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Dying religion

by Franklin Ryckaert

Far from being a Jewish conspiracy to undermine European man, as some assert, Christianity has always been a source of moral strength for Western man, especially when it comes to family values.

However, when a religion is dying because its myth loses appeal, no amount of artificial propaganda can resurrect it. Family values can be successfully promoted entirely by secular means, as the short-lived fascist regimes of Italy and Germany demonstrate.

2 replies on “Dying religion”

LOL a source of moral strength. Yes, tell that to all the Germanic women burned at the stake, or the piles of corpses that the Thirty Years War chalked up.

What an utterly stupid comment.

Christianity is nothing but Jewish malware, all the stupid goyim who cling to it deserve to be cut off.

Franklin should have said instead “Christianity has sometimes been a source of moral strength”, but not always. I have noticed that he’s still struck in some aspects of Christian morality.

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