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On Christian rock

by Roger

When I was doing a bit of research into Calvinism last year, and especially the state of Calvinism in North America, one of the funniest things I encountered was “holy hip-hop.” There are people out there who self-identify as Puritans and listen to this jungle drivel, referring to it as “lyrical preaching.” Have a quick look at this.

I’m not masochistic enough to watch the entire video, but how humiliating this must be for veteran Calvinists living through their twilight years! In the case of rock “music,” the apologists can at least argue that the music is melodic. It is still evil, but it is evil of a higher caste than rap. To go from Bach to this is the epitome of decadence. It is fitting, in a way, because the demographic future of Reform Christianity is going to be predominantly black, and there is no place for Bach in black societies. All universalistic churches are going to be wrecked by the darkies, and they deserve what is coming their way.

I still have respect for some of the Traditional Catholics, but they can never reconcile their universalism with the cause of true racial justice. When they end up with a black pope, how will they be able to justify wanting to deport niggers from their countries, or their opposition to miscegenation? The head of their own church will be a symbol of racial egalitarianism.

3 replies on “On Christian rock”

This truly disturbing. I almost dread watching neo-Calvinist rappers, but it might be somewhat amusing depending on my mood. The Calvinists of the youtube variety that do this Sovereign Grace music stuff at times is halfway listenable. But, that’s the problem. It’s only halfway listenable.

You criticize Modern Protestants, and often justly. But one needs to remember that among Adolf Hitler’s strongest supporters were German Protestants. In the 1932 and 1933 elections, it was not Bavaria that voted overwhelmingly for Adolf Hitler, but Lutheran and Calvinist regions of Eastern and Northern Germany. You can even find such a map. Strangely, there support for Adolf Hitler was always above 50% in 1932 already. Even in 1933, the Catholic Rhineland did not vote for Hitler, but voted for the Centre Party. And atheist and secularist German cities of Berlin and some German industrial areas still voted mostly for Social Democratic Party. The areas that supported Hitler the strongest in terms of votes were Schleswig-Holtstein, Hannover, Pomerania, Brandenburg, Silesia and Mecklenburg. All of these regions back in 1930s had an overwhelmingly Lutheran or Calvinist population.

I live in an area where there is a lot of religion on the radio. I heard some evangelicals who sounded like they’ve given up on focusing on North America and Europe. They want to convert the third world. Nothing good can come of it, since if you are going to preach to them you have to feed them and they breed more. The resulting population explosion spills over into Europe and North America.

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