently too old to be sexually attractive to women?

Also, what about younger men who for various possible reasons are currently unattractive to women, and have learned that from experience. Are they too, as you say, supposed to “quit all porn, masturbation, and recreational sex, and use their sperm only for fulfilling the 14 words.” when good quality women don’t want them?

Your blanket anti-sex attitudes are implicitly cruel to those of our men, whether young or old, who are currently sexual rejects to good quality women.

Yes: quit all degeneracy. Don’t think like the 21st century decadent bourgeois known as WNst. See my chapter on Sparta in the book linked at the sidebar. Some young Spartans died virgins when the Iron man ways ruled the Aryan psyche. Today we have exactly the opposite: the economic man and Homo Americanus.

Keep your sperm away from the Kleenex and plan instead the holy race war with another comrade. In the Day of the Rope you may even save from the rope a beautiful teen who behaved like mudshark. The punishment for her behavior will be to marry an older man—or die. The poor thing will try to make her mind while she’s still with the rope around her neck.

Read “The diamond speaks”.

César, I don’t see your “Day of the Rope” fantasy as helpful, because in the USA where I live, such a fantasy is just too unlikely to be realized anytime in the next few decades.

Given USA demographics and trends, Brazil North is an ongoing process for the USA, and the most likely by far long-term future for the USA, given the confluence of Jews, Christianity, the USA imperialist government, and capitalism with its ever-present desire for lower wages for workers, as well as all the third-world garbage already living in the USA, all working together to keep the third-world mud flowing into the USA. Against such a confluence in the USA, fantasy doesn’t stand a chance of becoming reality.

A comrade whom I met last year in England has just mailed to some recipients this communication:

I just found this epic comment that someone was so good as to post on Caesar Tort’s White Nationalist blog in regards to the recent revenge attack in Charleston on behalf of our race’s many thousands of victims of negro savagery yesterday, and the fact that Fake Fascist midget Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer actually responded to the attack by condemning it as evil and racist. 

Needlesstosay I fully endorse the comment and all its points. It’s about time to ditch this nigger loving, Christian Conservative  circle jerker Andrew Anglin (Eich Gliebe 2) and his increasingly PC driven nanny-state drudge report.

Whenever hobby-driven sociopaths like this find a comfortable niche in The Movement for themselves they invariably always tend to soon find themselves trying to work back towards the sheeple society from whence they came and are seen making their peace with The System like this all the time.

It’s time these joke Movement leaders were finally discredited and gotten rid of once and for all.

P.S. of June 19. But Hunter Wallace apparently disagrees…

Agreed, the guy is a hero. This is what it means by Goebbel’s Total War. It is disgusting that Dailystormer condemns this guy, what a egoistical narcisstic coward. In this age, it is look at me time, don’t steal my spotlight away.

But other major WN (or self-styled “southern nationalist”) blogs are doing the same. Wallace at Occidental Dissent is now calling the above commenter “sociopath”. I believe it is a little more complicated than that. As the friend quoted above put it today, “Muslim schoolgirls can support their communities lone wolf avengers, Andrew Anglin can’t…”

Daily Stormer is getting very suspicious lately. Their comments section is getting more and more censored, and Anglin is acting very disgracefully on this one.

They’re total phonies.

He’s a weird guy and fits the stereotype of an uncouth “Nazi.” He banned me for criticizing Vladimir Putin during the height of the fake Ukrainian revolution.

I kept trying to show that just because the Ukrainians were Jew tools didn’t meant that Putin wasn’t, and that Jews play both sides in these kinds of conflicts. He argued for a bit, then banned me.

I don’t think he’s a paid agent, I just think he’s not very bright.

I’m pretty sure William Pierce would’ve condemned this attack also. Strictly, from a utilitarian point of view, what good did it to?

Very little. If anything it just made negroes morally relevant to White People again. Only time will tell if this blows over. Given our distance from election season, I doubt the media jews and traitor politicians will be able to harness this to disarm Whites.

