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Frost responds

19th-century cartoon depicting Jack FrostAt The Occidental Observer a commenter asked: It [our parents’ religion] doesn’t say that White people, from now on, must accept to be race-replaced by third-world immigrants?

Jack Frost responded last month:

It’s hard for me to see how anyone can interpret Christianity’s doctrine of universal brotherhood and its minimization of the importance of blood ties in any other way.
The commenter had argued:

It makes me think of those who over-interpret the US constitution.
Frost added:

While it’s always possible to argue over interpretations, the one thing that seems utterly inarguable in the case of both Christianity and the Constitution is their absolute failure to protect the white race. When you understand the importance of Christianity in shaping the culture of the West, and the horrific implications of its anti-racist outlook, the reason for this failure should be obvious.

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