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A brief Sebas exchange

Commenting about the video by Brother Nathanael “How to fix America,” I said yesterday at Sebastian Ronin’s Facebook page: “The US can’t be fixed even by non-Jew white nationalists. These guys don’t want to recognize that even considered in isolation the Old Testament kind of Christianity brought by their original founding fathers and America’s worship of Mammon are larger factors than the Jew one. Impossible to fix unless you renounce the US’s double-helix genes: something that white nationalists won’t do.”

Hermann1Today Sebastian responded:

The vast majority of Murkan WNs are simply dumb Cracka patriotards. They won’t renounce because they can’t renounce; they do not have the existential capacity to renounce. Just let it burn.

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Sebastian is absolutely right. I live among very White Krishtun Ziotards. They are willfully oblivious to reality They are awash in faux moral vanity. Non-Whites are telling them, every single day, they it’s all about Race – but the willfully self-deluding White Ziotards still insists that if, We work hard enough, and REALLY teach them (non-Whites) the right things, they’ll learn!” All those rioting, looting Burn This Bitch Down Niggers will turn Jeffersonian Republicans overnight, if We Whites JUST work hard enough to teach them the joys and benefits of personal responsibility, hard work, self-reliance, and Rule of Law.


The White Ziotards still viciously cling to their delusions.

And the Jews? Mah Fellow Murkin White Ziotards may grudgingly admit, after serious, enervating arm-twisting, that Negroes are problematic – but it’s only because we failed ot uplift them – but God’s Widdle Special Snowflakes? They stand with Izzrul!

Sebastian’s right. The faster this bitch burns down, the better.

What white nationalists are incapable to grasp, even the best minds in WNsm, is that Christianity is a larger factor of white decline than the Jewish problem. This is a translation of what I recently wrote for the book I’m writing in Spanish:

The following passage from Breve Historia de México by Vasconcelos portrays the ethos of a bird in danger of extinction, the Mexican Hispanophile:

In short, it is time to proclaim without reservation that both the Aztec civilisation and those that preceded it were a set of cases of aborted humanity. Neither the technical means available, nor their morals or ideas, could have ever raised its peoples.

The only way to save them was the one employed by the Spaniards: miscegenation legalized by the Papal Bull that authorised the marriages of Spaniards and the natives. And with miscegenation the total replacement of the old soul by a new one, by the miracle of Christianity. The fact that in Mexico we have many millions of Indians should not scare us provided that the whitish trend persists, and the effort to make the Indian a European in soul, a Christian, not a pagan with wild paganism.

Vasconcelos was wrong. You cannot turn to the Other into the Same.

Not even most part of my first book, Hojas Susurrantes, has been translated. The one I’m writing is a sort of continuation of it. Of course, if I had serious fans about these writings I’d translate them.

Ideal would have been that Pierce’s legacy continued, but with his death the possibility of viewing things differently died. Today’s WN represents a giant step backwards compared to what Pierce saw in his three books: two novels and the nonfictional Who We Are.

What to do? Remember my metaphor by the end of The Fair Race: finish crossing the bridge. Leave for good the rock at the middle of the river. Be a real man.

P.S. This is what Sebas just said about Jared Taylor’s “What’s wrong with the country?”:

It’s fucked; it is rotten to the core; it is a filthy spiritual and cultural shithole. Only reactionary patriotards, i.e. the vast majority of Murkan White Nationalists, would think that it is capable of being “saved.” Only reactionary patriotards would even bother to think that the effort to do so is worth while.

The US must burn so that the surviving Anglo-Saxons may live.

My thoughts drift as the cycle of thunderstorms continue to batter my area of the USA. I think of the part of the movie Perfect Storm where they despair of ever getting out of the Noreaster. “It’s not going to let us out”. The misplaced empathy of Americans and thinking they can somehow ignore nature will be fatal. Burn this bitch down indeed.

When you’re greatly outnumbered in battle, it isn’t wise to jettison soldiers who are willing to fight your enemy, even if you don’t see eye-to-eye on every issue.

I love the graphic. It reminds me of thoughts I’ve had that some areas, such as blighted parts of Detroit where houses are $100, would be ripe for homesteading by our kind of people, in the declining days just before total collapse. The timing would be delicate, though. An arcology, perhaps, something along the lines of Oath of Fealty, or just a few city blocks of that almost free real estate, renovated and then defended from all intrusions by anyone.

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