Whites are never going to be disarmed. That just isn’t feasible or even realistic. These events are sensationalized by the media because it helps sustain the narrative that America is racist against black people, and Whites who express even the faintest sentiment of racial solidarity are evil, and possibly dangerous. In fact, I’m not sure this was even a real event. News stories are becoming more and more suspicious, and we know that many events are simply orchestrated and staged e.g. the September 11th attacks, so White nationalists shouldn’t use events like this to jostle for “I’m holier than thou” purity, but should continue to focus on long-term organizing and planning

DenVilda: Read this blog. We don’t believe in 9/11 conspiratorial insanity (nor Johnson, MacDonald, Parrott and of the late people not even Pierce). Also, the point is that DS is censoring dissenting opinions and that his “Nazism” is more Hollywoodesque than real.

I do read this blog, and, for the most part, enjoy it. You are too quick, though, to label anyone who doesn’t believe in the mainstream story on 9/11 as “conspiratorial insanity.” William Pierce died not long after the event, and wasn’t aware of all the evidence that had accumulated showing that that conventional story was simply impossible. Kevin MacDonald accepts the mainstream story, but he does seem circumspect. Alex Linder, though, is fully convinced that 9/11 was an Israeli operation. He’s right.

I’ve read probably every book written about 9/11, easily over 3000 pages, and I used to argue on the Randi forums with the best “debunkers,” Mark Roberts, Ryan Mackey, Ronald Weick etc. and easily came out on top every time.. Anyone who honestly studies 9/11 will come to the same conclusion: the mainstream story is absurd, always changing, and the physics are simply impossible.

Anyone who honestly studies 9/11 will come to the same conclusion…

I have found NO SINGLE truther in white nationalism or elsewhere who has studied both sides of the 9/11 controversy. Not even one. All of them, with no exception, listen the attorney but never to the prosecutor. Are you telling me that you are the exception? Are those 3,000 pages you mention 1,500 of “truthers” and 1,500 from skeptics?

Write MacDonald to check and see if he really harbours doubts about the Muslims who perpetrated 9/11. (Linder is 110% aware of the JP, which means that the 10% surplus is paranoia.)

I’m sure it’s not an even 50-50 split, but I don’t see that it matters. I have read, and studied the so-called “debunkers” starting with the official 9/11 Commission Report, the NIST report, the articles in Popular Mechanics, Mark Roberts aka Gravy etc. The only reason I’m convinced the mainstream story isn’t accurate is because the inadequacy of the explanations offered by the defenders of the official narrative.

Can you tell me Zdeneks Bazant’s explanation for the collapse of WTC1, the dynamics of the collapse and what empirical evidence he cites to corroborate his claim without using google.com or asking someone else? His explanation is more or less the closest thing to an official explanation, and it doesn’t wash. If I run across Kevin MacDonald, I’ll ask him the same question, and if he can’t answer it, then I don’t see why his opinion matters.

Also, David Duke, in addition to Linder, acknowledges that 9/11 was an Israeli operation.

Yes, I’ve read those websites, and even wrote to Mark Roberts about his analysis of WTC7, and why it was inadequate. I’ve debated them on the Randi forum, or what I decided to dub the Razzi forums because they were so god awful. The first thing to note about the so-called “debunkers” is that they take some of the more outlandish claims of the “truthers” and then show those to be preposterous or silly, which isn’t difficult to do because the “truthers” have have made some really terrible arguments. The “debunkers” fail, however, in much the same way the NIST report fails, or any other report fails, when it tries to provide a scientific explanation for the collapse. The physics doesn’t add up. Zdenek Bazant’s article in the Journal of Engineering Mechanics is the best attempt, and it is pathetic. When I challenged NASA engineer Ryan Mackey to explain the dynamics of the collapse he began to enter Neverland. Supposedly there was an indestructible pile driver that was, in his words, “floating on a cushion of debris.” Ronald Weick was hopelessly confused because he still thinks the towers were a “pancake” collapse — so he doesn’t even keep up with the latest government propaganda. So, yes, I’ve read it all, debated those who try to debunk 9/11, and it is quite obvious that there is no scientific explanation for the collapse of the towers. That is fundamental. No one is able to provide a scientific explanation for the collapse of the towers that captures all of the phenomenon — pulverization of concrete, outward of ejection of steel beams, speed of the collapse etc.

Of course, not much else adds up about 9/11 either, so it is crystal clear that the mainstream story is fictional.

