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Blacks Deranged altruism

On Norman Rockwell

Note of September 2017: What Brad Griffin says about the pro-nigger painting of Norman Rockwell has been relocated at the last section of this post.

One reply on “On Norman Rockwell”

Norman Rockwell was born in NYC in 1894. He died in MA in 1978. His actual life experiences were that of a hothouse flower. He lived in a protected Yankee Puritan Anglo Saxon ideological bubble his ENTIRE life—like millions of other White No REAL Contact With the Darling Dark Pets “Liberals”.

Were he alive today—I’d stalk and harass him and DEMAND he do a painting of Little Baby Antonio West, in the last moment of his life, or Kitty Genovese, in the last moments of hers, or that last moment before Darren Wilson decided to and was able to save his own life, and not become a Blood Sacrifice to the Dark Gods of Gentle Giant Mikey Brown.

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