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On metapolitics

“Building a counter-narrative? The only thing that can turn the tide in the US is total economical breakdown and race war.”


2 replies on “On metapolitics”

And we are near the point of total economic breakdown now. The collapsed oil price means its game over for the global economy. Debt saturation and weakened economic growth means its unlikely that the oil price will return to normal for long enough to keep oil production going. Its important that those in the nationalist movement who have the financial resources to get ahead of the curve do so now. We have at best one or two more years of business as usual left.

In all likelihood many if not most of us will either be dead or destitute within a couple of years so building a counternarrative without trying to secure the basics of survival first is pointless. In the case of white nationalism, most of the counternarrative still exists in cyberspace, a medium that depends on an energy intensive electrical infrustructure, servers and cooling systems which will disappear when total economic collapse arrives. As far as building a counternarrative is concerned our best bet would be to commit as much of it to paper as possible even if its reaches a much smaller audience.

This is exactly what I’ve tried to communicate to the WN community to no avail. Most of them are still patriotards who believe that business as usual will continue in the US for the rest of the century.

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