No one is able to provide a scientific explanation for the collapse of the…

You didn’t say how percentage of skeptical literatura you have read. My hunch is that if you don’t read enough of it you will miss how they explain what you claim.

I’ve read practically all of it. I do try to go for quality, and that is specifically why I read — and later brought to everyone’s attention — Zdenek Bazant’s article in the Journal of Engineering Mechanics. I’m not interested in reading a “debunker” article that tries to convince me that Judy Wood of “space-beam” fame is a lunatic. I already know that. My singular interest is in what science is behind the collapse of the towers, and the so-called “debunkers” usually just pass the ball to FEMA, and then NIST. If you recall, the first article by Thomas Eager, said that the towers were a “pancake” collapse. I think most people still think this today, and are not aware that this has been superseded by NIST’s analysis of the inward-bowing perimeter columns. NIST doesn’t go past collapse initiation. So to get more information after collapse initiation I read Zdenek Bazant’s explanation. If you can find a more qualified source than Journal of Engineering Mechanics, then let me know. The funny thing is is that most “debunkers” didn’t even believe the nonsense that Bazant was trying to sell. It’s transparently absurd. So despite millions of dollars spent on commissions, research, and everything else, there is still no scientific explanation behind the collapse of the towers — and by that I mean an explanation that provides useful information concerning the collapse of the towers. Bare assertions like “the building was on fire, things got hot, some debris fell off the building, and then the tower collapsed,” are unscientific.

That is the most likely explanation. Larry Silverstein recently acquired the towers before 9/11 and was a personal friend of Bibi Netanyahu. He profited enormously from his insurance claim.

The day after the attack the New York Times reported that Israelis were apprehended after they were seen celebrating the attacks. They had cameras set up prior to the attack to record the event. They later said they were there to “document the event.” But how did they know there was going to be an event to document?

Right after 9/11 the United States created a brand new department, the Department of Homeland Security, and was headed by Michael Chertoff. I’ll let you guess his ethnicity.

In 1967 Israeli deliberately attacked the NSA spy ship, the US Liberty. How did Israel know that it could deliberately target and kill Americans, and get away with it, if they didn’t have complete control of our political, legal system and media?

“By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”

Well, I will add to my list of WNsts who believe the Muslims did it Irmin Vinson. Just curious: does David Duke believe that the Mossad orchestrated 9/11 or only that the Israelis knew? There’s a huge difference between these positions.

So in the early days of the 9/11 Truth movement there was a distinction made between the LIHOP (Let it happen on purpose) and MIHOP (made i happen on purpose) people. LIHOP was never a meaningful position; it was more an attempt by some people to retain some putative respectability by not completely endorsing the seemingly implausible idea that “our” government carried out the attack. David Duke is — as far as I know — still in the LIHOP camp, but LIHOP is a completely indefensible, gratuitous, and absurd position. The only way Israel could’ve known about the attack was because they perpetrated the attack.

Therefore, according to common sense Dave Duke is NOT a believer of conspiracy theories as most “truthers” understand it: “It was an inside job”, etc.

We agree to disagree then. Please abstain from further 9/11 comments in this thread about Wallace’s Christianity and this young killer of blacks.

No he would not have. When Benjamin Smith, formerly of the WCOTC went on a rampage he stressed the need for maintaining discipline, but he didn’t go all blubbery and sentimental like Hunter Wallace, Anglin and all the other namby pambies of the semi-kosher pro-white movement.

William Pierce did say that John King, the man who dragged James Byrd behind his truck for three miles, should be put to death because we cannot accept this sort of lawlessness. That sounds like a rather strong condemnation to me.

Never, never, never discredit a lone wolf comrade, crazy or not. It just makes us look weak. My mind has been infected by Christ-insanity too, but this is war. There will be a day of the rope. I just hope our necks aren’t in it.

Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
I don’t bother reading Daily Stormer as I sniffed Jew think about a year ago there. It is too busy bashing ‘white’ women and European women for my tastes. It does not surprise me that the site condemned Roof as it aligns itself with wussified Elitist Jew Think Whites.

I would not call WN counterproductive so much as just an outright obstacle. It is comprised of more materially endowed Whites who have BENEFITTED from the hijacking of the West by Jews and muds et al. WN has been co-opted and at its core is Anti White. It will not get radical because getting radical will upset the apple cart of benefits for WNS.

Someone in the comments here for this post commented regarding Jews and Muslims supporting their radicals or in the least, not bashing them. I alluded to this in one of my prior posts. So right on there as this is the problem for Whites as well kill our radicals all the time. We crap on our poor and Elitist Whites crap on women.

Think about this: The countries that claim to be the most paternalistic and male oriented STILL have had female leaders, and these include Israel, Ireland, and Germany. Despite male hierarchy and what not in these countries, the citizens in these places are able to embrace OUT OF THE BOX thinking and make allowances for radicalism, such as female leadership.

What does the USA do to its women? We bash them, squash them, and drive them to poverty.

What does the USA do to its poor white men? It sends them to die in wars for rich people and its spits on them calling them white trash.

WN = Classism. So it is statist, static, meaning in the end no change for middle class or working whites.

Screw WN.

May be Roof is an agent for ZOG? Who knows. But I am not going to bash him. Whatever he is, he is a product of what Elitism in White America does to lower income whites and white women not born of status.

Some time ago I came to realize that Daily Stormer was not going to advance National Socialism, so I stopped taking it seriously.

But the one thing I am proud of is that I was the one, under various usernames, who heavily pushed the anti-feminist/misogyny narrative on that site. And from time to time when I browse the comments I see time and again old arguments I made resurfacing and being advanced there.

I say to you Vikingbitch that you should be a Kitchenbitch. We are going to utterly route out your deceptive crypto-feminism, which always boils down to “but I want male entitlements without the responsibility”. We don’t care how hurt your feelings are, at the end of the day you will be in utter submission to the White Man because we’ve decided this. We’ve decided you treacherous sluts are not doing your jobs properly so when the crash comes we will force you to do your jobs, and you can cry a river of tears. We spit on it.

It may sound like bitching and crying to you, but one day you will feel the effects of my pamphleteering, one day you and your single child will be beholden to the White Patriarchy, whether you want it or not.

Cry harder.

Actually, I have three kids.

No I am not crying or bitching. The Stromer sucks and I am sad that you hate women so much. I did not do it to you. I am a regular person trying to make it through the world just like you.

A true Aryan would not think like you.

You’re not a person, you’re a woman. I didn’t know you were allowed to have a laptop in the kitchen.

You should get back to that steak, I can smell it burning from here.

I agree with Cesar that debating with a woman is counterproductive, quite possibly pointless.

That being said, I see three problems with your line of thinking:

1) You fall into the “I’m not a feminist but…” category. Exactly like the conservatives of all stripes.
2) Egalitarianism practiced among whites, regardless of sex, intelligence, achievements, etc. This is leftism.
3) Materialism: You expect whites to be well rewarded for any kind of advocacy. Conversely, you attribute any violence done by whites to economic and class motives.

You condemn WN. Yet you reason and argue like one of them.

“I agree with Cesar that debating with a woman is counterproductive, quite possibly pointless.”

It is quite impossible to try to reason with my mother and sisters. But what I’ve discovered recently is that commenter Vaarg was right a couple of years ago in this blog. I should not even relate to non-white males like the Brazilian and the guy that I called “The Mestizo” in my book Extermination. The later has been causing problems when he read what I wrote about him, even if I omitted his name.

I stick to my rule: Thou shalt only speak to Aryan males, in the sense of meaningful conversation. Most Aryan males are brainwashed, yes: but it’s surreal to try to convince women in my family or non-white males from Latin America.

Nietzschean morality requires that superior men surrender all hope of personal gain for the sake of the cause: fame, money, wealth, respectability, hope for an afterlife, even a normal family life if need be. If they can die for the cause, living in penury if need be is mild by comparison.

The German Idealists already pointed out that sincere authentic “virtue” requires a man to have NO possibility for personal gain.

Otherwise, what is the whole point of this struggle if whites merely end up as spiritual semites? (Inner Jews)

Very few American Whites grasp this. Pierce and David Lane being the notable exceptions.

Edwin: What you say sounds as music to my ears. In the past I tried to use TV images as “talking the black” from Game of Thrones and the “High sparrow”, etc. But I’ve noticed that most WNsts are materialists incapable of real sacrifice. This thread is too long already because of the distracting discussion about 9/11. If you want to expand on that I’d appreciate doing it in my latest post instead.

If anything, female leadership is workable in paternalistic countries because the structures of power are built and maintained by men. A woman could lead for a time as she would be surrounded by men, molded by masculine virtues, and held to masculine standards. Having children tends to make women more broadly “conservative” as well. Her maternal instinct could extend to the nation as a whole.
I’m not endorsing this for its own sake, but a healthy racial state can make almost anything work for a time.

Thank you.

I agree with you. Many females that achieved things said their biggest backers were men.

The man who made the comment I should be Kitchenbitch is obviously clueless. Women who are moms are in the kitchen. I make meals for my kids, I do laundry, clean the house. Most women do. That comment is utterly retarded.

NS just appeals to men who feel disenfranchised. It feeds and builds negativity. Stormer is useless.

In Brazil, Christianism compete with left jewish stablishment about who is the most dysgenic ones.

Will go to bless a imaginary jewish men. Christians and leftists agree that all are equals by God or Lamarck-Gould.

What white’s as a collectivity know about jews ?? And what jews know about whites??

Self knowledge or real identity and ability to understand people intentions and essences, the weakness of this population. Whites, indeed, are the autistic-like human varieties.

Darwin write the most divergent varieties are more likely to survive in a demographically diverse environment.

@ Edwin:

Will you feed, tutor, and school my kids?

I don’t know where you are coming from re: material gain.

My biggest responsibility is to look after my kids.

Then where is the husband?

I’m sick and tired of single mothers rubbing it in everyone’s faces how much they love their children, yet they can’t even give those children a father.


Women don’t give kids fathers. Society raises fathers. Who raised you? Whoever did raise you did a terrible job. Really.

The men that came before the young men today sucked. Truly. They thought porn and mini hef attitudes are okay. They are not. The white race is dead because the white men that are out there today suck. Not so much the young ones, they can change but the old ones are terrible. They really screwed up. They really thought they were .’the king’ as the west slipped through their hands.

White women are just picking up the pieces.

By the way, I am a person. My kids see me as a person. I see them as future Aryans. Please let go of your blinding hate. Any woman you get will just end up hating you.

Oh dear! Such hatred, Jesus wept….ha! Just kidding. Let’s not turn into sassy children over this sick world. When I read about the hyper-morality of tough times on this very site, it really jarred some of the Jew think in my mind like constipation medicine. The Jews may come for my money and my house, but I will not dignify them with my worry or tears. This is the state of the world as it is and it will only get worse. To really act and understand what to do requires we become like barbarian Errol Flynn’s, ever working but smiling at the danger. Any other way will lead to movement fatigue which is like negro fatigue and leads to hopelessness, alcohol, and probably masturbation.

VB, he doesn’t know you are an exceptional example of Aryan woman. Let him go. He needs to read your blog to understand you, he was just generalizing all feminists out there, which is quite true.

Dude, methinks you doth protest too much.

If you truly believed your professed disdain for VB, you would hardly be so furious in responding to her.

Today I visited Occidental Dissent again and its editor’s interpretation of Eisenhower’s civil rights bothered me (he omitted that it was an expansion of what Eisenhower et al did to Germany). So I’ll remove one of my recent Addenda posts and relocate it here:

Wallace’s articles


“Conservatism, Inc. unleashed the Third World immigration tsunami” – November 5, 2016

“The Truth About Steve Bannon” – November 20, 2016

“White Nationalism, Explained” – November 22, 2016

“The Trump Question” – December 12, 2016

“The Federalist: American Academia Helped Create The Alt-Right” – December 23, 2016

Wallace recounts his intellectual voyage here & wrote on Christmas Eve: “American conservatives are classical liberals. It is a really confusing term. It suggests they want to conserve something real like a people or their culture, but the movement is really about fidelity to liberal abstractions like Freedom and Equality and Democracy. Conservatives are really into the Free Market and the Constitution.”

But I am annoyed at Christian nationalists; so I’ve just unwatched his OD from my watchlist.

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